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  1. Adam

    Lyrics help

    Thanks. I knew the HMD part but thought that's how it sounded! Thanks for the correction.
  2. Adam

    Lyrics help

    Here's my stab at the lyrics to Chinese Apple so you can cite me if you want Ro Keep in mind some may not be exact, but here goes: If I sleep too much A good Chinese Apple Shined to the touch My sleep-feeling capital It's hard to change something supernatural Unlock my body and move myself at last In the warm liquid flowing, blowing glass Classical music blasting past The ringing in my ears Am I waiting for the uncovering? A simple path's between the branches Flower and chance, fence slats rattling Fingers pushing through, slowly brushing past A fast glimpse of you
  3. Adam

    Lyrics help

    Anybody know the lyrics to Chinese Apple? I can't find them anywhere, but there are parts I can't make out which is driving me
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