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  1. The Tweedy Show Tuesday January 19 Episode 142 # animated intro on screen. "It Takes A Lifetime To Find" (untitled new song w Spencer on backing vocals) -- Jeff mentions that he wrote the new song after reading the Tolstoy section in the new George Saunders book. -- Jeff talks about appearing on Rhett Miller's podcast recently. -- Susie says that today is the last day that the U.S. will no longer not have a female Vice President. -- Jeff talks about "pumping weights". -- Jeff elaborates on how different he feels the world is with Trump being permanently banned from certain social media platforms. -- Jeff says "Be vigilant in our kindness". On And On And On (w Spencer also on guitar) -- Jeff dedicates the song to the 400k that lost their lives due to Coronavirus. Please Tell My Brother (Golden Smog cover) -- Jeff realizes that he didn't fix his hair before the show and he's worried that his hair looks like Chris Gaines' hair (which is Garth Brooks goth rock persona) Pretty Saro (Traditional cover Bob Dylan version sung by Sammy) -- Happy Birthday Dolly Parton! This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) (Talking Heads cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on drums & backing vocals) -- Jeff & Spencer talk about the special Tweedy band show streaming on Saturday evening. Jeff says that they need to practice, so there will be no shows Thursday & Friday. Jeff says that he wanted to do a show to celebrate the vinyl release. The stream will be on Bandsintown. https://www.bandsintown.com/e/102444148-jeff-tweedy-(wilco)-at-live-stream?came_from=251&utm_medium=web&utm_source=artist_page&utm_campaign=event Rockin' Chair (The Band cover sung by Spencer) -- Jeff comforts Spencer on his mistakes during Rockin' Chair by telling him that he's pooped his pants on stage which is much worse. -- Susie says that today is the 10 month anniversary of The Tweedy Show. Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover) -- Susie exclaims that the next time they'll see us we'll have a new President & female Vice President. The Tweedy Show shall return on Monday January 25th.
  2. The Tweedy Show Monday January 18 Episode 141 # animated intro on screen. -- Susie brings up the Gaelynn stream that Jeff was on on Sunday. It's available for replay on YouTube. -- Susie mentions the Wilco reference on last night's Shameless episode. Spencer tells Jeff that there's another Wilco reference in Letterkenny. I'm Kind Of In Love With You (New love song for Susie. Jeff confirms the title moments later in the show) -- Jeff discusses what he believes people mean when they say they "kinda love" something or someone. -- Jeff says Happy Birthday to Joanna Newsom. It's also Jim O'Rouke's birthday. -- Jeff doesn't want to bring up the recently deceased Phil Spector, but he briefly talks about Ronnie Spector. This Side Of The Blue (Joanna Newsom cover sung by Sammy. Dedicated to Eugenia) -- Jeff strums Free's All Right Now, while Spencer sings a bit of it. Jeff does a Paul Rodgers impression and fakes the clients out that he ruined his vocal chords. -- Jeff jokingly scolds Fergie for trying to outshine Heart's Ann Wilson when they were covering a Heart song. -- discussion about Maya Rudolph & the Netflix show Big Mouth. -- Spencer shows a younger pic of himself as a baby when he was much heavier. -- Spencer shows a pic of young Sammy drinking from the cat bowl. -- chum is discussed. -- Jeff strums a bit of The Beatles' In My Life. -- Jeff sings the first verse of You Are My Face, before he abandons it after he made a mistake. You Are My Face -- Susie mentions that Sky Blue Sky Festival was exactly a year ago. Jeff is surprised that it was in January. Slurf Song (Michael Hurley & The Holy Modal Rounders cover sung by Sammy w Jeff on backing vocals) -- Susie talks about Paul getting to Sky Blue Sky Festival and going down the water slides with Glenn Kotche which makes most of the clients jealous. King Of The Hill (Roger McGuinn and Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers cover sung by Spencer w Sammy & Jeff on backing vocals) -- tattoos and third nipples are discussed. -- Jeff shows George Saunders new book A Swim In A Pond & A Rain. -- Jeff & Spencer speak a bit about Martin Luther King Jr. Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover)
  3. The Tweedy Show Friday January 8 Episode 140 # animated intro on screen -- Jeff & Spencer explain Parler to Susie. -- Happy Birthday to the late Elvis Presley & the late David Bowie. -- Jeff doesn't have any Bowie songs prepared tonight. -- Jeff mumbles through Elvis Presley's Jailhouse Rock. -- Spencer wants to play Paul McCartney & Wing's Let Me Roll It which Jeff strums a bit of. -- Jeff strums a bit of Shrug & Destroy, but says that he doesn't remember the chords to play it. Whole Love (w Spencer on thigh slaps) -- Susie mentions that tonight was Alex Trebek's final episode of Jeopardy. The Family Gardener (The Minus 5 cover) -- Jeff talks about the limited Jeff Tweedy Signature SG guitar. -- Jeff talks a lot about his guitars and preferences, including his Martin, Breedlove, Barney Kessel Gibson, & Waterloo guitars. -- Jeff talks about his former guitar tech Matrix who is now retired in Australia. He says that he rarely gets upset with his