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  1. Has a beloved rock 'n' roll band ever been loudly booed off the stage in its hometown and possibly even kind of enjoyed it? And then come back for an encore? Well, it happened on a Sunday night in Chicago on the third and final night of Wilco's three-night residency that kicked off the sextet's touring calendar for 2023. In the end, no musicians (we think) were harmed by the loudly vocalized, false displeasure Jeff brought upon himself and his bandmates just before the end of their main set. It started when he suggested that perhaps Wilco and its audience could sing one final song
  2. I am mostly fueled by Tatlock's tas (and Diet Cokes of course), so knowing he won't be immediately settling in for tea-time reading makes me a bit lax.
  3. Dear Uncle, Hope you're having a great holiday! Glad to know you haven't expired. Things more or less the same here. Oh, I won a prize for doing nothing and people seem to be eager to take pictures of it! Anyway, ta for your pre-emptive ta. Best regards, Bip (B)Bop Boop.
  4. Halfway through another entertaining Wilco show in Chicago, there is a small hubbub between songs at stage left. At first it appears that someone has passed out or is in need of medical assistance, but then a couple are permitted to enter the photo pit between the front barricade and the lip of the stage. Jeff announces, a bit tentatively, that he thinks the male half of the couple, "a friend of ours...has something he would like to do." It is none other than the comedian/actor Chris Kattan — former Saturday Night Live cast member known for characters such as Mr. Peepers and one of the Roxbury
  5. Let me just say off the top that, while I was extremely honored and humbled to receive the inaugural "Best Behaved" award for Wilco's 2023 tour, I must confess that my immediate thought in the aftermath concerned the parameters of the deal that the gurus at Wilco HQ surely must have made with a grade school products wholesaler. It seems to have started with the appearance of various pencils among the wares being hawked at the band's online store, followed by "Wilco Concert Participant" ribbons in a variety of colors (available at your local merch stand!). And now, apparently, a statuette the l
  6. Just doing a bit of housekeeping, since I wasn't able to make it down to Miami for this one (though I am in Miami now as I'm doing this, lol). Anyway, Jeff played a solo acoustic set to headline the final day of the three-day GroundUp Music Festival, and I know that more than a few of the Florida-based, er, fanbase came out to watch. But since none have reported in here, I shall steal the setlist posted by the good folks at Wilcoworld and make the dutiful post. (Jeff also played a very short bonus set earlier in the day for folks who had apparently purchased a VIP or supplemental ticket of som
  7. Someday Wilco will actually win a Grammy for their actual current music! Probably wishful thinking...
  8. Hadn't seen this remembrance of Tom Verlaine posted on here yet. Typical Nels...so brilliant and insightful. Well worth a read. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nels Cline Remembers Tom Verlaine: “A Guitar Hero of Mine” Wilco’s visionary guitarist pays tribute to Television’s late frontman. February 2, 2023 by Shaun Brady The death of Tom Verlaine on Jan. 28, at age 73, has inspired eulogies from countless artists whose own work has stretched the boundaries of rock. As the frontman,
  9. For anyone interested... Paul Suwan's Guest DJ set: -Misunderstood (1/9/03, Chicago) -Hummingbird (6/8/04, New York) -Kicking Television (9/13/03, Morrison, CO) -Be Not So Fearful [Bill Fay] (fragment of unknown Jeff acoustic performance; referring to 5/20/07 show at Shepherd’s Bush Empire when Fay played the song with Wilco) -Promising (fragment of studio version; referring to 5/7/2005 Vic show) -Peaches [Presidents of the USA] (house music from 2/16/08, Chicago) —intermission— -Black Moon (3/11/12, Zagreb, Croatia) -Love Will Keep Us Together [The Captain and
  10. Who's that guy? Yeah, I hope they end up doing another edition of WWR sooner than later, though I know it takes a ton of work to put it all together. Anyway, for those jonesing for more Wilco radio, here's that link to the archives of Pat's excellent show, the Baroque Down Palace, from Memphis' WYXR. And here was Nels' "Thoughts Of A Fool" set, as I jotted it down: -Deep Water (Speedy West and Jimmy Bryant) -Thoughts Of A Fool (Ernest Tubb) -He'll Have To Go (Jim Reeves) -He Stopped Loving Her Today (George Jones) -I'm Not Ready Yet (Tammy Wynet
  11. I have (almost all of) Nels’ setlist, which I’ll post here in a bit. I’m pretty sure Pat’s set was an abridged version of a previously recorded set of his radio show, the Baroque Down Palace, which you can find on the site for Memphis’s WYXR…will try to find a link.
  12. I shall accept your ta, and issue a pre-emptive ta of my own for when/if you get a chance to tune in…
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