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  1. The Tweedy Show Thursday March 4 Episode 155 # animated intro on screen -- Susie has Spencer show the clients a picture of Susie's arm surgery today with stitches, animated muppet eyes & an animated cigarette. Hearts Hard To Find (new song w Spencer on thigh slaps. Jeff explains later in the episode that the song "came out of his A.M./Being There brain".) -- the Tweedy family loved the Billie Eilish documentary streaming exclusively on Apple TV+. Jeff has nice things to say about. -- Jeff tells the story about bringing Spencer & Sammy to the Justin Bieber movie on Christmas several years ago. Ghosts Of American Astronauts (The Mekons cover sung by Sammy w Jeff on backing vocals) -- Sue mentions that the clients really want The Mekons to play Solid Sound. -- Sammy sings a bit of Eric Church's Mr. Misunderstood which name drops Jeff Tweedy. — Jeff, Susie, Spencer & Casey discuss Rickie Lee Jones & Tom Waits. This World Has Seven Wonders (Kacy & Clayton cover sung by Spencer) -- Spencer says that Jeff produced the Kacy & Clayton record, The Siren's Song, from which that song came from. -- Jeff says that they're working hard on Solid Sound. Black Eye -- Susie tells Paul that he isn't fired from giving song titles in the chat. She says that we "can rely on you honey". Jeff jokingly asks Susie if that's from one of his songs. -- March is Jeff & Susie's 30th anniversary of being together. I'm Kind Of In Love With You -- Susie asks Jeff is he's ever covered Nirvana. He says that they did All Apologies with Sammy singing way back on a previous episode. "Bungalow" (untitled Case Oats original sung by Casey w Spencer on guitar. Casey says that the song might be called Bungalow.) -- Susie announces that there is now an official Tweedy Show Facebook page. [Here’s the link, but it’s for the mobile version of Facebook] https://m.facebook.com/The-Tweedy-Show-102552685232663/?ref=page_internal Yellow Submarine (The Beatles cover sung by Sammy & on Bop It. w Spencer on drums & backing vocals. Casey & Jeff on backing vocals) -- Susie says that there may or may not be a surprise on Monday's show. Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover)
  2. The Tweedy Show Monday March 1 Episode 154 # animated intro on screen -- Susie mentions that she was watching an old episode of The Tweedy Show and was surprised how loud the coffee table is in the living room. -- Jeff's sister is doing fine and she's out of the hospital. "The Universe For What It's Worth Is The Only Place To Be" (untitled new song) -- the possums are just as cute as raccoons discussion. -- vagina nicknames are discussed. -- Spencer makes an observation about people wearing Canada Goose winter jackets during one particular winter a few years ago. -- Spencer & Jeff discuss some of the lyrics of Jeff's new song. So It Goes (Nick Lowe cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on drums & backing vocals. Jeff on electric guitar.) -- Susie says that Jeff shouldn't have put the amp facing Sammy because it makes it tough to hear him, so they fix the placement of the amp and redo the song. So It Goes (Nick Lowe cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on drums & backing vocals. Jeff on electric guitar.) -- Jeff says that his electric guitar tonight is an Abernathy Steed. I Found Out (John Lennon cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on drums. Jeff on electric guitar.) Opaline (w Sammy on backing vocals & Spencer on backing vocals & thigh slaps) -- Sammy sings some of Opaline as Squidward. -- Susie explains that the they haven't watched the Billie Eilish doc because she wanted to wait for Spencer to come back home. -- Jeff explains why he gets angry watching American Idol. -- Sammy does a funny impression of a potential contestant singing Jesus, Etc. -- Jeff does a Luke Bryant impression judging Spencer's Scotty McCreery impression. -- Jeff pretends that he's a contestant on American Idol by singing a slow version of I Am Trying To Break Your Heart which Susie judges. -- Jeff sings bits of I Must Be High & Box Full Of Letters as a contestant on American Idol. Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover) -- Susie says that there might be a surprise on Thursday's episode. Jeff jokes that the suprise is going to be that it's going to be a better episode.
