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  1. A request from Ceb80. From Jeff's performance at a Prairie Home Companion. Any corrections or suggestions would be awesome. Locator No Capo Drop D Chords - D* Driff Riff D——— 12—————3-0—————10-11-12-12-7-6-5-5 A——— 12—————0-3p2————10-11-12-12-7-6-5-5 D——— 12—————0-0—————10-11-12-12-7-6-5-5 G———- x—————2-2—————-x—x—x—x-x-x-x-x B———- x—————3-3—————-x—x—x—x-x-x-x-x e———- x—————0-0—————-x—x—x—x-x-x-x-x D G D G Locator sees me swaying through the catacombs D G D G Locator hears me whispering in my home D Even when the waves are falling D Beat me into di
  2. I just saw the video from a prairie home companion and it doesn't look too hard. Its actually almost identical to his acoustic version of Cant Stand It.
  3. Came up with this in about 5 minutes from the NPR video. Awesome new song from Jeff, some of his best lyrics ever I feel. Feel free to correct/comment/whatever. Thanks! Bombs Above Standard Tuning Key of Cmaj Intro (same as verse chords) C G C F A B/Am F C G Verse C G C All my life F Ive played a part Am B/Am F In the bombs above C G the ones you love C G C Im taking moment Em F to apologize Am C I should have done more Am C To stop the war G So Im s
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