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  1. Just tried the Nashville Ticketmaster pre-sale out of curiosity. I got nothing for 2 or 3 ticket requests but when I requested 1 ticket, a floor seat in row x was coming up. Just a heads up for folks trying for singles.
  2. I didn't have a problem. I got 3 in Section 1 Row G.
  3. I saw on Ticketmaster where the pre-sale was labeled WLRT. I imagine that is a radio station in Nashville. I'll be coming in from out of town and I was hoping someone could give me some info about the pre-sale since I obviously do not get that radio station. Thanks.
  4. I was just messing around on TM to see what other kind of tickets come up and a Section 5 on the field just showed up.
  5. I got section 3, row c, seats 1-3. I guess these are good. I figure I won't know until I get there.
  6. Yeah... Check it out. http://www.ticketmaster.com/event/16003EF2...mp;minorcatid=1 Public On-Sale set for this Friday at 10am EDT.
  7. So I noticed on Ticketmaster this morning that the presale for the 9/21 Louisville show starts tomorrow morning at 10am. I went back and checked my Ticketmaster e-mails and I never received one with the Wilco presale password in it. I was curious to see if someone on here could fill me in or give me a couple of ideas of past wilco presale passwords on ticketmaster. Thanks for your help!
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