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  1. Hey! I’m trying to see and track down a poster for Wilco’s show in St Paul, MN in 2009. Anyone know if there was a specific city poster, tour poster, or nada? Thanks!
  2. Dropped Price down to only $100 on StubHub: https://www.stubhub.com/event/9751389?mbox=1&rS=0&abbyo=true&sliderpos=false&qtyq=false&qtyddab=true&sort=price+asc&byo=1&ticket_id=1257623591&ticketRank=7&byo_qty=1 If you have any questions, email or message me!
  3. My fiance can't make the road trip with me from Chicago to Massachusetts for Solid Sound next month, so I've got an extra 3-day pass. I paid Early Bird and I've currently got it listed on StubHub at face value, but I'm willing to negotiate a little. Message Me.
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