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  1. Sometimes it pays off to be a night owl. I decided to check Nugs after midnight and was surprised to find that the 2008 Cain’s Ballroom show was added today. I don’t remember which songs from this show made it on the Ashes DVD, but the setlist looks killer. Off to listen to some of it now.
  2. The Tweedy Show Monday July 26 Episode 199 -- Jeff welcomes the clients to the Tweedy Show. He says that it's just him & Susie tonight, so no video intro. -- Susie announces that they received another Box Full Of Letters from the clients. -- Jeff announces his newsletter called Starship Casual on Substack. @jefftweedy.substack.com/client Right now there is Early Bird pricing for the clients. If you sign up for free, you will receive a list of pet names. Once a week for free, you'll get a newsletter from Jeff or a song. Once a week on the paid side, you'll get a lot of son
  3. — We have 4 prominent figures in VC complimenting The Recapper on a Friday.... Thanks for the kind words, everyone! I might have to buy some parchment paper for the last 2 shows...before the hiatus. Yours truly, Blake Tapper The Recapper
  4. The Tweedy Show Thursday July 22 Episode 198 -- Jeff welcomes the clients to the Tweedy Show. # animated intro on screen. {some glitching causes the opening intro to pause which leads to an abrupt ending.} {Take 2} -- Jeff welcomes the clients again. Your Power (Billie Eilish cover) -- Jeff admits that he was in the top 1% of Angry Birds Players. He blames it on his IBS. It Must Be Love (Labi Siffre cover. Spencer on thigh slaps & backing vocals.) -- Jeff shows his shoes to the clients. Susie has the clients vote on the shoes being cute or hideous, while Jeff texts P
  5. I noticed that the FB page for Jeff had Let’s Go Rain for the first Hunter Center show. I’m guessing that most artists have someone that grabs the setlist to post it to FB/social media without keeping track of any additions or subtractions. This seems to happen with lots of bands.
  6. Yes! That song really came to life in the Hunter Center. It seemed to quiet the entire crowd & hold their attention. The lyrics are fantastic. It has that vibe of being an album closer. Yep, another great review, Paul.
  7. Thank you! Life lesson: I had the volume down low at the very beginning assuming that I could go back and rewatch it right after. The heavy throttling put an end to that. I’m glad though that it was fixed for the rest of the show. I’m guessing this is where Susie refreshed our memories on Eric. I knew that he looked familiar. I had a good laugh realizing that it’s most likely a road manager (duh!) coming into a backstage area and not the manager of a venue. Lol “Hey, Tweedy, what are you doing on the couch? We got a show to do here!” - manager of a venue.
  8. The Tweedy Show Monday July 19 Episode 197 Backstage from Tree House Brewing Co. in Charlton, MA # Susie films a nice shot of the poster for this show for the show's intro. -- Susie welcomes the clients to the Tweedy Show from backstage at the Tree House Brewing Co. in Charlton, MA. Remember The Mountain Bed (Spencer on thigh slaps. Liam on bass.) -- Susie lets the clients know that they are at Tree House Brewing Co. in Charlton, MA. John Wesley Harding (Bob Dylan cover with Spencer on thigh slaps. Liam on bass.) -- Jeff says that he's afraid to do Remember The Mountain Bed
  9. Tonight’s episode will start at 7pm EST/6pm CST for some “backstage shenanigans”, according to Susie’s IG post.
  10. The Tweedy Show Episode 196 Sunday July 17 Live from Hunter Center @ Mass MoCa. Susie is amazing to share this with everyone again. If you can only watch one of these two shows, I highly recommend this one! I don't know if the flexibility of the audience rubbed off on the show, but it felt like it with the setlist which was terrific and different than last night. Everything felt laid back and Jeff was very talkative.
  11. The Tweedy Show Episode 195 Saturday July 17 Live from Hunter Center @ Mass MoCa in North Adams, MA Thanks once again to Susie for putting her arm(s) on the line for the clients! I will remove the spoiler tags, once Paul Suwan makes his recap. I figure that’s fair.
  12. I did a little recap of the 20 minute soundcheck that Susie was kind enough to share. I used spoiler text in case there’s people that want to be surprised. You can find the spoiler button in the toolbar. It’s the little eye next to the quote button.
  13. Susie just filmed some of the sound check inside the Hunter Center @ Mass MoCa. I was out food shopping and missed most of it, but it sounded like they were doing Jesus Wept. Mass MoCa Soundcheck Saturday July 17
  14. So...I’ve also wondered what early song this was. Anyways, I was listening to a recent show on Nugs.net and I Might came on and the drums were very prominent in the mix. The drumming sounded extremely similar to this song that was featured in the 7 Worlds Collide doc. It’s entirely possible that that was I Might in an early form. The Sun Came Out is currently streaming on Tubi, if you’re curious. That recent show was the third night at Sky Blue Sky.
  15. The Tweedy Show Thursday July 15 Episode 194 -- Spencer & Basil welcome the clients to the Tweedy Show. # animated intro on screen. {wifi issues which cause the stream to end and opening credits run again.} TAKE 2 # animated intro on screen. -- Spencer explains that Casey is rehearsing for her show this weekend. -- Jeff talks about someone who had hiccups for 10 days due to a bowel obstruction. -- Jeff thinks that Diane will be at the show this Saturday. -- Spencer mentions that he will be playing a show with Ohmme in August. -- Susie says that Jeff won't be home
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