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  1. Hi guys, I'm getting lots of tabs together for Sukierae going off youtube live vids, but can't find Pigeons anywhere. Could anyone help? I'm rubbish at tab unless I got a vid to see Jeffs fingers
  2. hey guys wheres all the tweedy tabs? I thought you'd be all over em? pigeons? nobody dies? low key? I can see em on youtube and at glasgow, where I was a bit vocal.....bit pissed and overwhelmed at seeing god acoustically! I need help on the guit!! please!
  3. Oh God, I've finally had to do it. Sorry Jeff, you've gotta go... babies cost money, too much money. Hope it goes to a good home. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=161026604652 Paul
  4. Hi everybody, heres a new post on youtube.... it was awesome! could anybody please help with the guitar tab? Many thanks, paul
  5. Yeah, I'll be asking $4500 for it, plus some arrangement over postage and insurance, probably half each. I paid $6000 for the guitar plus $400 for the LR Baggs pickup.
  6. Hi everyone, I bought a Breedlove Jeff Tweedy a couple of years ago, picked it up from Bend in Oregon, USA after a wilco show.....its signed by Jeff and is number 2 of 25 made. I've got a baby on the way and I'm selling it....in the UK via ebay. Thought i'd give VC members first shout.....its in perfect condition and costs $4500. Included hard case and LR Baggs dual source pickup (Bend factory installed) best regards, Paul.
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