guitar tech(s). Dead Flowers (Rolling Stones cover sung by Spencer for Casey's birthday on Monday. Sammy on backing vocals) Winter Rose (Billy Nicholls cover sung by Sammy & Spencer w Spencer also on drums) -- Jeff mentions how he hasn't seen Paul in a long time and asks him if he still loves him. Paul says "yes." -- Jeff sings the first few lines of Carole King's Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? for Paul. -- Jeff talks about taking a week off next week. Jeff mentions that there might be an impromptu episode from the jacuzzi that mid-tempo rock bought. -- Jeff wants to do another Sky Blue Sky festival along with a Solid Sound Festival, once things return to normal. -- Shingles shot discussion. -- Jeff talks about cancelling a Wilco show when Nels had adult chicken pox. Mi Shebeirach (Debbie Friedman cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on backing vocals. Dedicated to everyone except for the people associated with the Insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.) Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover) The Tweedy Show will be taking next week off.
  4. The Tweedy Show Thursday January 7 Episode 139 # animated intro on screen -- Basil is decked out in his fancy sweater in Jeff's arms. -- Jeff got a haircut. Jeff feels like his hair is like the Michael Myers mask which is based on William Shatner. -- Jeff deadpans that he's shocked that Trump's presidency would end in such a calamity. -- Jeff believes that the Republicans responsible for yesterday's Insurrection should never hold office again. -- Basil's underbite is discussed. -- Casey says that she never wears a mask at the Tweedy's house because she only sees them. -- Jeff bites his lower lip as he strums Captain & Tennille's Do That To Me One More Time. I'm Glad (Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on drums & backing vocals) Frank Mills (from the musical Hair sung by Sammy) -- Peter remembers seeing Hair in the round. Percy's Song (Bob Dylan cover w Spencer & Sammy on backing vocals) Sharp Cutting Wings (Song To A Poet) (Lucinda Williams cover sung by Casey & performed on guitar by Spencer along w backing vocals) Do That To Me One More Time (Captain & Tennille cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on drums) Wasn't Born To Follow (Carole King cover w Spencer & Sammy on backing vocals) Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover)
  5. The Tweedy Show Tuesday January 5 Episode 138 # animated intro on screen -- Jeff says that he is getting a haircut tomorrow. Jeff says that he has the hair of someone on an Off Broadway production of The Crucible. Jeff also describes his hair as Puritan and Miles Standish. -- Jeff tells a story about Googling himself, after he found a pic of Ted Cruz with a beard that had the caption "when did Ted Cruz turn into Jeff Tweedy." -- Susie mentions that Marc Maron talked about Jeff today. -- Spencer talks about how Ted Cruz is growing a beard to take on a new persona to appear tougher. He's also prone to wear Isotoner gloves nowadays. -- Jeff talks about when he had braids, after Spencer shows a pic of himself with braids. -- Jeff sends a video text of him playing some chords, so that he can learn from them later. Snow Is Falling In Manhattan (David Berman aka Purple Mountains cover sung by Sammy & Spencer on backing vocals) -- Sammy says Happy Belated Birthday to the late David Berman. -- Jeff checks his text from Pat Sansone to see if he played it right. -- Jeff really flubs up a lyric in Hesitating Beauty that really cracks up Susie & Jeff. Hesitating Beauty (w Spencer on thigh slaps & backing vocals) -- Jeff talks about who Nora is in relation to Woody Guthrie. -- Susie talks about the Yeti Wilco cooler that is being auctioned to help road crews. https://www.32auctions.com/organizations/64788/auctions/92131/auction_items/2655330 -- Spencer shows off Jeff as a Yeti that Mark drew for the cooler. -- Susie has another laughing fit which says that The Joker had. (Lol) "High On A Cloud" (new untitled song w Spencer & Sammy on backing vocals) I Am A Pilgrim (Traditional Christian hymn done in the style of The Byrds cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on backing vocals) -- the Tweedy family hear a thud in the house. Spencer & Sammy go to check. It wasn't the ham which is out of the house. -- field trip to the basement where we see Jeff's puzzle that he's working on. Something did fall in the basement. -- Jeff spills the beans that he most likely caused the fall in the basement, due to putting stuff away. -- Jeff analyzes Susie's screams & sneezes, after Susie calls out Jeff for calling her from a different room in the house to check on her, when she screamed in the house. -- Jeff tells the story again when shots were fired at the house and he ran into a thrift store snow man in the hallway that asked him "what'cha doing!?" Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover)
  6. This is one of the best films that I watched in 2020. I won’t spoil the plot for you, since I had no idea about this film other than it had Aubrey Plaza who gives one of the most amazing performances last year. I will say to try to watch it with someone following CDC guidelines, so that you can dissect it after. There’s a lot going on. (Available to rent on iTunes etc.)
