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My friends and I covered Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

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Since the beginning of COVID isolation, my friends and I have been getting on video chat and playing songs for one another. Eventually this got a little stale and people started dropping off. We decided to change things up by recording a full cover album, with each person assigned a track from the album. People submitted a single album choice, and we had all of our friends (non-musicians included) vote on which album we'd cover. Yankee Hotel Foxtrot was chosen. We then spun a virtual wheel to assign songs to each musician. 


Here is the result. Each track was recorded at home with whatever equipment that particular person had available. Most tracks were recorded entirely by a single person, with some limited collaboration. The cover is a photograph I took while visiting Chicago in 2014 (I was actually able to go inside the Marina City towers that day because the person I was visiting knew someone who lived there).


I hope you enjoy. 



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