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  1. I will not be able to attend the Raleigh show on October 25 at the NC Museum of the Arts. When tickets went on sale, I got too excited and purchased tickets for both the Knoxville and the Raleigh shows, but there's no way I can do that much traveling in so few days. 


    Face value of the two lawn tickets is $91.25. 




  2. Geez guys - someone finally breaks the mold on AI and he gets all this harsh criticism. He's a Ryan Adams fan and chose his song because Ryan is his 'idol'. Props to him, way to go. I'd rather hear him sing Ryan Adams, Tweedy, Rod Stewart - whoever, as opposed to the majority of the crap people sing on that show.


    Yea, the show is ridiculous but it has America as its audience.


    And he wore a Nudie suit.

  3. The filming of TWD is great, but I'm having trouble with the characters. They guy they left on the roof? Who cares? I didn't feel sorry for him at all and now realize that he's going to show up in future episodes. His brother is an idiot too.

    And the guy that the wife hooked up with? He seemed like a total asshole before the husband came back, so he didn't win me over. The wife is boring. The kid kind of looks like a zombie with his blank stare, and so does the main character. Wish the characters had some personality besides being jerks.

  4. Been to NYC twice in the past year for fun and have learned quite a few things, one of the most important is buy an unlimited metro card for $21 - good for 7 days. You can ride the buses and subways to get anywhere you want to be for a fraction of the cost of cabs. Don't do the Gray Line tour thing - expensive and annoying. You get better views from the mass transit buses.


    There are plenty of things you can do free - Staten Island Ferry for example, goes right by the statue of liberty.

    Central Park and Riverside Park are great. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge...


    Have fun!!!

  5. People who expect others to sit at a rock concert are idiots. Stay home and listen to the album, this isn't church.



    I didn't drive four hours to see my favorite band to watch the back of somebody's head for two hours. I've attended many concerts and had someone blocking my view the majority of the show. Right, it's a rock concert and people will be drunk and active, however, treat the people behind you with respect.


    It's a given that standing and dancing will be happening on the floor but if you are obviously blocking several rows behind you (ie the balcony), be sympathetic.


    I was on the first row of the balcony (Knoxville) but if I'd stood, I'd have blocked everyone behind me. It was all good.

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