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  1. Whoa HUGE bump from the last post in this thread but I was playing a whole bunch of jumbles and saw wilco shirts very often. You see, I downloaded the Just Jumble app. I've gone through over 500 jumble puzzles in the last couple of weeks since I downloaded it. Anyway all the wilco shirts reminded me of this thread I started in 2008(!). So, Just A Kid, I just wanted to say your jumbles are awesome. The drawings are great and the puns are perfect. I love how the answers are always completely true but have the separate pun meaning too. So are you Jeff or David?


    Edit: never mind I realize you are Jeff. I hadn't reread the old pages where it is discussed.

    Thanks a bunch, cosplusisin! Thanks for Jumbling! And thanks for the kind words about the puzzles. The Wilco shorts will keep coming (in between the Poi Dog Pondering shirts) LAL HET SEBT!- Jeff

  2. Nick Lowe was amazing! He certainly realized very quickly that this was an audience who were into everything he gave. He looked genuinely in awe of how well he was received, deservedly so. So smooth and wonderful his songs were. Wilco came to Rock! I took a friend who was new to Wilco. He was certainly impressed as was I. The catalog of songs seems too big now. Lots of people saying what song they really wanted to hear on the way out. That's a nice problem for any band to have. I just wish those in the balcony, where I was seated, were more into the show. Way too many people sitting on their hands. Can't wait for my Whole Love CD to arrive!

  3. How? We definitely need the new record, or at least some news about it, if the top thread is discussing Wilco's appearance in a crossword puzzle.

    That would be THE JUMBLE puzzle, not a crossword puzzle. Complete with Jeff wearing a Jumble shirt. If that's not news worthy I don't know what is.

  4. Seconded!


    Do you ever sell the original drawings for these? Wouldn't mind owning this one...


    I don't really sell original Jumbles. I donate some to charities or give them to fans and subjects of the puzzle. I may indeed send this one to the boys. I know some have seen it. Thanks for the kind words and keep looking for the Wilco shout outs.

  5. Ha! I guess that could be our Jeff too. Although I think that is also Just A Kid's (the artist's) first name. At least it's in the Jumble credits each day. Maybe Just a Kid will pop in to enlighten us. Your public awaits...

    Sorry for the delay. Yes, Mr. Tweedy and I share the same first name :thumbup

  6. I saw that. The most brazen shoutout yet. Just a Kid is my hero.


    Jumble.com would have it out there. I can't get it from work, unfortunately. Yeah, I know...don't even get me started on their priorities.



    Wilco (the album) shout out in today's (4/11) Jumble. Notice the stubborn camel in the background.

  7. That's great :lol


    Do the editors know Wilco too or do they think you are just randomly putting the letters on someone's T-shirt?


    The guy who I send the artwork to is probably hip enough to know who they are. The rest, not so much. One of the marching orders I was given when I started as the cartoonist (22 months ago) was to bring it into the 21st century. If Wilco in the Jumble isn't 21st century modernization, I don't know what is? I also put Frank Orrall, from Poi Dog Pondering, in a bunch of puzzles. He's also a friend and creative muse.

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