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Wilco Live Show Network

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Hi Friends -


I've been thinking about trying to assemble a network of a few folks from each state/country who are willing to record audio at shows and usually attend every Wilco/Jeff Tweedy live show in their area.


Experience in audio recording is not required. You could use anything from a pro recording setup - to using the voice memo app on an iPhone. The goal is simply to ensure a complete archive of shows going forward. I would make the recordings privately available to the online Wilco fan communities.


To join the network: email wilcovault@gmail.com with the state you live in (or country if outside of USA) or fill out this form: https://wilcovault.wufoo.com/forms/z1e5rhwh0vfcnsl/


Wilco officially allows fan recordings at venues that allow it. Their policy is here:


Seems like a good day to start this project since seems like the show tonight will not be made available virtually. 



PS - The Tweedy Show mp3 archive is still available. I've removed the request form, but simply email wilcovault@gmail.com if you'd like me to send the download link. 

Note: This is a fan project not affiliated with Wilco or Jeff Tweedy


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