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  1. Thanks to everyone for all the replies. I knew I came to the right place to get some good feedback. I just checked and there are still a bunch of tickets for the Boston show so I'm sure I'll be there. I'm guessing that it will be a struggle to find any of my friends who'd consider going, so I'll probably drag my 15 year old son. It was funny because he was with me in the car when I put it on for the first time coming back from Newbury Comics and he said it sounded like Weezer. Later reading the liner notes, there was a comment about Pavement launching 1,000 Weezers! Also, I did get the
  2. Did you ever go out and buy a CD that is considered "a must have" just because you think you should know something about it? I did that yesterday and ended up with "Slanted and Enchanted" by Pavement. 10 seconds in I knew I had a winner. Awesome stuff for anyone who missed that boat. By the way, a couple of other disks that I just had to check out: Uncle Tupelo Anthology, which of course led me to Wilco and Son Volt, and Car Wheels on a Gravel Road. So if you have $11.88 burning a hole in your pocket, pick it up. I'm guessing I'll be picking up a few more Pavement disks in the near futu
  3. 1. Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (Ashes of American Flags) 2. Sky Blue Sky (Either Way) 3. A Ghost is Born (Theologians) 4. Summerteeth (A Shot in the Arm) 5. Being There (Red-eyed an Blue) 6. A.M. (Passenger Side or It's Just That Simple) 7. Wilco (The Album) (Bull Black Nova) I added a twist and picked my favorite song on the Album. It really helped me put them in order as I had a difficult time picking my favorite on the ones at the top because there were so many good ones to choose from.
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