  3. Manhunter is terrific! Michael Mann directed that and Brian Cox plays Hannibal Lecter. Yes, that was remade into Red Dragon (the name of the novel) which came out in 2002 with Anthony Hopkins. Actually, a year before that we finally got the Silence Of The Lambs sequel Hannibal which was without Jodie Foster and directed by Ridley Scott. Julianne Moore took over the role of Clarice. The only thing that I remember about Hannibal was a scene with Ray Liotta that almost made me pass out in the theater. My favorite Jonathan Demme film is Something Wild.
  4. The Tweedy Show Thursday February 25 Episode 153 # New animated intro on screen -- Susie tries to fix Jeff's middle part. -- "Happy Purim!" -- Susie runs off to grab the Precious Moments Bible that she bought from the thrift store, while Jeff holds the iPhone to film himself. -- Jeff talks about being on the Peloton bike earlier listening to Fiddler On The Roof, when Susie came over to show him the Precious Moments Bible. -- Peter sings a bit of Fiddler On The Roof's If I Were A Rich Man. No More Poetry (dedicated to Jessie Hamm's daughter Laurel on her 16th birthday) -- Susie & Jeff talk a bit about the pilot that called in the UFO sighting a few days ago. -- Jeff has been eating vegan Lady Gaga Oreos. -- Jeff mentions that Bradley Cooper came to see one of the living room shows, but didn’t stay very long. It happened about a year before A Star Is Born came out. Jeff jokes that Bradley Cooper based his character in the film off of him. -- Jeff jokes that if this was a 70s sitcom there would be a large laugh track when Sammy walks into the room. Save It For Me (w Sammy on backing vocals. Dedicated to Dina & her twin sister.) -- Jeff goes to take a phone call. (The video paused a bit, so I'm not sure if it was an emergency, but the show ended around 10:27pm EST. Susie did say that they would come back.) Part 2 (10:34pm EST is when the show comes back.) -- Jeff explains the situation that caused the episode to end abruptly. Panthers (Original version) Laminated Cat (w Sammy on the keyboard app on his iPad) -- Jeff teaches the clients how to play Laminated Cat and dedicates it to Lady Gaga Oreos. -- "Happy Birthday, George Harrison!" Love Vigilantes (New Order cover sung by Sammy w Jeff on backing vocals) -- Susie, Jeff & Sammy try to figure out what's causing the throttle. -- Jeff talks about a Wilco show in Los Angeles where an old rich looking white guy that was in the front row in front of Nels' amp moved Jeff's amp claiming that he couldn't hear Jeff singing. Jeff couldn't believe how entitled that guy was to touch his amp. Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover) If you're heading over to Instagram to watch the episode tonight, make sure that you watch part one first.
  5. Susie addressed this on an episode last week. I’m paraphrasing, but I believe the gist of it was that they were encountering audio issues when they were uploading the episodes to YouTube. I seem to think that YouTube was blocking the audio, but maybe there was another issue. She also mentioned that she was going to try to upload them again. I noticed that there was an upload recently on the account and yes, it’s from October. YouTube be crazy!
