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  1. Wow! This is the mother lode for the Chicago tourist. Thanks Louie! I think it's pretty cool that the best information i've found for my upcoming trip is on the messageboard for my favorite band. Good stuff. So yeah, my wife and I are dropping the kiddos at the grandparents and spending next Monday through Thursday in Chicago. Neither of us have been before, so we're REALLY excited. (and finally, a honeymoon of sorts after 14 years together) We're going to catch the cubs Monday night for sure and probably Wednesday afternoon which won't leave us a tremendous amount of time to explore, but we're going to do our best. We're already booked at a downtown hotel but obviously we can get wherever we need to via mass transit. (an alien notion out here in Oklahoma). If anyone knows of good shows happening next week, local or otherwise, please post here or PM or whatever. Our plans are still pretty fluid. I think i've been talked out of the art institute, but we will do a boat tour, the magnificent mile, millennium park and i'll spend some time comparing the recommended clubs here with the reader and sample some myspaces. Thanks to "all y'all" for the good tips! cc
  2. I have several discs from a music festival (sorry, no wilco) that were given to me directly from the taper. I run an OSX and simply want to split these 30-45 minute, one track discs into the songs while not forcing gaps in between each track. I thought I could do this in garageband, but it appears to be quite a daunting task for my feeble mind. Any ideas for the audio newbie??? Thanks, cc
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