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  1. I didn't really know where to put this thread cos it covers a few points...so I opted for just a fan. Move it if needed.


    I've been a Wilco fan since ST, and have seen them a few times live at various points during the ever-evolving Wilco lineup...anyway, I saw em at Shepherd's Bush last night and - with some minor reservations - was blown away.


    I gotta say first off though that the best I've ever seen the band was when they were touring YHF with the stripped down 4-piece of Leroy, John, Glenn & Jeff - that was a transcendent experience - and last night's gig, whilst still amazing, only had glimpses of that vital time. I realise lots of folk will disagree and so on, but that's how it is for me.


    Anyway, there were a few moments at last night's gig that equalled my previous Wilco high: namely, opening with the solo-style, picked Sunken Treasure arrangement was a sheer joy. Nels, who annoys and astounds me in equal measure, was doing this incredible microtonal, raga-style stuff on the lap steel...just hints and guesses rather than full-on assault, and it was so beautiful..


    Also, Sky Blue Sky, which - for me - is easily the finest track on the record, was revealed in all its' glory. Jeez, that song covers everything about where J's at an emotional level lately.


    And Spiders...


    Oh my krautrockin' neulovin', muthaf**in' God!! So spellbinding to hear Jeff let rip on the solos - he plays with so much heart - from the bottom of his boots...rawer and more intense & honest than Nels...no jazzy framework to fall back on...just cutting right to it and distilling every nuance of the song.


    But I couldn't help feeling that there was a greater emotional charge in the room whenever they played the ST and YHF songs, and that the SBS & AGIB songs sounded rushed in places...like they were trying to squeeze more excitement out of them by upping the tempo. Never seen them do this before, but I know from playing in bands myself that it happens when 1) you're nervous or 2) you're already a bit sick of the songs and want to give them a little pump ( or the drummer usually does at any rate).


    Like I said, minor quibbles though - an otherwise awe-inspiring gig.



    The other thing I wanted to ask was if anyone had captured the webcast? ( I'm not sure of the legality of this btw - does Wilco's taper friendly approach extend this far? ) Obviously, I couldn't watch it and my cd didn't have the neccessary link, but am keen to see it.


    Or hear it if it was taped :)


    Anyway - just some fairly random thoughts I wanted to share.

  2. Firstly, please excuse my ignorance on this topic but I'm new to BT and this whole business in general.


    I'm Captain Keen to share & help out with keeping good speeds/high ratios, etc but I don't really understand the FAQ tbh.


    My dl speed is hovering around 6 or 7 kbps and ul is about 1 or 2 :ohwell ...which doesn't seem very good for a broadband connection. I don't really know whether my Firewall is detracting here...it's not my 'puter, I just share it, so I've not delved into that area...but how would I test to find out?


    Basically, if someone can explain this whole thing like you would to a mentally subnormal child & hand out a few hints on how to improve matters...we'd all be better off.


    But me especially :w00t



  3. sorry for falling asleep on this one.


    He uses DADAAD on a few songs on YHF - Pot Kettle Black, Kamera (album version). Open D (DADF#AD) on Radio Cure. Poor Places may be open D down a step (CBCE#BC). I'll give the doc version a listen. I'm pretty sure Jay has a capo on 3 and plays it the "normal" way (G,D,Em,C,A7,C)...


    Cheers mate -


    yeah, I think yr right - but Jeff plays it solo ( I think, if memory serves - not seen it in a while...) with Tony M looking on & some comment is made about the gorgeously deep sound of the guitar.

  4. I think I remember reading somewhere that the DADAAD tuning is for Can't Stand It.

    I'm pretty sure that was the DADF#AD tuning - cos in the interview just recently posted here JT talks about that "Carpenter's feel" on CSI.

    I think the C-tuning I've mentioned is for Poor Places...still can't work out how J is playing it, or what the tuning is EXACTLY, but I'm getting there :)


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