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  1. I'm not being completely serious. I spent some time on the east coast this year, and I know it's pretty damn late when those west coast games start, but it's still good baseball out here. It's my fault for liking an unpopular team, but there's just no where to go for highlights or discussions. How many hours will be spent discussing Julio Lugo's slight hesitation today when the odds of it having a huge effect on the postseason are pretty damn slim.
  2. this one no? it's not really baseball if it's not Yanks versus Sox.
  3. The division gives them a chance where the wild card does not. Right now the Angels and Indians are tied for the best record, with the head to head tie goes to the Indians. If that pace keeps up the Angels and Indians would have home field against the Yanks and Sox so the only advantage comes in the ALCS when the two teams meet again, as Roget Clemens predicted and the rest of the country hopes for. Getting in is the bigger deal than all of this "collapse" talk, anything can and will happen in the playoffs. Go Yankess! and take the Red Sox with you, here's to the ratings disaster that will be Cle vs LAA! Beware the power of the rally
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