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  1. Once again, I wasn't able to make this one in person so consider this just a jumping-off point for the many folks who I know were there. Chime in! Please? Thanks to a source, who sent me a photo of the printed setlist and notes on amendments, at least I can post that info here to get things started. So here was the complete setlist, as played, at South Side Ballroom aka the Palladium aka Gilley's (Monday and Outtasite (Outta Mind) were listed as the final two songs of the encore, but were replaced by Spiders — which had been on the printed list as the penultimate song of the main s
  2. Just doing the requisite housekeeping on this one, since I wasn't there (but boy, how I would have loved to have been). On the off night before their scheduled gig in Dallas the following evening, apparently most of the band decided on a whim to play a set at a local bar's open mic night. According to a report on setlist.fm and confirmed by the good folks at Wilcoworld, Pat was not present. Anyway, it's nice to know that Wilco can still do random stuff like this from time to time. Perhaps it was because it's release week for Cousin and all sorts of hijinks are on the table — althou
  3. After an all-too-short break following a month-long European tour, Wilco are back on American soil, back on the road again and back to business as the summer of 2023 turns into autumn. But although they might be back in this cruel country (wink, wink), the band reached another inflection point in its touring history with tonight's tour kickoff show in Tulsa — if the drumhead on Glenn's kick drum featuring the flower artwork of Azuma Makoto was any indication. In other words, let the Cousin era begin. OK, OK...so maybe the first show of said era didn't really look all that different
  4. bböp

    Japan tour!!!

    I shall look for Tatlock and Jim O'Rourke to be living side by side in the remote Japanese countryside in, say, three years time...
  5. Yeah, my Soundhound failed but one of the Scots' Shazam did the trick. The lyrics don't appear to be online anywhere!
  6. [At the airport waiting to board my flight back to the USA, so not sure how far along I'll get on this recap now, but I'll finish it up later. Tatlock will likely be occupied with the ruggers through the weekend, so that should buy me enough time.] [Edit: It didn't even buy me enough time to get to my gate, since Tatlock is a maniac. Ah well, I will complete this when I get back on U.S. soil...which I actually did and then somehow my additions disappeared in a computer calamity before I could save them. Alas. So here goes yet another attempt that no one will read.] When I think ba
  7. On the penultimate night of this European tour, Wilco left the audience at the legendary 3Olympia Theatre sweaty and out of breath after yet another two-hour show filled with plenty of rock 'n' roll moments. That's the level of professionalism and consistency of a veteran sextet that has played so many gigs together over the years. Yet if you looked closely and listened to some of what Jeff was saying, you could also see that there's some sense of relief that the finish line is fast approaching and that they and their crew will be able to get a much-needed break very soon. Can a ba
  8. I did not know that! I will have to quiz her about her time there next time we meet, and about pan boxty too! Still one of my fave student union shows! Ah, La Jolla...kind enough to set up a "Line Starts Here" sign for me/us as well...
  9. Will the Tatlock be making an appearance in Le France? I hear Toulouse is nice this time of year. Best of luck to your ruggermen!
  10. I've always had a soft spot for shows at college student unions, I guess just because the idea that a legitimate touring band would actually come and play a show in a building where students go every day to hang out, lounge around, meet friends, do homework, shop for groceries, books and other supplies, squeeze in a meal between classes and whatever else you can do at a student union these days seems so weird to me. The idea that a section of this campus building would be cordoned off and used as a de facto concert venue to which those not even affiliated with the school would also be admitted
  11. I’m sure someone will find sufficient video clips and whatnot online to deduce what’s taken place. I’m awaiting the day, as forecast by the pandemic, when no one has to set foot out of their house at all and get to a gig. We’ll just live stream it all on demand replay-style, and no one shall have to endure the post-show descriptions of some lunatic. And as for getting the date format “correct,” I believe that’s why I started doing the thread titles (trying to come up with a consistent format) that way in the first place! To satisfy bloody non-Yankees!
  12. I shall not comment, except that anyone can follow the format of previous thread titles. I wouldn't want to put anyone else off, so I hereby declare that everyone should just do whatever they please. This isn't a dictatorship, after all. Not to mention, I'm not going to make it to a bunch of shows on the upcoming U.S. tour anyway, so the inevitable will happen...
  13. Oh, I'm VERY aware! You are a maniacal fellow, Tatlock, and you know me too well. H.R.H., though? Well, I say...how dare you?
  14. Well it appears that the Mancunians on here have Wilcomania...at least relative to anywhere else on this tour! Welcome, all ye new and perhaps old posters who have chimed in about the gig at the Bridgewater Hall. All I ask, as your humble Via Chicago correspondent, is if you start a thread to discuss a show on here — and I don't mind at all if someone else other than me does it — please just stick to the titling convention of the other threads, so we can keep things consistent. Thank you (and mods, if you could please merge this thread and that other one.) I shall endeavour to not
  15. From the time that the Proclaimers were forced to bow out of tonight's undercard slot on the main stage at this most pleasant of festivals and were replaced by none other than Billy Bragg, there was just one major question on everyone's mind leading up to Wilco's headlining performance: Would the collaborators on the much-beloved Mermaid Avenue project share the stage at any point and reprise one of the Woody Guthrie compositions they helped to complete and bring to the world? (Spoiler alert: They did.) It was far from the first time that Wilco and Bragg have reunited on stage, of
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