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  1. Just before playing the final song of his four-night run at Largo for the year, Jeff tried to come up with a few words to summarize what the venue and this run of shows has come to mean to him over the years. And I, for one, am glad that they were recorded as part of a live-streamed episode of The Tweedy Show that his wife Susie was diligently filming from the back of the room — which has also become another tradition of sorts — because unlike some of Jeff's myriad banter over the course of four shows, it felt like these were sincere sentiments that you wanted to get right and so I appreciated
  2. Well, there is of course a song on The White Album by that name, but the one Jeff played at Largo was a more developed version of the demo he shared on his Substack last year. Not sure if you have to be a paying member of the Starship Casual to access that post, but anyway.
  3. As he strummed the opening chords to another midtempo number he was about to play — I'm pretty sure it was Evicted — Jeff paused for a moment and took stock of how the third show of this year's annual multi-night run at Largo was going on this Sunday evening. "I get a real hushed vibe tonight, guys," Jeff observed. "That's great, I enjoy that. But is it too quiet? I can play some uproarious numbers." And with that, he switched tacks and suddenly launched into a twangy and fun version of Casino Queen that instantly injected some energy into the room and explained how that had been the original
  4. Oh, would I? They've never played a special set at Solid Sound that was specially designated as " Deep Cuts" or whatever. That 2015 Saturday set at SSF wasn't designated as a "deep cuts" set, even though they did play Panthers, A Magazine Called Sunset, Let's Not Get Carried Away and Dark Neon, among others. Wilco Friday "theme" sets at Solid Sound Festival 2010 no "special" set 2011 no "special" set 2013 Covers 2015 All Acoustic 2017 Audience Album Vote (Being There, plus surprise bonus Yankee Hotel Foxtrot) 2019 Audience Karaoke 202
  5. Methinks you have used that one before. Have you considered a Ta(rzana) by chance?
  6. Ha, thanks man. Should of course have cross-referenced Wilcoworld before I posted blind guesses for the new song titles like an idiot. I'll edit the original post above to reflect the apparent actual titles.
  7. Geez, are we halfway through this year's Largo run already? Well, Night 2 of this four-night stand for 2024 gave us slightly less chat from Jeff overall than on Night 1 but did give us a chance to hear yet another new song as well as revisit two other new songs played on Night 1, get some "fucking pie" for Jeff's nephew Charles (Tweedy Show holla!), be very pleasantly surprised by a song off Wilco's first record (no, not that one) and listen to California Stars for the 4,000th time and genuinely not mind (as long as some sort of singalong can be achieved). I guess we can just start
  8. Yeah, that word probably makes more sense in that line so I edited my original post to reflect that. Thanks for the clarification.
  9. Just when it seemed like we might suffer a year without a run of Jeff solo performances at Largo, poof...four dates suddenly materialized on the calendar a few weeks ago. And thank goodness they did (and thank goodness for the alert friend who nabbed tickets on my behalf when they went on sale because I sure wasn't in much of a position to pounce on them when they hit the interweb around 3 a.m. Australia time after a Wilco show over there. It really does take a village.) Anyway, obviously Jeff had to move his annual Largo dates a little further down the calendar on account of his recovery from
  10. One final show Down Under, and now the Wilcos and the Wilcrew are all presumably headed back home after another successful run through their usual touring grounds of Japan and Australia. This final show of the run was in the more-conducive-to-rocking confines of the Enmore Theatre, which if memory serves, is where they also performed when they played Sydney back in the halcyon days of 2007 and 2008. Alas, I wasn't able to be there this time...but once again look forward to the reports and thoughts from those lucky souls who were. Here, via the good folk at Wilcoworld, was the repor
  11. I’m afraid that’s a couple of notches above my pay — or ta — grade these days. You could ask Vince, I suppose.
  12. Well, I am simply your ta - less servant as always.
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