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  1. Thanks for the advice but I was shutout there as well.
  2. Does anyone have 2 tix for the Pit or the 100's. I can't believe I got shutout!
  3. I bought these before Friday went on sale and now I have an extra 4. I've tried Criagslist but people keep flaking out. I will sell 2 of them for 100 or all 4 for 180. I could meet in NYC tomorrow or Hoboken area tomorrow. I'm watching my infant son all day so travel is sort of difficult but i have to sell these! Thanks. PS please e-mail me at mickang22@aol.com or call or text 646-522-5729. Thanks, Mike
  4. Hi I'm a big fan of the band who got shut out big time for this show and don't want to miss it . thanks in advance . my email is mickang22@aol.com. I would love 4 tix but will gladly take 2
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