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  1. Spoiler alert: Same show (or SASS, if you will)! OK, the band reverted back to Monday after playing I Got You (At The End Of The Century) the previous evening and OK, Jeff became enamored with a dog he apparently spotted in the audience after the band came back out for its encore/second set. But for the most part, these 20th-anniversary Yankee Hotel Foxtrot shows were pretty similar once Wilco and the supplementary musicians who performed with them found their footing and settled on what they were going to present. Perhaps I'll have some more to report later — will I? — bu
  2. Oops, forgot to start a thread for this one. Probably 99 percent of people who would care either were there in person or watched on the live stream, so you pretty much got the idea. But anyhow, here was the complete setlist as played for Night 2 in Chicago (either The Magnificent Strings and Total Pros horns or both were present on stage for entire set, though strings and horns did not play on every song): I Am Trying To Break Your Heart Kamera Radio Cure War On War Jesus, etc. Ashes Of American Flags Heavy Metal Drummer I'm The Man Wh
  3. Well….since I’m standing in a dumb line (make your queuing jokes, Euro friends!), I will report that the strings started playing at 7:42 — a few minutes earlier than NYC, I might add — and Wilco came on around 8:07 and finished by about 9:35.
  4. Not enough time to come up with a full recap right now since I need to go stand in line at my local record store soonish for the Record Store Day scrum, but suffice it to say that Wilco enjoyed a nice return to its hometown as it kicked off the second and final leg of the 20th anniversary celebration of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Of course, after five shows in New York, there was once again the excitement of an opening night of sorts since the majority of the audience would likely be experiencing this show for the first time. And I'm sure there were some minor kinks to work out between the band mem
  5. Thanks for filling in for me (and maintaining the thread-title style)! Was it really as poorly attended as some were suggesting? What did you think about the shows you got to see this week, nosso correspondente? Also, Monday! With horns!
  6. Since everybody's busy dissecting and discussing the just-announced Yankee Hotel Foxtrot super deluxe box set, maybe people have forgotten that the live version rolls on for a couple more days in New York before shifting to hometown shows in Chicago later this week. For his part, Jeff couldn't help pointing out the irony tonight when briefly mentioning the box set that the band started this five-night run at the United Palace with people saying that it didn't play enough and are ending it with people saying it puts out too much stuff. Bitter much? I keed, I keed... "It's OK," Jeff
  7. Pretty sure that’s what that song has always been called, dating back to the Engineer Demos days. I mean, maybe it hasn’t ever officially been released in that form and maybe it was more commonly referred to as Anniversary when Jeff occasionally played it solo (kind of the same thing with Alone/Shakin’ Sugar) but anyway. I think that’s a big goal of theirs when officially releasing a live show as part of a set like this is to find something that isn’t widely out there…
  8. Oh, you mean I have to keep writing different recaps for what is essentially the same show night after night during Wilco's two-city world tour, 20th-anniversary celebration of its breakthrough album, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot? Well, you see, the band is joined on stage by a string quartet and a small horn section, they play each of the album's 11 tracks the way they appeared on the record, come back out and play a few other songs and people either like it a lot or complain about how they expected more and we all go home and are in bed by 10:30 p.m. Rinse, and repeat... Just kidding! Of
  9. Just starting this thread, but I wasn’t actually at the show tonight so look forward to hearing from those who were…
  10. I may have bought a copy (or five), but don’t have my portable turntable with me to spin it yet. No mention on the sleeve of the deluxe edition, I don’t think, but I believe that announcement might be imminent. I didn’t take any pics of the merch stand, but there are several new T-shirts specifically for this run of shows. At least one of the designs harkens back to one of the original YHF tour shirts that I have, a navy blue with orange star motif.
  11. Well, I realize I've been a bit slack on the recap front of late (mostly on account of busy-ness with some real-life stuff but also laziness and old age) but nevertheless I'm starting a new thread for this first in a series of upcoming Yankee Hotel Foxtrot 20th anniversary shows. I see that another thread was already started, but I'm trying to at least rein the thread-titling standards back in after they seem to have run a bit, er, amok. I think I'm entitled to at least that much, right? [Mods, please feel free to combine the threads if you like.] Anyway, until tonight, I guess no
  12. Well I'm not sure if I'll be able to match the excellent reportage of the young phenom known as Firecracker Kid, but I shall at least endeavour to provide a replacement-level effort when I get more of a chance to opine about this Saturday night acoustic performance in Big D (I got the Big D, I got the Big D...anyone? Don't have a dirty mind...) Anyway, as I'm a bit time challenged for now — the airport calls yet again — here was the complete setlist as played: Via Chicago (w/harmonica) new song-Ambulance Remember The Mountain Bed new song-Tired Of Taking
  13. Excellent work, O Firecracker Kid! Sorry to have missed it, but you’re a regular sparkplug. Did you buy the poster designed after your handle? Oh, that’s all of them lately… Glad you found Claire Rousay to be better than you expected! I’m kind of curious to see perform myself. Sounds like kind of a rowdy crowd down in ATX, but Jeff knows how to handle those by now. Glad you got to hear more than a handful of the new tunes. Not surprisingly, it really does seem like those are the ones that Jeff is most engaged with lately. And Bob Dylan’s 49th Beard is always wel
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