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  1. There’s also a virtual book tour event with Norah Jones. Each event ticket purchase includes a signed bookplate along with a copy of the book. Anyone ever have issues with signed bookplates? Does the adhesive still stick?
  2. The Tweedy Show Tuesday September 22 Episode 100 # animated intro on screen -- "Happy 100th episode!" Susie shows off the special 100th episode artwork done by Jeff Knurek which features the Tweedy family & friends that have appeared on the show. Plus, a few Easter eggs. -- Susie pans the phone over to Jeff's spot on the couch and he isn't there. She and the Tweedy gang head upstairs to look for Jeff. They find him in the bathtub where he's confused as to why they are all there. He speaks of a dream he had where he started an Instagram show during a pandemic. Jeff says that he's going to have his wedding vows renewed during the special episode. Jackie Wants A Black Eye (Dr. Dog cover sung by Casey w Spencer on guitar & backing vocals) -- Jeff arrives in his bathrobe like a boss. Long Time Ago (Golden Smog cover) -- Jeff & Susie reminisce over Tweedy Show moments. -- the Tweedy family talk about all of the friends that have appeared on the episodes and the friends that called in. I'll Never Know -- Jeff answers the question if he thought that he'd still be doing this show on September 22 and when he thinks live music might return. -- Casey shows off Basil's graduation picture from obedience school. Save It For Me (w Sammy on backing vocals & Spencer on backing vocals and thigh slaps) Locator (w Spencer on thigh slaps & backing vocals) -- Jeff briefly sings a funny version of John Lennon's God with lyrics mentioning people at The Loft. Human (Molly Sarle cover sung by Sammy) -- Jeff thanks & loves all of the clients Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover) Happy 100th episode! Thank you, Tweedy family!
  3. Great find! It caught me off guard, so I didn’t do a Google check. I’ll update it in the recaps. Thank you!
  4. Thank you for the kind words, Donna! It should be noted that I used the wrong link for Susie’s cancer fundraiser. Sorry if that caused any confusion for anyone trying to donate. Somehow I found the link for the one from 2018. (Insert Homer Simpson’s “D’oh!”) That error has been fixed. Thank you to Susan Miller Tweedy for noticing the error. One of the more surreal sentences that I’ve typed out in this forum. 2020...am I right?
  5. The Tweedy Show Monday September 21 Episode 99 # animated intro on screen -- Susie & Jeff can't believe that this is the 99th episode. -- Susie says that all of the clients are giving compliments on the drive in show -- Susie thanks the clients for their generous donations to her cancer fundraiser. https://pages.lls.org/ltn/chi/Metrochicago20/TeamSusanMillerTweedy -- Jeff talks about his competitive nature for the Wii Bowling game when Spencer & Sammy were younger. -- Jeff tries to play Honey Combed after a client claimed that Jeff isn't a fan of that song Honey Combed -- Jeff talks about his experience playing the drive in show and whether or not he wants to do more shows like that in the future. Wait Up (Uncle Tupelo cover) -- Susie says that there's something that Jeff Knurek did that might be special for tomorrow night's show. -- Jeff & Susie talk about the tv show Pen15 Bad Day Lately (w Spencer on thigh slaps) -- Jeff explains the title Love Is The King -- Susie loves the tv show Call The Midwife -- Susie shows the early Hanukkah prizes: socks that say "Step Up". Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Neil Young cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on drums & backing vocals) -- Jeff asks what's the current song stats in relation to playing Neil Young on episode 99. Changes (Black Sabbath cover sung by Sammy) -- Jeff plays quite a bit of Life Story which is the song at the end of the Let's Go audiobook -- Susie breaks the news to Jeff that he's in the new Vintage Vinyl documentary. A Robin Or A Wren (w Sammy & Spencer on backing vocals) -- the Tweedy family sing some of ELF Learning’s Clean Up Song that Jeff thinks came from Romper Room which leads to a discussion about the show. -- Jeff has kind words for his sister Debbie Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover) -- "see you tomorrow for episode 100"
  6. It’s truly excellent to see a report from Paul in this space. It was a terrific show that I enjoyed from the comfort of my living room. Someone over in the FB group snagged a setlist and it had Ten Sentences in between Having Been Is No Way To Be & Guaranteed. That was the only difference.
  7. The overall quality was excellent. I couldn’t see anyone in the crowd, but I expected that. They could do only so many different camera angles given the limited space. It’d be worth a watch if you were there and want to relive the experience.
