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  1. Here was the complete setlist, as played, for the 11 p.m. set: Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You [Bob Dylan] I Am My Mother Cruel Country Far, Far Away That's How I Got To Memphis [Tom T. Hall] Forget The Flowers It's Just That Simple New Madrid Story To Tell Someday Soon Hesitating Beauty She's My Rock [Stoney Edwards] Falling Apart (Right Now) Give Back The Key To My Heart [Doug Sahm] A Lifetime To Find U.S. Blues [Grateful Dead] Reincarnation [Roger Miller]
  2. Fair enough. It definitely seemed like a very respectful crowd. Sometimes too respectful doesn't make for quite as memorable a show as far as banter goes — Jeff usually does well when he has a foil or two — but I agree that a tad subdued is almost always better than overly aggro.
  3. Once again, just doing a little housekeeping since there doesn't appear to have been a post for this show yet. Of significance, this was the first show that was cancelled on the tour Wilco was on when the pandemic shutdown hit about two and a half years earlier so it made sense to get back to Western Canada at the earliest possible opportunity. Unfortunately I couldn't attend this one, so just cross-posting the setlist from Wilcoworld for the record: Handshake Drugs The Universe I Am My Mother Cruel Country I Am Trying To Break Your Heart Hints
  4. Don't mind me...just doing a little late housekeeping for the VC record to make sure we at least have a thread for all the shows. To be honest, I'm a little surprised no one started one for this show at what I presume is the venue formerly known as the Les Schwab Amphitheater (please correct me if I'm wrong!) since I know Scott McCaughey sat in with the band on a couple of songs. Plus, despite not being in attendance myself, I sort of broke my own rule and picked up the poster for this show since I loved it so much as a document of the Cruel Country era (which will probably be gone
  5. Happy to let a local (and veteran VCer) take the lead on this one. Just chiming in to confirm that the above setlist was indeed correct, and that I'm pretty certain there weren't any changes/omissions from the printed list. A little birdie told me that there had been at least some consideration given to opening the show with Poor Places, but I guess that didn't even make it to the printed list. Perhaps tonight! Almost certainly a healthy portion of the set will be different for Night 2 because they didn't play such Cruel Country staples as I Am My Mother, Bird Without A Tail/Base O
  6. Back on the bandwagon for the last show of this run before a little break prior to the last Wilco touring of the year, and couldn't have asked for a better day weather-wise in Bozeman. Of course, the show itself was indoors at the new and intimate venue The ELM, so that didn't especially matter. But it was nonetheless a nice way to wrap up another few weeks of shows in support of Cruel Country, and one of the longer (maybe even longest?) show of the tour thus far at about 2 hours, 17 minutes. As usual, no time to write further right now but will try to flesh out the details for the
  7. But who's got the "Queue Commences Here" sign? #EarlyFreaks
  8. Wilco’s 10th time playing the venerable Red Rocks Amphitheatre (I researched that!) and it was a solid show, complete with the requisite guest turn from support act Margo Price in the encore. Will add to this as time permits, but as Jeff has been exhorting on this tour (and for a long time, actually), “don’t postpone happiness.” For now, here was the complete setlist as played (didn’t get a look at the printed list, so can’t say if there were any changes/omissions): Handshake Drugs I Am My Mother Cruel Country I Am Trying To Break Your Heart
  9. I am not proficient in your memes or clip art or whatnot, but I will just say...you can hit unpause now! Or not! Whatever floats your tenter hook...
  10. Wilco made its long-awaited (by me, at least!) return to South Dakota tonight, four days shy of 19 years since its one and only previous show in the state and in (I think) the very same room. I look forward to another performance in the Mount Rushmore State sometime in, let's say, 2041! Come on, Jeff's hips...hold on! All kidding aside, though, I'd say this was about as enjoyable a show as one had any reason to expect on a Monday night in a way-beyond-tertiary market. The Washington Pavilion Of Arts And Sciences — for the record, the event actually took place in the 1,800-capacity
  11. I realize the limited audience for these little blatherings of mine, and I further realize how that audience likely diminishes the more days go by without my getting these blatherings on screen, but this show at Fargo Brewing Company deserves a proper accounting (or at least as proper as I can achieve) and I know that at least a few souls out there will probably get something out of it so, three days later, here goes nothing... Sometimes with Wilco shows, you find yourself in some global metropolis in a legendary venue with plush velvet seats, ornate decor harkening back to a more
  12. Once again, I *really* could use a couple more hours of sleep but let me at least put finger to keyboard and try and get down a few thoughts before the ol' noggin starts to shut down... Things I've learned so far on this trip to Minnesota: 1) There's a Grand Rapids here, too. Who knew? Take that, Michigan! For the record, it's a smallish, but charming city that sits on the Mississippi River about three hours drive north of Minneapolis. 2) Minnesota Vikings fans really like to yell, "Skol!" at every opportunity, but especially the day before the season opens against the Green Bay Pa
  13. Oh boy, I so don't have the time or energy to write about this one right now...but I feel as though I must contribute at least a little something about probably the best show I've seen by Wilco on its current run of tour dates in support of Cruel Country. Certainly, I think the best performance by the band I've seen stateside thus far (although, full disclosure: I have missed a few. Contrary to popular belief, I don't actually make it to every show...gasp.) Two and a half years ago, in March 2020, Jeff and his bandmates played one of their last shows before the world shut down at M
  14. But the all-important question…were you pogoing?
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