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  1. went and did a little shopping today. first place i went was a smaller local store. In acoustics they carried mostly Taylors and had some Fenders and Ibanez. I told the Salesman i was interested in the Seagull S6 and since they didn't carry those he pointed me to the Taylor Big Baby. Sounded good and felt good, but for whatever reason I feel like I want a full size guitar and the Big Baby is a 3/4. It's also nearly 500 bucks which is a bit more than i wanted to spend on my first guitar. So next I went to Guitar Center and tried out the Seagull. Really liked the sound of it, but I also
  2. Thanks for all the coments so far everyone. I really am most interested in strumming acoustic based material at least to start out with, so I think I'm gonna go that route, especially since as some of you said (and as I've read elsewhere) its harder to start with becuse of the higher string action, but will make electrics easier down the road. I read an article online on the top 10 beginner guitars and the Seagull S6 that some of you mention was at the top of the list. I was hoping to only spend between $250 and $300 and the Seagull is about 100 bucks more than that. Seems like there are
  3. Greetings all After many years of saying "i would really like to learn to play guitar" I am finally getting ready to take the plunge and by an instrument. Outside of screwing around with my roommates guitar back in college, I have never played in my life. I have to admit I'm a bit intimidated and lost about how to pick out an instrument and thought I might hit up some folks on this board who likely share my appreciation for Wilco and therefore must be at least semi-intelligent and thoughtful enough to provide me with some solid direction to get going. I have no designs about ever tryin
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