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  1. The public sale tomorrow is questionable, as this show is not listed on the 9:30 club site or at Tickets.com. Aren't shows put up with at least a few days notice?
  2. No luck at 10:00!!!! What is going on?
  3. I just called the 9:30 Club and there was a Wilco pre-sale already!! What I was told is that in addition to the e-mail notifications of pre-sales, there is also a "snail mail brochure" sent out, and this announced the Wilco pre-sale. The brochure sometimes announces pre-sales that the e-mail announcement does not. I just checked the web site and sure enough, you can request "snail mail" as well as e-mail, but who would think that they would send out different announcements by mail? I assume that the lack of any posts about the pre-sale means that the VC community was caught unawares. T
  4. I just checked the 9:30 Club web site and their "This Just In" announcement says: "Wilco pre-sale is now sold out." What pre-sale? I get their e-mails on upcoming shows and pre-sales and heard nothing about this. Did anyone actually get in on this, or, hopefully, it is a mistake.
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