  6. The Tweedy Show Monday February 22 Episode 152 # NEW animated intro on screen, but not the same as the 150th episode. -- Susie explains that Spencer is in North Carolina recording an album with a band that invited him out there. -- Jeff did a lot of shoveling over the weekend, so his hands are hurting. He also says that he cleaned the oven. -- Jeff jokes that there will be a Netflix True Crime series to come out of The Tweedy Show, after the number of times that Susie says that she is going to kill Jeff. When The Roses Bloom Again (dedicated to Timothy Layton for his birthday) -- Jeff talks about the Collings 12 string acoustic guitar that he is using tonight. -- Jeff talks about the Zoom show that he did yesterday and how Susie was making fun of him behind the computer. -- Susie explains that the Zoom show was an auction that was held several months ago. Jeff played a few songs and chatted with the auction winner. I'll Be On The Water (Akron/Family cover sung by Sammy. Dedicated to the Akron/Family's Miles Seaton who passed away a few days ago.) -- Jeff offers to give instructions on how to play guitar. -- Jeff mentions that Red Sox organist Josh Kantor played A Shot In The Arm on his Instagram show today. -- Jeff teaches the clients how to play the acoustic Spiders (Kidsmoke). -- Susie tells Jeff that the clients are buying tickets today for Wilco shows in the summer. Jeff explains that if everyone is vaccinated by then the shows should happen. These Days (Jackson Browne cover sung & performed on guitar by Sammy) -- Jeff teaches the clients how to play Chinese Apple. He sings a few lines from it. Cruel To Be Kind (Nick Lowe cover sung by Sammy) -- Jeff discusses Sammy's obsession with Nick Lowe's son's yellow pants. This story leads to Jeff bringing up the Michael Stipe story where he recommended $900 pants for Sammy. -- Jeff talks about all of the people that have lost their life during the pandemic. He mentions the 500,000 that died in the United States. Mi Shebeirach (Debbie Friedman cover sung by Sammy. Dedicated to those who lost loved ones during the pandemic.) -- Jeff says that he is going to learn Pavement's Shady Lane for a future episode. -- Jeff strums some of Joy Division's Love Will Tear Us Apart which was a request. -- Jeff strums a bit of New Order's Love Vigilantes. Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover)
  7. I have the perfect film for that you completely won me over: Barb & Star Go To Vista Del Mar. It’s available wherever you rent movies, but it is $19.99 to rent right now. It’s well worth it though! Anyways, Kristen Wiig & Annie Mumolo wrote & created an instant cult classic that might be the most quotable film in quite some time. The comedy is all over the place and I mean that in the best way possible. It’s absurd, light, goofy, slapstick, and anything goes, but the 2 main characters are what makes the whole thing work. Their friendship is really well written, yet it is a sendup of female friendships in a particular age group. The comedic landscape that the film plays around in reminded me of Austin Powers mixed with Bridesmaids and a dash of Hot Rod for the music. There really hasn’t been much in terms of new comedies since the pandemic started and obviously we need to laugh. This definitely helped fill the void big time. I just wish that I could have laughed with a sold out audience.
  8. Sorry for the really late response on this! Wow! I can’t even fathom watching 74 films over what I presume was a short window. Andrew Patterson’s next feature is a revenge thriller set in the honeybee industry. I can’t wait! You know that I was never aware of Jim Cummings or Thunder Road, until I came across The Wolf Of Snow Hollow. I’ve been meaning to rent it or track it down on one of the many streaming services, but haven’t rented it yet. Edited: I just checked and it’s on Amazon Prime Video. Hmm...I don’t remember seeing this on there last time I checked. Actually, a former co-worker of mine has a friend of his that interned on a film that Jim Cummings produced that just hit Tubi: Beast Beast. I haven’t watched that one either, but I’ve heard great things about it.
  9. Thank you for this info, pbzb! I knew that Sammy sang this during an earlier show, but I couldn’t find the title in my notes. I’ll add this to the recap and give you credit.
  10. The Tweedy Show Thursday February 18 Episode 151 # old animated intro on screen -- Jeff says that Susie's in a lot of pain from her oral surgery. Jeff jokes that the cadaver bones might have come from Rush Limbaugh. This Sad Kind Of Way (new song that Jeff wrote last night. Jeff says that this is a working title) -- the Tweedy family send their best to the people of Texas. Jeff tries to figure out if Ted Cruz is trying to end his political career by running off to vacation in Cancun. -- Susie is grateful for the fan letters & voice messages for Peter. Peter is thankful & excited to get to them. "It's Hard To Get Over Being Used" (new untitled song) Tears Of Rage (Bob Dylan & The Band cover sung & performed on drums by Spencer w Sammy on backing vocals) -- Peter says that Gene Krupa is almost as good as Spencer. -- Spencer does a Gene Krupa impression. -- Jeff explains how he flipped his eyelid, while he was washing his face and he had trouble flipping it back. When You Sleep (My Bloody Valentine cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on drums. Dedicated to Jeff Knurek for his birthday yesterday & for Valentine's Day) -- Jeff, Susie & Casey discuss sports rivalries after Casey is called out by certain clients because she's wearing a St. Louis Cardinals hat. -- Susie says that a Lounge Ax book is coming slowly but surely. The Golden Age (Beck cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on drums) -- Spencer talks about drumming for Beck when he was 12 years old. -- Spencer does a James Gadson impression. -- Spencer does a Glenn Kotche impression. -- Spencer does a Ringo Starr impression. -- Spencer does a Charlie Watts impression. -- Jeff strums the riff of The Rolling Stones Honky Tonk Women. Thirteen (Big Star cover sung by Sammy w Spencer & Casey on backing vocals) -- Sammy sings a bit of The Day Off from Stephen Sondheim’s Sunday In The Park With George, after a question about whether or not show tunes would be ever covered. (Thanks to pbzb for identifying the showtune!) Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover) The Tweedy Show shall return Monday.