  8. The tourgigs website recently updated the start time from 6:30pm CST to 8:00pm CST. Can’t wait!
  9. No. I believe his friend is named Merwin Lichtenstein (sp).
  10. The Tweedy Show Thursday September 17 Episode 98 # animated intro on screen -- the Tweedy family sings Happy Birthday to Peter Miller who turned 88 today. -- Susie shows Ellen sitting in the chair in the other room all by herself -- Peter tells a joke -- "do you like fudge, Jeff?" is the first thing that Peter said to Jeff. -- Peter was a "soda jerk" at a drugstore. -- Peter talks about "candling" eggs -- Peter talks about brining herring and being allergic to fish. It was his 1st job at 11 years old. -- Peter & Sammy converse in Yiddish -- Peter has sweet words to say about each family member. Jeff kiddingly plays the riff to Reincarnation. The Impossible Dream (from Man Of La Mancha sung by Peter Miller) Evergreen (w Sammy on backing vocals & w Spencer on drums & backing vocals) -- Peter emotionally discusses an 81 year friendship w Merwin. -- Jeff has wise words about Peter that he tells him -- Peter tells the story about when he was in the hospital for 3 & a half months. His doctor thought that he had dementia, but it was not. Susie stepped in to fix the situation. -- Jeff & Sammy run through ABBA's The Winner Takes It All a few times The Winner Takes All (ABBA cover sung by Sammy) California Stars (for Ellen) (w Spencer on drums & backing vocals) Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover)
  11. http://www.leonardotissot.com/2020/09/interview-john-stirratt-wilco.html?fbclid=IwAR2sY5TT8yQZSEURBzP6s-j7ehms3Ad6c4HojOpIet2gLA3B7KdBuEcT25c&m=1 FB’s A Shot In The Arm member Leonardo Tissot interviewed John Stirratt for the Brazilian website Scream & Yell which got this golden nugget of info. John : “I think Wilco will try to make a record remotely over this winter, and see how that works. We did try it with the song "Tell Your Friends" and it came out quite good.” Here’s the original Portuguese version. http://screamyell.com.br/site/2020/09/16/tesouros-submersos-os-primeiros-dias-do-wilco/ Shared with Leonardo’s permission.
  12. On Tuesday night’s episode, Jeff mentioned that the album cover is from photographer Robert Capa shot in Tunisia WWII era. Keen eye! https://www.artsy.net/artwork/robert-capa-american-soldier-el-guettar-tunisia
  13. The Tweedy Show Tuesday September 15 Episode 97 # animated intro on screen -- Jeff gives Basil some affection -- Susie says that the clients are very excited for the new record and that they've heard all but one song on the Tweedy Show. Jeff isn't sure about that. -- Jeff says that not long from now another announcement will come about the vinyl record being released. -- Jeff mentions that the album cover is from Robert Capa from Tunisia WWII era https://www.artsy.net/artwork/robert-capa-american-soldier-el-guettar-tunisia -- Susie discusses how well her cancer fundraiser is going based on the clients' donations. She thanks them for their generous donations. https://pages.lls.org/ltn/il/Metrochicago18/teamsusanmillertweedy -- Jeff has 400 rides on his Peloton -- not a Topo Chico product placement -- Jeff admits that they wanted the second episode to be Jeff on his Peloton Loose Lips (Kimya Dawson cover sung by Casey w Spencer on guitar) How Hard Is It For A Desert To Die (w Spencer on drums) Night Time (Big Star cover sung by Sammy) Little Fang (Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks cover sung & performed by Spencer w Sammy on backing vocals) -- Susie says that Jeff has sung around 97 gajillion songs over the course of The Tweedy Show and asked if the person with the Google spreadsheet can get an official number. -- Susie & Sammy try to figure out which day will be the 100th episode. They say that next Tuesday should be the 100th episode. Kamera (Jeff on electric w Spencer on drums) Down From Above (Jeff on electric w Spencer on drums) Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover)
  14. Lyrics for the new record are available on the Bandcamp app. I haven’t checked the website to see if they have them too.
  15. RE: Half Asleep - I’ve been listening to a few of the songs and I noticed that the first line in “When You Need Me I’ll Be There” is “half asleep all your dreams come alive”. You can check out Kate Vassos’ video. Todd Leopold has the song listed as “No One But You”. I’ll leave my list unchanged just in case.
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