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  1. Thanks for the info.....I assumed general admission meant I would be sitting (I suppose I will have that option) But didn't think I would have access close to the stage. I thoguht that was what the higher tix were...Were the Dylan momentos the only icentive to pay the outlandish extra $$$?
  2. OK guys, any info would be great to make this a great concert experience! And it would be appreaciated if you took the time to answer a few questions....The Peoria show will be indoors...first show on the tour this has happened. What time shold I get there to get a good seat? How much are the posters? T-shirts? I've heard that security has made people thake their phones to the car. Is this true? I planned on getting there around 5:00 for the 5:30 Thompson set...so basically is that early enough and is the merch overpriced as usual? I assume food is sold at the venue? Sorry, my last big show ot
  3. Hey Steve, Sounds like we are seeing eye to eye on this show. However, I am estatic the show has been moved inside. I've heard the sound for a ot of the shows have been muddy and not very loud. I think the sound will be better inside...no humidity and won't have to worry about the chance of rain that is in the forcast....it is pouring buckets right now (Champaign) anyway. Don't think I got the early entry, however, I look forward to getting a good seat. My number is 217 390 1415 if you want to keep me updated on things. I too am not a Dylan fan but it will be nice to say I saw him. I've etri
  4. Thrilled that the venue has been changed to an indoor location....Peoria Civic center. I've heard some complaints on the sound and hopefully the indoor location will help with that. Can't wait! Also, what kind of merchandising have you seen at the Americanarama shows? Overly priced? What time should I arrive for a good seat (General Admission) Thanks!
  5. Could you tube screamers and OCD uses please post pics of your fav settings. Thanks!
  6. Thank yo sir! I'll be looking forward to it. Again, please let me know if I owe you anything for your troble!!! Michael
  7. Yes that one!!! Thanks a lot!!! I have the one from a few years ago if you want to trade...or you could just give it to me.
  8. Hey~It's been awhile since I've been on here, I have no computer at home. After doing some searches I see no posts related to Jeff's stop in Champaign a few months back. All my messages have been deleted, but there was a kind gentelman who sent me a live recording of the show 2 years ago. (Thanks again by the way) If anyone has any way of getting this show copied for me, I will be forever in debt. Please send any info to my mailing address. Mikeang@aol.com His Fake Plastic Trees cover was a huge surprise!!! Great show Thanks in advance for any help. Michael
  9. Anyone else excited about the new Todd Snider release, peace queer???? It was supposed to come out last week but pushed back until October. Boo.
  10. I got an Ovation that as named Samantha from my sister in law. It looks like a Samantha My vintage Fender Showman head and Gibson cab is named Earl.
  11. Keep up on the Wilco show!!! I doubt if he'll be here solo again, at least for awhile since he was just here last fall. I think it was the fall. I imagine he'll stop through here before the tour is done. At least he usually does. Yeah, Ryan was at the Bread Company. Somebody asked if they wee part of the Cardinals. One guys said yes, the other said no. Ryan was also downtown Champaign I believe at the Salvation Army shop and a guitar store.
  12. I don't do set lists but here are some lights and lows of the show. Ryan was definately in good spirits tonight. He seemed to have something to say in between most songs. Lots of Fucks and Oh my gosh and seemed to be having an ordeal into his 4th day of no smoking. He wondered out loud why he would do such a thing while on tour. Some of this stuff as humorus mostly for the younger college kids (nothing against you guys) but being 33 it got to be a bit annoying. He'd go over to the side of the piano and just bang on it. Even his bandmates seemed a little tired of the constant rambling. How
  13. Ryan and Conner will both be making appearences in Champaign in October. Do do not having a lot of money to spend on concerts (hey, day care kills money dead) I could only pick one. I chose Adams. 7th row on the side. If M Ward lays along with Bright Eyes I may have to sell myself on the corner for 30 bucks. Which one would you pick?
  14. I'm sure this has been discussed but aren't they supposed to be on late night in mid August. Sorry, I've been out of the loop for a bit. Thanks, Squires
  15. I know it's a long shot but does anyone else like Faster Pussycat here? I just saw they had an album out several months ago. If you have heard it, what is it like?
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