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  1. Hello! I just thought this was a little interesting... http://www.nofactzone.net/?p=2269 I didn't see anything posted about it, so I'm sorry if someone already mentioned this!
  2. I think people stood up around "California Stars" (sorry - i'm nitpicking!). Anyway, the show was phenomenal. First time I've seen Jeff play solo...my faves were "Remember the Mountain Bed" and "Acuff Rose". Of the banter, my favorite was the (re: decking the fan in MO), "I went from Steven Seagal to Gilbert Gottfried!" and its accompanying motions...and I think I laughed for about ten minutes after he said that. I hope someone recorded the show so I can download it!
  3. Once I was a soldier And I fought on foreign sands for you Once I was a hunter And I brought home fresh meat for you Once I was a lover And I searched behind your eyes for you And soon there
  4. "Get into the groove boy you've got to prove your love to me." Played on the radio as we drove down south to see our families. You were lying there in the passenger chair sound asleep. I could recall a time when the evenings were bright and thick with love, And all the city streets and their lights, they were so mysterious. Oh life it was so wonderful it would shine oh like fire. How we sat on the backs of our cars and laughed into the morning. Oh, I thought you'd come and go. I never thought you would stay, And I'm sorry if I tried to push you away. Oh, the edges they fold and you suddenl
  5. does anyone have the lyrics to this song? thanks
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