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  1. is anything happening with this? a bit desperate over here, i must say! anyone? please?... -Noam
  2. thanks! it would be very much apprecciated if you could post any info regarding where it can be found as soon as it will be available somewhere. thanks!!!!!!!
  3. Does a recording of this great show exist??? please, if anybody knows anything, share your knowledge!! -Noam
  4. noam


    Are Wilco big in Belgium? any Belgian fans here? I'm going to see them in Ghent may 30th. I would think that all of the European tour would be sold out by now, but there are still tickets to all concerts (except one in London). do wilco frequently play to half-full venues anywhere in the world? -Noam
  5. sorry, im new here. still, it's slightly different. the rules to my poll is 5 songs and no side projects, as opposed to most replies over there plus, we have another album to refer to now. so if people want to reply, don't hesitate
  6. and now to a more positive list your top 10 wilco studio songs (again, no billy bragg, UT, loose fur) Muzzle of Bees Radio Cure In A Future Age Poor Places Someday Soon I Am Trying To... Sky Blue Sky Hell is Chrome Pieholden Suite Forget the Flowers -Noam
  7. come on it's time for some name-dropping what are YOUR 5 LEAST favorite songs? (Wilco only, no Billy Bragg, UT, Loose Fur, etc...) i'll start What Light I Got You The Late Greats Leave Me (Like You Found Me) Hotel Arizona (keep in my mind i know all of Wilco's material EXCEPT A.M. which i listened to briefly and didn't care for. so I guess counting A.M. in, all 5 would be off there) -Noam
  8. Thanks a lot !! I can't get it to download, I guess it exceeded the daily 1gb limit, but i'll try again later on anyway, thank you again! -Noam
  9. hey all, i'm having trouble downloading the entire 4/6/07 Vic torrent due to a messed up connection. can anybody by any chance PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share the single FLAC/MP3 file of You Are My Face somewhere??? I'm dying to hear this solo acoustic, and I think it's the only solo performance of it to date. Thanks a lot in advance. -Noam
  10. Nels Cline's parents immigrated from Germany? That's it? Kamera and I'm A Wheel are pre-Cline, to my knowledge. And Wilco have been focusing on playing in Germany whenever they're in Europe since 1995. So maybe. That answer doesn't satisfy me though. Maybe there is no answer and this entire thread is stupid. ;-) however I even found more things (using WilcoBase) that strengthen my point here. Wilco has played 30 gigs in Germany (That's 50% more than in the UK, and 10 times more than they played France) All 3 Swiss concerts were in Zurich, which is in the German-speaking area of the c
  11. Hi, I'm new to the board, I've been a very big admirer of Wilco for about 4 years now. I wanted to give birth to a question I've been asking myself today, listening to YHF, AGIB and the new album... and I've noticed this subject was touched recently on another thread (the Kamera/Camera spelling issue)... What's up with Wilco and Gemany????> Kamera (German spelling), the 'nein/nine' lines on I'm A Wheel, and now Impossible Germany, which is really a song I don't understand (WTF is it about? I have not a clue). Also, the upcoming European tour is extremely German-focused. 5/9 locati
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