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  1. Heh, yeah it's pretty cool. They also credited to be part of the Demolition Love compilation!
  2. I just want the audio for it because we're looking for the high quality version of Show You My Hand. But honestly I'd love to hear the other tracks from it.
  3. Damn, these are pretty good! Could you send me a link to Everybody Sees You? Or is that just an album cover and tracklist?
  4. I discovered them through a community dedicated to finding songs that never have the author mentioned, and can't be recognized by music identifying apps (Shazam, Google Assistant Music Search, etc.) The search started in 2016 when someone uploaded a video on YouTube, if I remember correctly it was called "Help me identify this song." It was audio of Show You My Hand ft. Claire Baldwin but in mono sound. We identified the song somewhere around the start of 2023 I'm pretty sure. I decided to search through his discography and FELL IN LOVE. I even documented a song from John that wasn't on the in
  5. Ah, I understand now. I know this might be a no, but do any CDs of the album exist still? I've been getting into his music recently and I'd love to hear what Everybody Sees You sounds like.
  6. Just a weird question, where exactly did you hear these Happy Ashtray songs?
  7. I have been looking for this album for about 2 months, I'm looking for is Everybody Sees You, by Baraboo based artist, Happy Ashtray (John Swamy.) This album has only one song on it available online, that being Show You My Hand, sadly the version of the song is in mono and 128 kbps. I remember someone on this forum saying they have listened to tracks from this album by clicking "random" sometime in 2010. Album cover below. If you have this CD please notify me.
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