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  1. Still have my tickets available, but I've been contacted by someone who wants to buy just one ticket. Anyone out there also looking for just a single? Message me, maybe we can make this work. (But you'll have to work out the hotel reservation thing between you; I only have one room booked.)
  2. SOLD -- thanks and good luck finding some for yourself. Well, I knew there was a chance we wouldn't be able to make the trip from the PNW to the Berkshires, and that has unfortunately come to pass. So I have a pair of 3-day tix (purchased at early bird price) for this year's Solid Sound. And to sweeten the deal, I have a hotel reservation in Pittsfield that I'll transfer to the lucky buyer. $398 for the pair (I'll eat the fees). Email urthwerm (at) yahoo dot com to claim 'em!
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