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  1. The Tweedy Show Episode 223 Monday April 15, 2024 Largo Los Angeles Jeff Tweedy solo —Susie and Sammy are there waiting for Jeff to come out to play. [There’s only about 2 minutes of the pre-show music, so don’t skip ahead too much.] Less Than You Think One Sunday Morning “Feel Free” [untitled new song that features Jeff mentioning John & Paul and Mick & Keith and Born In The U.S.A. The line ‘feel free’ is repeated multiple times in a call-and-response manner, where Jeff will sing ‘feel free’ and respond with some lyrics.] Orphan Ashes
  2. The Tweedy Show Episode 222 Monday December 4, 2023 Sky Blue Sky Jeff Tweedy (and Friends) at Heaven Beach A Robin Or A Wren (partial) Natural Disaster — Jeff quips “This is my side hustle…I was going to take some Uber shifts, but I started a band”. Opaline Summer Noon — Jeff explains how earlier in the day he accidentally texted Salman Rushdie “to go into the ocean”, instead of Susie. Gwendolyn — Jeff talks about the new song that he wrote with the lyrics “die on the beach in the sun”, but they were not able to prepare it in time.
  3. I am only adding the image below to show that the post doesn’t mention that Indiana show. And that’s the first mention on social media of the 2 NJ shows. Entirely possible I missed the email announcement(s) in my search. All good! Well done, Nugs! Keep the shows coming!
  4. Boy, am I glad you asked! Ha! Who else would keep a list around here? 🤦🏻‍♂️ Here is an ongoing list that I culled from Nugs.net’s emails, Facebook & Instagram posts. I’m only missing 2 months (Jan/Feb 2020). For some reason, there’s no information to be found for those two months. It’s entirely possible that there is an error in my March 2020 listing which has both 2010 Montclair “An Evening With” shows released on the same day. You’ll also see in my notes when it switched to a quarterly thing. Wilco Nugs.net Front Of House Series
  5. The Tweedy Show Wednesday November 29 Episode 221 -- Spencer holds Basil and Susie introduces Jeff, Danny Miller & Sammy. -- Jeff has a new pair of clear frame glasses which Spencer picked out. Jeff says that he doesn't think that he's going to wear them all the time. How To Fight Loneliness -- Susie says that it's been 4 months since the last episode. -- Jeff mentions how he has met some of the clients over the past year at shows and his book tour. -- Danny's favorite movie of the year is the French film Anatomy Of A Fall. Jeff makes a snoring sound and Danny changes his
  6. I had the absolute pleasure of seeing this masterpiece in IMAX today. I was only 6 when it came out, so huge thanks to A24 for bringing it back! I hadn’t watched it in a long time, so that was nice. Run to it! At my local megaplex, it’s sharing the IMAX auditorium with Barbie this weekend and The Creator is coming on Friday the 29th in IMAX, so it looks like a 1 week IMAX engagement around where I am. However, it is getting a wider release on the 29th on regular screens, as I’m sure you’ve read. Nice to check something off the bucket list…
  7. I just read that they did perform I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For in between takes of the new song. I guess that music video was filmed on the same exact street: Fremont. Looks different, but I guess that’s what 36 years does to a place like Vegas… I also found out that those were paid extras to be in the crowd. Not sure if they were told to take out their smart phones to make it look authentic.
  8. Yeah, very interesting. The song is in the same wheelhouse as The Miracle Of Joey Ramone, but I like this tune a bit better. Looking forward to hearing the single without all of the audience noise.
  9. As I was about to reply to you, I was perusing FB and saw a YouTube video of U2 (with Larry!!) performing a new song, Atomic City, on Fremont St in Vegas last night. Looks like it was a music video shoot. Wow! This is getting odd. Larry is there for the music video shoot. Hmm. One of the dirty rumors from this past year was that Larry had already left the band, but the fans didn’t realize it yet. This must be mostly PR to keep things looking like everything is ok for a potential 2024 tour that would feature Larry. https://youtu.be/yG6nhiBs6Lk?si=sJIsFAwrycUiMFun
  10. https://americana-uk.com/wilco-cousin-2?fbclid=IwAR237plCSkKxxmOcDypkGy4qFOuAT7e-7YXX1topnZmSSiZthm6qJy3KbQY
  11. Well, I’ll bring some good news…a rumor recently surfaced about a new U2 single that is set to drop on September 29th (the opening day of their Las Vegas residency at The Sphere). I’ve read that the band (minus Larry Mullen, Jr.) arrived in Vegas the day after Labor Day to begin rehearsals and are traveling to Los Angeles after rehearsals to finish up mixing this single. Good news: Larry recorded drum beats to use for future recordings, before he had his surgery, so he should be on this. The (sorta) Bad News: U2’s Instagram story a few weeks ago had music that sou
  12. I found out 2 nights ago through the YouTube comments of the Space Invader video that Laugh Track (their next record) was due out sometime this month. Maybe even as soon as next week. Could it be true?…I saw that they were road testing a bunch of new songs this past summer. And I had read that they recorded enough tunes for another record. As I was checking Google for tonight’s setlist, it looks like they announced the new record at tonight’s gig. And it’s coming digitally late Sunday night/early Monday morning. Awesome! Really nice looking setlist you got! All of High Viole
  13. It’s entirely possible, but I think it’s more of a case of Susie asking Jeff what the name of the song was and him saying something like “I haven’t decided on Child Soldier or Soldier Child yet.” The lyrics go “I fought like a child Soldier fights to forget What it’s like to be home.” , according to WilcoWorld. I can see from the lyrics how it could have gone either way, but I also haven’t listened to the two Tweedy Show versions in a bit either. Possible he flipped “child” and “soldier” in the lyrics.
  14. Very nice catch! You know I had a hazy memory that he did do Soldier Child twice, but on Monty’s list it’s only listed once as Soldier Child for episode 217. The funny thing is it’s on his list as Child Soldier for episode 175 (like you noticed) which is how it is in my notes, but I haven’t searched for it like that because I totally forgot about that. I’m guessing Jeff called it Child Soldier the first time that he played it and/or was also considering calling it Soldier Child. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Feels like that first time he did it was 5+ years ago and not 2. I’m considering doing a deep dive i
  15. Grazie! How is that group? Have there been concert reports/photos from the first couple of European shows on there?
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