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  1. Haha, that sounds like me. Once a lightweight, always a lightweight...
  2. Bridget! Long time...great to see you back here, if only for a second. And yeah, I can't believe how many of us were at those R.E.M. shows at Red Rocks. What a time. Back when Red Rocks was still the old Red Rocks (people lining up all day), right?
  3. For that I can take no credit. That was all srmt…remember when she used to post on here? And I know Jeff lurked on here back in the day…
  4. I eagerly await the Master of Culture’s alumni dissertation on the merits of Internet message boards.
  5. Woo hoo! Being There Coffeehouse mugs 2.0 (fingers crossed)!
  6. Hey I heard that this place was turning some milestone birthday today, so I figured I should chime in and annoy you all as usual. Truth is, I don’t think I was quite around here at the very beginning but I’m quite glad that this place still exists (if only as a counterpoint to that annoying social media site whose name shall not be uttered)! This place basically coincides with my own Wilco fandom, so I’ve met a ton of friends on here since I first arrived — some of whom are still around and many of whom haven’t been on in years probably. But I’m grateful for you all. And I’m gratef
  7. I know Tatlock likes it when I throw in the occasional photo, so here’s one I snapped of the stage during the big ensemble finish…
  8. I'll probably get to writing something about this "show" at some point, but it won't be a full recap since Wilco was only a part of a few songs. Basically, the format was each inductee had a short video tribute, then was introduced by a fellow artist and gave an acceptance speech followed by a few songs spotlighting their work — either performed by the inductees themselves, or by other artists with or without the inductees or with the house band, which was led by Lloyd Maines on pedal steel (who, as Jeff noted, played on A.M.; for the record, he was on four songs — It’s Just That Simple, Blue-
  9. Kudos to you for doing your part in helping put the sitting/standing thing to bed early on. Nice to meet you IRL, as well. And yeah, thanks also for your comments here. It's nice to have folks chime in on these post-show threads. Makes me hopeful that not everything has migrated over to that one social media site whose name we shall not utter. It took me a while, but I finally got my last show recap posted above if anyone still has interest. It's been nice to have an outlet to do some regular corresponding, so thanks to anyone who's taken the time to read and/or follow along.
  10. Not yet! Still have tonight’s report to file and one more…🤠
  11. Not really sure what else to say right now except, "Hurray, they did it!" Somehow Wilco and the Wilcrew managed to resume touring amid a pandemic and get through the better part of three months on the road, criss-crossing the country without a single person getting sick with or testing positive for Covid-19 and without cancelling or rescheduling any shows (*except for one, in Kansas City, due to circumstances beyond their control). In these crazy times, I'd say those things alone are achievements worth celebrating. And I suppose you could consider this tour-closing, three-show run
  12. I'll be there with you. Hopefully we can just take the standing/sitting quandary off the table from the start tonight. Thanks for chiming in here.
  13. Haha, I was all set to talk about petty things like sitting-versus-standing challenges and whether Wilco played this song or that song during the band's second of three shows in Los Angeles (and the first of two nights at the Orpheum Theatre downtown), but darn it if Jeff didn't just put things squarely in perspective with some of his earnest and heartfelt comments in the second half of the show — and make me a little bit emotional, too. Before Jesus, etc., Jeff said he wanted to take a minute to share a few thoughts on the occasion of this being Wilco's penultimate show of the yea
  14. Despite the show taking place at what has increasingly become a crappy Live Nation venue — more on that later — it certainly wasn't a bad way to kick off Wilco's three-night stay in Los Angeles with some good old-fashioned rock 'n' roll. And that's exactly what the band ultimately delivered with a back half of the set packed with crowd pleasers and rockers, including a "rock songs, etc." encore during which I'm sure more than a few people lost their you know what. But before I get into other matters, may I just take a brief moment here off the top — since I don't think I really hav
  15. Not sure if you're referring to me here, but it was Manilow! Sorry I missed you IRL at the show. Yeah, that was my initial thought, too. I thought for sure we'd get that one tonight, but I guess they did skip it one other time in Vegas as well (see my post above, which has now been updated).
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