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  1. Would love to get a copy of this one. Loved Palace 4am when it came out. Didn't know this even existed. zipped mp3's are perfect.
  2. Hi, My daughter is on internship, needed to wait for her schedule, now that she has. Dying to see Courtney Barnett
  3. Any thoughts on possibility of Richard's family project (actually Teddy's to be completely accurate), joining Tweedy on Sunday? One interesting data point is Richard's 'Frets and Refrains' is actually the following weekend, in upstate NY I believe, and most of contributors would in in the area. On a whim I picked up the 'Thompson' disc a couple months back and it is quite interesting and contains a few real gems... (mostly Cammy's but that is IMHO, sentiments echoed by some participants in the accompanying DVD interviews) Check it out here: http://www.npr.org/2014/11/09/361384683/first
  4. So I screwed up, wanted to see RT+Wilco on Sat, but between graduations and college orientations never got my act together... etc etc... If anyone has 2 Sat tix they cannot use, please let me know... Thanks, rem5rem
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