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  1. is that last part of the interlude correct (the part starting at the 7th fret). It doesn;t sound like it's at the right spot and also seems to be too short... I was also wondering about the bass line Jeff seems to alternate with these notes when he's playing the interlude...does anyone know what the bass line is? Thanks...
  2. That's what I figured, but when I searched, I couldn;t find anything...
  3. yes, I guess the interlude would be what its called... if you could post it, that would be fantastic!! Thanks so much guys...
  4. The chords definately sound correct...thanks! But, what about the picking part that he tends to do after the 3rd and 4th verses that sort of mirror what I assume Jay is playing on the album (on piano or is it xylophone???)
  5. Hey guys...I'm looking for the tabs/chords for the version of IATTBYH that Jeff plays solo...specifically the tabs for the between verse parts. Thanks so much!
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