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How to Fight Loneliness

Buying, selling, and trading of extra tickets. NO SCALPING ALLOWED!

Ticket Forum Rules

This forum was created to help both people who are in need of tickets as well as for those who have extras.

This forum is for Wilco, or Wilco-related shows ONLY, if you need tickets to R.E.M., go to Murmurs, or Craigslist, etc.

Anyone caught trying to sell (or buy) tickets for over face value will be banned from the Via Chicago forums, NO WARNINGS.


Dude, seriously, We mean it, don't even try...


The Via Chicago Staff


  1. Need Tickets?

    Ticket requests. Please only post once per request, and limit bumping of requests to once a day.

  2. Got Extras?

    Got Extras?. Please include your email with your extras. Tickets may be sold at or under face value only.

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