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Selling SOLD OUT Jeff Tweedy Largo tickets for face value - please read whole post!

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As I always do, I bought tickets for all of the Jeff Tweedy Largo shows. I've been to 12 or so of these over the years dating back to 2013. Well, it turns out that my girlfriend had plans for us to go skiing that weekend but had yet to tell me....so I can not make the Friday or Sunday shows. I'll still be at the Thursday and Monday shows. So I have 4 tickets for Friday 4/12 and Sunday 4/14 that I can no longer use. And since Largo doesn't issue physical tickets, I can't put them on StubHub. However, what I do know, having been to Largo literally 100 times over the years, is that other people can pick up your tickets with permission. I've done it with my friends and relatives before - they've picked up my tickets - i've picked up their tickets - never any issues. But, I understand, people may be weary, so here is what I propose:
(1) I am selling 4 tickets for Friday 4/12 and 4 tickets to Sunday 4/14 at face value ($83.00 per ticket). I will sell the days separately, but I will not split a single day into a quantity other than 4. If you only want 2, I suggest finding a friend or someone else on here who wants 2, and then one of you can contact me to buy all 4.
(2) I will give you my full name and a copy of the order confirmation email to present at the door, AND just to be extra safe even though it has never been needed, i'll even give you a photocopy of my ID and a signed note authorizing you to pick up my tickets (it's not necessary - but i'll give it you nonetheless)
(3) AND, I will not ask for you to pay me until you get into the show. So there is literally no risk to you. In fact, there's only risk to me, if you decide to scam and not pay me after getting in.
If you are interested in the Friday or Sunday tickets, please message me your cell #.
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