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  1. Submitted for your consideration: It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s The Recapper! and If I was a bird and you was a fish, what would we do? I guess we’d wish for…Recap Nation! Recap Nation! Wouldn’t it be a sensation? and Clap on … clap off…The Recapper!
  2. Can we all get a shoutout for #TheRecapper ? C’mon, people!
  3. Of interest to no one but us two, the “Say It Plain” song seems to have been listed on the printed setlist as “Universe,” so I guess you were right!
  4. Thanks, guys. I know my readership has dwindled to probably tens of people but they’re quality people!
  5. Yeah, exactly! People who don’t keep track at the show as well can’t be (entirely) trusted! I guess this isn’t a problem for most acts that stick exclusively to their setlists, but we know that’s not true with Jeff/Wilco.
  6. Is that the Golden Voyager record that went into orbit? If so, yes.* *only seeking a test pressing only, though.
  7. We really are just two people talking to each other in a vacuum, aren’t we? 🤣
  8. Sir, yes, sir! (But accuracy is important! Requesting that Wilcoworld not use setlist.fm as resource because often there can be inaccuracies...)
  9. A couple of minor corrections for you, just because I know how much you care about these things... -Eric is Jeff/Wilco's road manager, not the owner of the brewery (though maybe he'd like to be!) -I, the #ShowPony , was actually sitting in the second row. -I think the Liam song is called Next Time Around. He has played it on his own IG live stream shows a few times, but I guess it's either newer and/or didn't make the cut for his forthcoming record (unless it has an obscure title that isn't immediately obvious).
  10. The third and final show of Jeff's (Long) Weekend In New England tour — apologies to Barry Manilow — was billed as "An Intimate Evening With..." at the lovely flagship location of the cultish Tree House Brewing Company, and it was nothing if not that. Not only was the setting itself intimate, with only a few hundred chairs set up in a makeshift amphitheater just off the side of the brewery's main building, but if you were so inclined, you could have tuned into The Tweedy Show live stream that started at basically the same time as doors opened and (virtually) hung out with Jeff and his bandmate
  11. Given that I've been traversing winding, darkened two-lane roads in rainstorms for the past two nights and the fact that originally these two shows were supposed to just be one, I figured I would just combine both shows into one hopefully not-too-long-winded recap. I don't often put multiple shows into the same recap, but then again, I don't recall a situation quite like this one before, either. Anyway, I assume that the handful of people who read these won't care too much... Because of the threat of lightning and heavy rain, the powers-that-be at Mass MoCA made the very late call
  12. Right, that's what I meant...Bataclan. Still can't believe that we were there and what would eventually happen there.
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