  7. The Tweedy Show Monday January 4 Episode 137 # animated intro on screen has connection issues. -- Susie mentions that Nikki Glaser used to be a client, after Jeff quotes her standup bit saying that her "vagina is like a packed suitcase". -- Jeff & Susie mention that Spencer is getting settled into his recording studio today. Sitting In My Hotel (The Kinks cover sung by Spencer) -- Happy Birthday to Nels & Alex Cline! -- Jeff talks about how Nels & Alex are Mirror twins. -- Happy Birthday to Michael Stipe & the late David Berman! -- Jeff has a theory that dogs face north when they poop. -- Jeff does a lengthy Michael Stipe impression. -- Jeff does a Jonathan Richman impression again. -- Jeff does a very brief Nick Offerman impression. -- Jeff can't do a Glenn Kotche impression, but he can do one on the drums. -- Jeff claims that Pat Sansone can do impressions of everyone in Wilco. -- Jeff does a Charles Nelson Reilly impression. Jeff also talks about how he went on Reilly's yacht and then Reilly visited the studio during the recording of Summerteeth. -- Jeff does a Spencer Tweedy impression. -- Jeff asks Republicans if they think Trump wants other Republicans to win. The Rip (Portishead cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on drums & backing vocals) -- Jeff does his Foster Brooks impression. -- Jeff wants Sammy to learn Wire's Outdoor Miner which Jeff strums through. -- Susie says that the Jimmy Carter doc is great. -- Jeff will do David Berman's Snow Is Falling In Manhattan tomorrow night. -- Jeff explains why we haven't seen the guitar with the birds on it. He says that it's too dry in the house, therefore certain guitars are stored away. -- Jeff talks about the Barry Gibb record coming out that has lots of guest collaborators on it. -- Jeff shows us a pic of him with Sandra Oh. -- Jeff shows us a pic of Sammy then Spencer when they were younger. He also shows a pic of him with Sammy taken on the day of Spencer's Bar Mitzvah. -- Spencer recommends that Jeff show a pic from his phone to the clients each night. "Sorry" aka “Infinite Surprise” (new song last performed on September 25th. New "infinite surprise" lyrics repeated at the end which might hint at the song title.) -- Jeff's new Tweedy Show segment idea is to have him & Basil blindfolded, while they are spun around to see which direction they face as they poop: Longiturdinal. -- Jeff says that he was right about the Polynesian testicle navigation and the relationship between drinking alcohol & hearing loss. Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover)
  8. A somewhat interesting & innovative biopic that I found to be extremely familiar after watching The Current War (much more compelling film) a few years prior. Ethan Hawke’s performance is better than the kitchen sink style of the film. Hawke has a great singing voice in this film...about Tesla. (Available on Hulu, even though it is not a Hulu Original.)
  9. The Wolf Of Snow Hollow was a pleasant surprise that mixed small town humor with some decent horror. Robert Forster is great here in his last film role, but writer/director/actor Jim Cummings is fantastic wearing all 3 hats. (Available to rent on iTunes etc.)
