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  1. I listen to their entire catalog, started with ATDI...also listen to Sparta.....although more into the earlier Sparta stuff. I wish ATDI would get back together!
  2. Hey ya, I was looking at that too. I was assuming that it's a TRS jack, and that it is there to recognize the signals from each pickup, but if it was only one pickup that you had wired in stereo, that would be great as well. I'm sure it would work regularly for one channel if you only have one pickup also. Options are endless I guess. That sucks you had to take the train all the way past Howard. I used to do that every day for work, it was brutal unless I got the Purple Line Xpress at Belmont. Jam sessions before shows would be great, or after...
  3. what town are you in? I just saw a swede in the Chicago Music Exchange last night.
  4. I found it! haha......this is hilarious, I started a forum topic, only to force myself to search and search more! At any rate...it's made by Pendulum Audio: http://www.pendulumaudio.com/SPS-1.html It's basically a ridiculous preamp system, for the best control over your acoustic possible. Fantastic! The "black box" I've been talking about is the Preamp Module for Pickup/Pickup combinations (far left in the picture from the website). Basically it is used to blend the two pickups I mentioned previously in this thread. My question now is...I saw him go to that all night, no matter which
  5. Ya, obviously it's just my opinion. In my dealings it seems that there's a cult following for the Hagstroms, in part because of their resurgence. Perhaps that will die down over time though. Regardless I think the quality Hagstroms and Reverends will always hold better than the Epiphones.
  6. Here are a couple pics I've found that attempt to show the "black box" I'm referring to. It's at the end of the guitar. http://farm1.static.flickr.com/181/364649876_7e790afa20.jpg http://farm1.static.flickr.com/83/272847253_4a3d38da84.jpg http://farm1.static.flickr.com/25/48472003_0a4d9fa318.jpg
  7. Well so far, my searches have led me to this site, talking about his new custom issue from Breedlove: http://www.breedloveguitars.com/instrument...weedy/index.php Anybody got 6,000 laying around? But they do mention he uses a LR Baggs M1 soundhole pickup, and a Fishman Matrix Natural II (discontinued): http://www.lrbaggs.com/html/products/pickups_m1.shtml http://www.fishman.com/products/details.asp?id=24 Now he obviously doesn't use that setup on every one of his acoustic guitars, but I can't help but wondering if this "black box" in question plugged into the 1/4" jack is some sorta
  8. I'd use the Roland EV-5 for expression pedal parameters instead. The Ernie Ball is nice, but a bit more bulky on your board, and the EV-5 is made for expression. Aren't Tweedy's modded?
  9. My brother recently sold his Hagstrom Swede. That would probably be my top choice out of those 3 guitars. It plays great, smooth, and definitely well built. It's pretty inexpensive too. I would say you are getting the most for your money with the Swede. Plus, I think it would probably hold it's value a little better than the other two.
  10. New to this forum, so I apologize in advance if anyone has already asked this... Tweedy had an inline preamp for his acoustic guitars at the Winter Residency. It plugged directly into the 1/4" jack on each guitar, then you plugged your typical guitar cord into that. It was a small, maybe 1" x 2" black box with 2 or so knobs. I'm assuming 1 volume, 1 tone....or something like that. Built-in in EQ? So I tried searching for something like that, but haven't found anything yet. Anybody know what it is? Thanks!
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