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Fundraising for VC 2006

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Hello all,


Well, it's time again. Time for a money push! I feel a bit like NPR on that morning drive to work. In between listening to the news I want to hear or some interview of someone that interests me, I have to sit through 10 minute intervals of sophisticated groveling. I try to avoid being annoyed though because I know why they do it. I don't get that interview if no one, or myself, donates. Which is very similar to the situation here. VC exists based on the money donated or paid towards subscriptions. We've become a large community by message forum standards and it's not cheap to pay for it. Unfortunately, this year has been a little more lackluster in terms of subscriptions and we've fallen short a bit. We are extremely grateful for the people who have donated more than their share and those that have paid what they can for subscriptions. We wouldn't be even as close to as far as we are now.


In the past, I would cover all costs and then all shortages during the last year with subscriptions. Sometimes Kyle would jump in, sometimes someone else would help. However, I won't be here after November and my credit card will no longer be able to cover the monthly charge of running the site. Or, if the site crashes and there has to be some maintenance, which we all know happens unfortunately. Come November it will be someone else's responsibility and I want them to be taken care of in that respect. I don't want them to take the site over and find it too much of an expense to pay for it and run it. I want VC to have a long happy life. So I'm going to spend the last two months of my time here trying to insure that my successor is doing fine on Cloud nine, so to speak.


So here we go. If you can find it fit for your finances, please purchase a subscription or even just donate to the board. You can buy a subscription in your member profile. Down the page on the left side amongst the options. If you want to donate, please send via paypal at the following address:




I can assure you that it will be greatly appreciated. This site has been a great testament, for better and sometimes worse, to what a good community of fans, people and traders can be. It's a luxury in the web world because, as I'm sure we can all attest, most web forums are bollucks! We have a good group of music fanatics, social conversation and debate, Wilco fans, traders and a pretty cool torrent section. It's more than just getting the latest Wilco news, rumours and stories, this is a place you can waste a lot of time in different ways. I'm pretty proud of this place. I'm also excited to know that it can be better even after I'm gone. So anytime you buy a subscriptions or donate a little money, it goes towards that goal.


So, again, thank you for your continued support and thank you for making this a wonderful place. Let's keep it going strong! :)


Best Wishes,



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