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  1. I now have the tickets in hand - if someone wants to make an offer, really ANY offer - let me know!
  2. Hi there, I purchased two early bird 3-day passes to the festival, but it turns out we won't be able to make it with our baby. We were hoping we'd be able to when I bought the tickets, but it's just not in the cards. We've been to Solid Sounds in the past and it's so fantastic. I really, really with we could go. But now it's approaching and I'd just love the tickets to go to someone who will use 'em. Like others have said, they haven't been delivered yet - but I'd transfer them as soon as they show up in my account. I paid $437 for the paid, but will literally sell them
  3. I picked up two 3-day passes to Solid Sound back in december, at the early bird rate of $125. I'm looking to sell them both for a fair offer, doesn't need to be face value.
  4. $150 for both? Almost half price for this pair of 3-day passes!
  5. Bump! FYI - I'd be willing to go like 175 or lower for the pair! Really looking to move these to someone who can use 'em.
  6. That is pretty awesome. Or, you could buy mine for early-bird prices right NOW, and with no service charges, and free shipping Dan
  7. Hi all. New member here, since I figured this would be the best place to put up the offer. I tried on the SS facebook page, but no bites. I've got a pair (2) of 3-day passes to Solid Sound, that I simply can't use anymore. The person who was supposed to make the trip out with me bailed. I live in Seattle, but my entire family lives in North Adams so I was going to make a big trip out of it, and it simply isn't going to happen anymore. I bought them at the normal price of $125 per, but I'd be willing to sell them at the early bird price, or much lower if there isn't much interest. I basical
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