  11. The Tweedy Show Monday February 15 Episode 150 # NEW animated intro on screen. -- Susie asks Spencer who created the new intro. Spencer explains that Jeff Knurek created the new intro as an anniversary gift for the 150th episode. # new animated intro on screen shown again so Susie & the clients can watch it again. -- "Happy 150th episode". Jeff realizes that they've done 150 episodes in less than a year. -- Jeff jokes that he should show his wiener because he doesn't understand dick pics. Jeff apologizes for any potential triggers to dick pics. -- Jeff stops Someday Soon after the first verse. Someday Soon (w Spencer on backing vocals & couch taps) -- Jeff says that Wilco plays Someday Soon a lot more during soundcheck, instead of in concert. -- Susie talks about having cadaver bones being used for her oral surgery. -- Jeff says that some of his Wilco bandmates gave the thumbs down to Lou Reed Was My Babysitter. He explains that it doesn't fit in with the rest of the songs that he's writing for the next album. -- Susie explains what's going on with uploading The Tweedy Show to YouTube. -- Jeff strums & sings a bit of You And I & I'm Kind Of In Love With You as love songs for Susie for Valentine's Day. -- the proper grammar of You And I is discussed. You And I (w Spencer on backing vocals. Dedicated to Susie for Valentine's Day.) Don't Dream It's Over (Crowded House cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on drums & backing vocals) In My Life (The Beatles cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on drums & backing vocals and Jeff on electric guitar) Bang A Gong (Get It On) (T. Rex cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on drums & backing vocals and Jeff on electric guitar) Pink Flag (Wire cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on drums & backing vocals and Jeff on electric guitar & backing vocals) -- Spencer shows his left handed mug that he got from Casey for Valentine's Day that was created by Oona. It features lyrics from George Harrison. -- Jeff talks about the time that Sammy bought himself cookies for Valentine's Day at school. -- Jeff asks for Susie's hand in marriage again for the 150th episode. She accepts. -- Jeff jokes that they're going to go down to once a month, so that the 200th episode can be years away. Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover) The Tweedy Show shall return Thursday.
  12. The Tweedy Show Thursday February 11 Episode 149 # animated intro on screen -- Susie mentions that Mavis received her Covid vaccine today. -- Susie is sad about the passing of Chick Corea earlier today. {The Long Pause (stream is paused right after Spencer mentions seeing the late Chick Corea in concert. Stream resumes after about a minute or so.} -- Susie believes that the internet is being throttled [it's when your ISP intentionally limits your bandwidth or speed.] -- Jeff strums Remember The Mountain Bed, while Susie asks Spencer questions about the internet. Remember The Mountain Bed -- Jeff admits that he almost missed one line in the song. Baby Where You Are (Ted Lucas cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on backing vocals) -- Susie & Spencer try to reconnect Peter to Alexa. Just One Look (reggae style Doris Troy cover sung & performed on drums by Spencer w Sammy on backing vocals. Spencer dedicates the song to Casey for Valentine's Day. Sammy dedicates the song to Eugenia.) -- Jeff explains that California Stars is about a quilting pattern. Be Kind To Me (Michael Hurley cover sung by Casey w Spencer on guitar & backing vocals. Casey doesn't dedicate the song to Spencer because he's already kind.) -- Jeff strums a bit of We've Been Had. (Speculation: it sounded like We’ve Been Had, but it also sounded like Lou Reed Was My Babysitter, after I heard that song. ) -- Jeff goes off to find lyrics for a new song that he wrote about missing playing live music. Lou Reed Was My Babysitter (New song with strong hints of Velvet Underground & Lou Reed. lyrics include 'Rock N Roll Is Dead And The Dead Don't Die'. Spencer on thigh slaps) -- Jeff thinks that quaaludes is made from the words quiet interludes. Close To You (The Carpenters cover sung by Sammy. Sammy dedicates the song to Eugenia.) -- Susie talks about having a band sing "Close To Susie" at Danny's bar mitzvah, instead of Close To You. Jackie Mason performed at Bruce's bar mitzvah. -- Susie questions Jeff's memory. Jeff says that he can learn songs after he hears them one time. Jeff also mentions that he forgets if he's played certain venues. Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover) -- Jeff confirms that they are going to Monday & Thursday for the schedule, but he jokes that if enough people complain that they can change it. The Tweedy Show shall return Monday.
