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Chicago: BIG show for me THIS Thurs. (1/13)

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You all have been asking me for a YouTube of me live?

If somebody wants to come out with a camera or something, that would be cool.

Plus, I would LOVE to meet you.



Again: This is a HUGE show for me, so I hope that some of you can make it.

Much love.

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Just got some nice feedback from a guy that I shared a bill with recently. He picked up the CD and sent me a note about it:

"LOVING this record, Todd! I didn't know quite what to expect, but I think you've put together a seriously great record here. I think you've got a real Jonathan Richman thing going on - I'm not sure if people have told you that. With a little Robyn Hitchcock in there, maybe. I love the weirdo chord voicings on "I'm Pathetic," the general arrangement/production/engineering throughout. I love your wife's vocals on "Happy Days" - seriously great jam, there, total earworm. I think that, strangely, "Here" might be my favorite song, even though it's the simplest song on the record - it's just killer pop and a kick-ass album opener."
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