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  1. I haven't been to this website in a while, but I had to find out my password to thank you! If you can get all of the performances I will love you forever. Cheers!
  2. Yeah, I guess being responsible for yourself or wanting the freedom of choice is a strange concept of freedom. I guess I know what Sparky means now. The only thing I can think of to make you understand... "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." — Benjamin Franklin
  3. Being our government is that of a republic and not a true democracy you could say that my representative is allowing me to be taxed, yet when we were founded it was not meant for the federal government to be so big, nor were people as bold as to tax as much as we are now taxed. I cannot think of any "socialist" thing about the beginning of our country or our first taxes, so maybe you can point it out.
  4. I don't think so; you promote a socialist doctrine, yet what if I as an individual do not want to give my money for whatever social program you offer? Today it is forcibly taken from me; if I refuse the IRS comes after me or whatever government agency. The fact is no matter how noble a socialist cause, without the consent of an individual, is an infringement of his freedom which the United States (used to be) is all about.
  5. You may have some points, but through socialism you take away individual choice and liberty which is something the United States is founded on. Oh, and the free market "didn't land us in this place". It was the fault of bankers who made terrible decisions.
  6. Yeah, at least we can all love Wilco together. It's kind of lonely in the real world when you can't find any Wilco fans.
  7. Whew, I thought I was going to get ganged up on this issue. I find it funny that they aren't really backing up anything with their negative approval of Ron Paul's economic stance. If only Wilco will see the light as well! Edit: jff, you stated that all politicians lie... well in that case it is impossible for Ron Paul to be a politician or your statement is false. Laminated Nap Ron Paul wasn't put on the chair of the House Sub-Committe on Domestic Monetary Policy for nothing. He has a deep understanding of economics and our problems related to economics. Have you read any of his
  8. I wonder, you're against Ron Paul's views on economy; so are you for spending money we don't have and allowing the Federal Reserve to print money(further devaluing our money? I just want to understand how you think.
  9. Really? I actually love Sky Blue Sky, but Wilco the album? Meh. Maybe we can argue Sky Blue Sky represents Obama's promises and then Wilco the album the failure? (No offense Wilco!)
  10. Aw, even after Obamas failed presidency? It's ok, I still love tweedy. I wonder if he is even familiar with Ron Paul.
  11. I became a Wilco fan 3 years ago after being asked to check out the Sky Blue Sky album by a friend. My musical taste is quite strict, but after absorbing the songs I have come to appreciate all Wilco albums. In fact I'm listening to a Norah Jones cover of Jesus etc. After doing a google search I found it seems that Wilco supported Barrack Obama for the 2008 president. Does anyone know who Wilco will support for 2012, if anyone? I'm a HUGE Ron Paul supporter and I also googled to find if Wilco had any feellings or words about Ron Paul, though I found nothing. Supposedly Arlo Guthrie donat
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