  13. The Tweedy Show Monday February 8 Episode 148 # animated intro on screen -- Susie reads one of the comments that says that Jeff should sell a wig. Jeff jokes that if you Google "Jeff Tweedy wig" you'll find something out there. Merkins are discussed. It's You (The Millenium cover sung by Spencer) -- Susie says that while she was pregnant with Spencer they used to call him Sherman. Jeff wanted to name him Conway Tweedy. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight (Bob Dylan cover w Spencer on drums & Jeff on harmonica. Dedicated to Flanny) -- Jeff & Spencer play a bit of an instrumental. -- Jeff has smashed a few guitars on stage. He's also thrown a few guitars. He smashed a bass guitar when he was in Uncle Tupelo. -- Jeff talks about the pic that Conan O'Brien shared of himself as a kid with a bowl cut. As I Went Out One Morning (Bob Dylan cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on drums) Words (Low cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on drums & backing vocals. Jeff on electric guitar) -- gear talk: Jeff talks about Klon pedals and Microcosm pedals. -- Jeff learns what a top sheet is. Fitted sheets, duvets, & weighted blankets are discussed. I'm Kind Of In Love With You -- Peter saw Lenny Bruce get arrested back in the day. Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover) -- Jeff can't do a show tomorrow night. The possible new schedule is Monday & Thursday. Jeff says maybe they might do more than 2 shows a week. Jeff says that he wants to stop after the 200th show. Spencer jokes that they agreed to stop once he & Sammy became old men. The Tweedy Show shall return Thursday.
  14. Thank you for this info!
  15. The Tweedy Show Friday February 5 Episode 147 # animated intro on screen -- Jeff mentions that Keith Richards was wearing the same camouflage outfit that Sammy & Spencer wear on the show. -- Susie is sad that Christopher Plummer passed away today. -- Jeff plays a bit of Should've Been In Love, but abandons the song. Should've Been In Love -- Jeff & Spencer unbox Jeff's Grammy nominee golden medal. -- Susie announces that Peter got his Covid vaccine today. -- Jeff talks about Chrissy Teigen & John Legend buying a $13,000 bottle of wine at a restaurant. -- Jeff reminisces about his tuning issues on the Bandsintown show and talks about how that made him change his guitar strings. -- Jeff talks about how The Edge has his guitar strings changed between songs. Jeff says that Nels has to change his guitar strings at almost every other show because he breaks them during shows. Having Been Is No Way To Be Country Girl (Brinsley Schwarz cover sung & performed on drums by Spencer w Jeff on harmonica. Spencer dedicates the song to Casey.) -- Susie asks Spencer why the stream keeps pausing and glitching. Achin' To Be (The Replacements cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on drums & backing vocals.) Open House (Lou Reed and John Cale cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on backing vocals) -- Susie asks John Hodgman's question in the chat to Jeff if there will be a Tweedy Show set or installation at the next Solid Sound. Here Comes The Sun (The Beatles cover sung by Spencer & Sammy. Dedicated to Peter for getting his vaccination.) -- Jeff makes up a song with a few lines that he thinks sounds like a Donovan song. {CORRECTION - the song that Jeff plays is Song For John by Donovan. Thanks to pbzb for the info!} Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover. Jeff does the bridge by request)
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