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  1. John Pat and Glen sat in with Mother Hips on Neil Young’s Out On The Weekend, nice! Two of my faves together! Great vocal by John and great Sansone solo! https://youtu.be/KS9U1evXqzw?si=dQk_GcpjkLvSXaMr
  2. Sitting vs standing is certainly related to favorite songs vs unfamiliar songs but also separate. I'm a stander for sure and I'd prefer to stand all night and prefer the majority of an audience does too. I like to dance and rock out and I like concerts in which audiences are active participants instead of passive receivers. I also vastly prefer to hear old songs than new. Main reason is that most of Wilco's best songs are older and their newer stuff I just don't think is as good, just my opinion, and that is a trend that holds true for me with almost every band I've ever liked. I do think
  3. I was blown away by the beautiful Allmans/Dead-esque jam at the end of Bird Without a Tail. Sounded a bit like Bird Song or a mellower Jessica, brightly meandering guitar lines, the first and second-timers that came us (Deadheads) were impressed. It kinda took the place of the jam at then end of Many Worlds that they played last Fall in San Diego. I'd gladly take both in one show! It did leave me wishing for more rockers, I'm still hungry for Monday/Outta Sight, I Got You, Box Full of Letters, etc. I'm regretting not making it to the Los Angeles run, I'm sure all of those will
  4. No worries we got there just before Wilco started anyway,. Happy to be at same show as you regardless!
  5. In Spiders Jeff went full hippie in his leading the crowd in a we are all together in this moment clap session, it almost made up for no sing along but I was doing my own too (along with some massive air guitar riffing, couldn’t help it, I LOVE that part so much!) I was seriously moved and joyful to hear Jeff say those ideals. and goddamn if they didn’t nail US Blues, injecting it with a whole lot of rocking energy and sincere enthusiasm for its subversive, freak freely, weird ol’ America and summertime celebratory spirit. Nels channels Garcia beautifully then Mike took that great
  6. Donna what % of shows you are at do they play Spiders? Do they play it when they know you are there? I wanna go to more shows you are at !!😆
  7. I agree new songs for the past four albums are not as good as older stuff, but are always better live but I really appreciate the return to country roots leanings on Cruel Country and while these songs aren’t very lively their subtle goodness is more vivid live. Wasn’t the 2nd extended guitar section in the ending of Story To Tell?
  8. Roadie’s? setlist from kidsmoke! what the helll has got into Wilco?!? I’ve never heard them rock extended guitar solos like that! Pat was ON FIRE!!! Nels and him channeling Duane Allman and Dickie Betts with the fiery dual leads, the unison licks and the huge long crescendos . Holy shit Batman! What a great show!
  9. PS in celebration of the Grateful Dead FINALLY conquering the hearts and minds of Wilco I’ll be sporting a Jerry Garcia tshirt 😝
  10. I grew up here, saw a lot of shows there but none in over 30 years! It will be cool and weird to return! David Gilmour in ‘83 Stevie Ray Vaughan with Bonnie Raitt opening in ‘86 Ratt, Fastway, Zebra in ‘83 hahaha! The Animals in early eighties too
  11. Laurie and I are sec C row C 11 & 12 or see ya in the beer line!
  12. We are everywhere! 😁 anyone up for some hacky sack or other cooperative non-competitive sporting activity? 😆🌈🫶🤘🎸🥁
  13. Wilco-loving Deadheads gotta stick together! . For us, victory and surrender are concepts that don't apply to music, not a battle, no borders or boundaries, only music that moves you or doesn't. This was gonna happen sooner or later, ha ha ha!!!
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