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Fatal Wound

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This is one of my favorite UT tunes...



Uncle Tupelo

March 16-22, 1992





A --> X0222X (although much of the time, only strings 3,4&5 are played)

A? --> X0022X

Asus2> X0220X (sometimes open high e is added)

D(-3)> XX023X (sometimes I add high e to this, as well)


Throughout the song, there are various and sundry hammer-ons and

pull-offs. Season to taste.


Intro: A A? A A?


D(-3) A Asus2

Don't the lights look empty

D(-3) E A Asus2

And the streets are bare


Almost as empty


As the look you give me

A A? A Asus2

When I'm the only one


D(-3) A Asus2

And it's a long one

D(-3) E A Asus2

So it brings you down

D(-3) E

Still you have nowhere left to go


And nothing to do

A A? A Asus2


So you hang around. . .hang around



And you wait around until

D(-3) A A? A A?

You've received that fatal wound



D(-3) A Asus2

Columns of sunlight

D(-3) E A Asus2

Glorious cities


Oceans of opportunity

E E A A? A Asus2

And all your decisions seem ancient(?)


Then Chorus again


Then alternate between A and A? with tasty pull-offs and hammer-ons.

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