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  1. Tumbling Dice - so gloriously behind the beat with the Exile sound! Bitch - it rocks perhaps the hardest with the best horn part in a Stones song Honky Tonk Women - quintessential Stones with that cowbell opener, just can't beat it. It could sum up the Stones in just one song for someone who knew nothing about them. For me best Stones is '69 -''72 but I don't disagree with any of the songs others chose
  2. The Wiltern Theater run in 2012, I think, was so fantastic with all the covers they were playing then (It Makes No Difference, Rocket Man), a return to that venue would stoke me. Pantages in Hollywood? Ace Theater downtown? Something like that is probably gonna happen.
  3. I went to that show too and I concur. If you want answers to a lot of the questions we were asking or theories we were posting in this thread the last two years, the Relix mag. cover story pretty much answers them all. My Morning Jacket did pretty much break up or at least indefinite hiatus but they reassessed, worked it out, got stoked and they are back big time! It was clear as can be in that performance that they are loving being MMJ again, they understand what they have to offer the world and how precious it is to them. It was my first show since 2015, everything about it fr
  4. Instagram teaser yesterday for a new album, its that Waterfall II they recorded a long time ago finally being released. I'm pretty starved for Jacket in any form, so this is exciting to me! https://pitchfork.com/news/my-morning-jacket-releasing-first-new-album-in-5-years-this-week/
  5. The condescending part of what you said is implying that everyone must surely share your opinion about how boring classic rock is. You could have just spoken for yourself and not been indirectly dismissive of people who happen to not share your opinion. "Is anybody NOT bored by a group of white guys playing guitar, guitar, bass, drums, vocals in a slightly shouty, distorted, boozy manner? I sure as hell am." It really doesn't take much effort to be considerate in discussions of opinion about art and aesthetics and its kinder to do so.
  6. Your tastes are your tastes and there is nothing wrong with that. But when you make a sweeping condescending generalization about new iterations of classic rock, it seems you are trying to justify your own opinion by stating that everybody else surely must think as you do, when clearly not everyone does. I like classic rock and I like new iterations of it, so I guess that makes me a "nobody"in your view. i don't like punk or goth or most art rock or most indie rock. I don't think those band have done much to master the craft of playing roots-based music. I get that they purposely don't wa
  7. While the 10/29/77 Might As Well is intense, its kinda out of control careening off the tracks and Jerry is screaming more than singing at the end, but it does rock, must've been awesome in person. Try the Let It Grow from this show, blazing and soaring and rocking!
  8. I'm not, not when its done with skill, craft, and passion. I'd love nothing more than Wilco to play a whole set of Stones-y rock 'n' roll. I think they are one of the greatest bands of all time at this kind of music, even if they only play it reluctantly (maybe its just Jeff who is reluctantly rocking out, Pat and Glenn sure don't look reluctant when they are tearing through I Got You and Outtasite). I draw a direct line from Wilco to the Stones to Chuck Berry on these songs and to me that is high high company to be in.
  9. And Pat looked WAAAYY into it with his vocals , keys and xylophone and banjo but especially when he picked up a guitar! He was rocking out!
  10. I agree best show I’ve seen since night one of the Ace Hotel Los Angeles run a few years ago. Random Name Generator has gotten positively rocking!! If I ever was a child has also developed into a strong live song . I think they sometimes take awhile for the live arrangements to fully develop. Even the new songs were tight and solid as well as nuanced, exactly what I was hoping for after being underwhelmed with the studio versions. When Wilco are inspired and locked in sync, they are in a class by themselves and when they play their Rolling Stones-style rock they are the greatest! Lighting is
  11. PM or email me if interested shug909 at yahoo dot
  12. Charile Miller for official Grateful Dead archivist!! He would do it the right way!
  13. He seems like he'll say any bullshit the marketers tell him to. I have a hard time respecting his opinion after he says every release is incredible, awesome, unique, best show, blah blah blah when some are great, some are good and many are mediocre, but they all get the same hyperbolic praise from him. And he's such a dork. Surely there is someone who deserves that job more and would be better at it than him, if the company were willing to hire someone who was in it for the fans and for the music, not the profit. They probably got the best man for the job for what their priorities are.
  14. Re: 10-9-82 Frost. I liked it better than I remembered! Strangely, the Dupree's stood out for me. This seems to be a pretty much mistake free show, except for Bob in Truckin' [what's new? ] and Jerry is really solid in his playing throughout. Not as many peak crescendos on a casual listen. I like the middle jam in the proto Throwing Stones, too. I'm not usually a fan of the early versions of songs, like the In The Dark songs in '82 and '83, but this was a welcome change of arrangement for me. Thanks for the rec!
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