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  1. The Tweedy Show Sunday January 29 Episode 219 —Spencer welcomes the clients to The Tweedy Show. —Susie & Jeff say “hello” to the clients. —Susie checks in with Peter via Alexa. —Susie mentions that this is a surprise Tweedy Show. —Peter’s telephone is ringing via Alexa. —Jeff mentions that he’s rehearsing with Spencer for the Cayamo cruise on Friday February 10th. [ www.Cayamo.com ] {cruise is from Feb 10th - Feb 17th} Venus (Television cover with Spencer on drums) —Jeff talks about the late Tom Verlaine. He says that Tom Verlaine gets a
  2. One more thing…they do some cool releases for the official fanclub which is expensive when you consider it can be just a single audio disc or a DVD @$40. This collectible cd set of unreleased live versions of Achtung Baby was announced exactly a year ago. Ok. We didn’t get an official track list until last September. Lol. Then it took two more months for 2 song downloads to show up. Anyways, my gift appears to be coming to me on the last day of February. Lol! I laugh because around this time of year, they’re supposed to announce the 2023 gift. A couple of years ago the gift
  3. 😏I will, but with a severe lack of enthusiasm. I don’t know if you remember, but I mentioned this “new” record back in the fall when it was supposed to be released alongside Bono’s book in November. It would’ve been a perfect holiday release for a Xmas gift, but releasing it in the middle of March makes little sense to me. I view it as an obvious cash grab and the timing is kinda strange. They’re supposed to have a residency at the Sphere in Vegas in the fall and I can’t see how an “acoustic” record plays into a stadium show, hence why the whole things feels oddly placed. Maybe releas
  4. Yeah, I made an edit which didn’t save for some reason. Then I edited it yet again to mention that “Nothing New” is listed as Having A Hard Time on WilcoWorld. The title Nothing New is claimed to have been seen from a setlist for the show on the 5th. That’s where the issue came from. I took a look over at Setlist FM to look into the new songs to see if anyone saw a setlist. I deleted it all figuring no one would ever see it. Lol! It got confusing. Guess it’s always best to check WilcoWorld over Setlist FM. edit: I guess it could be any song, actually. As far as I r
  5. The Tweedy Show Sunday January 8 Episode 218 @ Largo Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You (Bob Dylan cover) Having Been Is No Way To Be Gwendolyn Tunnel At The End Of The Light Family Ghost On And On And On I’ll Fight Normal American Kids Radio King (Golden Smog cover) In A Future Age Kamera Impossible Germany Story To Tell Evicted From Your Heart Kooks (David Bowie cover) Jesus, Etc. —————— We’ve Been Had (Uncle Tupelo cover) Save It For Me (w/ Sammy & Spencer on backing vocals)
  6. The Tweedy Show Monday December 26 Episode 217 —Sammy welcomes the clients to The Tweedy Show. —Susie is upset that she sees her reflection in the tv. —“Hi, everyone! We forgot how to do a show.” - Susie —Peter says “Hi, there!” from the Amazon Alexa. — Jeff jokes that it’s been a long time and they’re going to just reminisce about old episodes and show clips. — Susie explains to Jeff that saying “D-i-a-n-e” will cause Instagram to glitch. — Susie shows Steven Keene album art. Little Lies (Fleetwood Mac cover) “I’m Only The Moon” (abandoned ea
  7. I knew that this was coming at some point and I guess it just got announced on Thursday that the second half of Season 5’s episodes would drop on Friday. Jeff was hilarious in the episode and hats off to Nikki Glaser for being a genuine fan. Super cool singalongs and chemistry amongst the 4 (at one point 5) talented folks in the car. Felt like natural conversations interspersed with some singing and a fun ending. A bit too short though, but I’m still shocked that Jeff was driving the car. I seem to remember James Corden being the one that always drove around the celebs, when h
  8. I’m still seeing the option to buy the show, but still nothing works when I click on it. What happens when you try to “add to cart”? It allows me to select the audio format, but stalls there.
  9. I’ve been saying that I would not be surprised at all if Netflix ships it back to theaters for another week starting on the 9th of December. Nothing really comes out on that weekend. Sony is releasing a PG-13 cut of Father Stu that day (originally came out in April) and The Whale hits arthouse theaters. I kept my eyes on Top Gun: Maverick and thought that it was going to be around this past holiday weekend, but the theaters around here that held onto it this long lost it two days before Thanksgiving to make room. I woke up to news this morning that it’s coming back to theaters around
  10. I went to see Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery yesterday afternoon. Every showing was sold out from Wednesday through Sunday evening. I really enjoyed it and (looks for spoiler tag) I do want to track down The Last Of Sheila which I heard was a big influence on Rian Johnson’s film. (Available on Netflix Friday December 23rd.)
  11. Both live streams are still available on the app. Plus, they also added the audio for both shows. here’s the link to buy the audio of the first show… https://www.nugs.net/live-download-of-wilco-civic-theater-new-orleans-la-10-04-2022-mp3-flac-or-online-music-streaming/30137.html [edited to add info about the link] {I tried buying the show for the heck of it and nothing happens. It does say “Add To Cart” and lists “Format”, but nothing happens for me. Maybe it’s because I’m on my iPhone and not a computer.} Nugs has shows on sale for 25% off. I just stream everyt
  12. *** not technically a Tweedy Show, but Susie filmed the second half of the 11pm show from Carol’s Pub on her IG.** She’s My Rock (Stoney Edwards cover) Falling Apart (Right Now) Give Back The Key To My Heart (Doug Sahm cover) A Lifetime To Find U.S. Blues (Grateful Dead cover) Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover)
  13. The Tweedy Show Sunday October 9 Episode 216 [Wilco Live At Carol’s Pub 9pm show] Tonight I’ll Be Here Staying With You (Bob Dylan cover) I Am My Mother Cruel Country Far, Far Away Forget The Flowers That’s How I Got To Memphis (Tom T. Hall cover) It’s Just That Simple New Madrid (Uncle Tupelo cover) She’s My Rock (Stoney Edwards cover) Someday Soon Hesitating Beauty The Death Of The Last Stripper (Terry Allen & The Panhandle Mystery Band cover) A Lifetime To Find Give Back The Key To My Heart (Doug Sah
  14. Second show added! Go forth, my Chicago peeps!
  15. Nice to see this band back on the road. Just looked up the setlist from the first night in Latvia. Isn’t that where Doctor Doom is from in Marvel Comics? A couple of debuts for the first night. I’m sure there will be more. It also notes that this is Perry Bamonte’s first show since 2004. Alone (debut) Pictures Of You Closedown A Night Like This Lovesong Trust (first time since 2016) Burn Fascination Street Push In Between Days Play For Today A Forest Want Shake Dog Shake 39 From The Edge Of The
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