  10. Here are 2 of the best directorial debuts that I watched in 2020: Natalie Erika James used the haunted house sub genre of horror to weave a tale about something that we all have to deal with eventually as we get older and so do the people around us. This felt like an extremely personal film as a form of therapy. (Might be on Hulu soon due to their exclusive deal with IFC Films.) Andrew Patterson’s The Vast Of Night was a breathtaking sci-fi experience and shows what you can do with a $700k budget. It felt like watching a hybrid of early Spielberg movies written by Richard Linklater with his long take camera work following all of the action and an overall feeling that Rod Serling was behind the whole operation. I can’t get over how amazing this film looked and gripped me from the beginning. And the 2 leads were superb unknown actors. It’s felt like a long time since a debut film has knocked me on my ass. I’d probably go as far back as Richard Kelly’s Donnie Darko. (Available on Amazon Prime Video)
  11. Thank you for the kind words!
  12. The Tweedy Show Thursday December 31 Episode 136 Auld Lang Syne (instrumental - Jeff on electric guitar) -- Happy New Year from Peter & Ellen! -- Susie can't believe that it's finally the last day of 2020 and that they're still doing The Tweedy Show. -- Jeff talks about the passing of MF Doom. -- Susie makes Jeff guess a movie quote that winds up being from Stand By Me. -- Jeff mentions that he sent Glenn a happy birthday video. -- Jeff thinks that his bandmates "lurk" during The Tweedy Show, according to a recent Zoom call with them. -- Peter tells a joke. I Know What It's Like -- Happy Anniversary to Spencer & Casey. -- Happy Birthday to Paul Westerberg. Sixteen Blue (The Replacements cover sung by Sammy. Dedicated to Paul Westerberg for his birthday.) Bastards Of Young (The Replacements cover sung by Sammy.) -- Susie says that The Replacements never played Lounge Ax. -- Jeff can't wait to watch Andy Cohen & Anderson Cooper later tonight. Death Of The Last Stripper (Terry Allen & The Panhandle Mystery Band cover w Sammy on backing vocals) -- Susie wonders what New Year's songs there are. Jeff mentions U2's New Year's Day which he says that he won't do. Sammy reminds Jeff that I Got You (At The End Of The Century) is a New Year's Eve song. -- Jeff strums some of Captain Beefheart's Click Clack. Save It For Me (w Sammy on backing vocals) -- Susie thinks 2021 will be great with live shows. Jeff thinks 2021 "will have a lot of good and a lot of bad". He hopes that it won't be a complete waste of a year. Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover)
  13. Enjoyable late 70s romp about cars and Mark Hamill growing up to enjoy other things like Annie Potts. Cameron Crowe’s long forgotten follow up to Fast Times At Ridgemont High was an 80s blast (writing credit only). Music licensing fees have held this to obscurity for quite a bit. The version that I watched had songs from Madonna & Prince removed, even though they are credited in the end. Eddie Van Halen provides the original soundtrack. There’s even a Ron Wood cameo during the huge party scene. Chris Penn, Lea Thompson, Eric Stoltz, Ilan Mitchell-Smith & Rick Moranis are all great here, before they really hit it big soon after. “It’s casual.” I’ve watched a lot of fantastic 2020 releases recently. I’ll come back here soon to write about them.
  14. The Tweedy Show Tuesday December 29 Episode 135 # animated intro on screen -- Jeff's robe is back. -- Jeff mentions that Sammy got an antibodies test today and wonders how long the results will take. -- Jeff shows a meme on his iPhone of the Tweedy men as the Twee Gees. -- Peter tells the "Do you like fudge, Jeff" story again. -- Jeff explains over & under. -- fudge & ice cream is discussed. -- Jeff explains how Polynesian men use their ball sack to help with navigation. They stand on the ledge near the ocean and open their robes to test the wind. {as of press time this story has yet to be confirmed} America (Simon & Garfunkel cover sung by Spencer) Don't Dream It's Over (Crowded House cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on thigh slaps) To Love Somebody (Bee Gees cover sung w Spencer on drums & backing vocals and Sammy on backing vocals) -- Jeff & Susie bring up the toilet paper story at the Airbnb. -- Spencer talks about the fundraising done by the clients. -- Jeff has nice words to say about the Finn family. --vasectomy discussion Family Ghost -- Jeff works through Side With The Seeds after Paul says that he should have played it with all the vasectomy talk. -- funny doctor names are discussed. -- the Tweedy family ponder if there will be a show on Thursday which is Spencer & Casey's anniversary. -- Jeff plays Auld Lang Syne on guitar. -- Jeff shows off the Twee Gees pic for Scott McCaughey. He also shows a TweeDees pic with the same artwork. -- a later show or a shorter show on Thursday is discussed. Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover)
  15. I’ve had toasted ravioli which is pretty much the same thing except it isn’t fried. I think it’s cooked in a toaster oven or regular oven. It’s amazing!
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