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  1. The Tweedy Show Monday May 17 Episode 176 -- Jeff says "welcome everyone" before the intro runs. # animated intro on screen. -- Jeff performs a bit of The Modern Lovers' I'm Straight. -- "Happy Birthday Jonathan Richman!". Jeff mentions that yesterday was Jonathan Richman's 70th birthday. -- Susie wants to poll the clients if they think the wifi issue is caused by Instagram or their home. -- Jeff wants to have a "Dear Jeffy" column and for Susie to have a counterpoint. -- Jeff thanks Porous Walker for the prizes that he sent the Tweedy family that aren't suitable for the p
  2. The Tweedy Show Monday May 10 Episode 175 # animated intro on screen. -- Susie asks Jeff if the Peter Noone video was for Mother's Day or her birthday. -- Jeff plays some of The Strangeloves’ I Want Candy because he hasn't had sugar for a while. Happiness (Jeff's song for Mother's Day.) -- Susie claims that Jeff's impression of Susie's mother sounds like Harvey Fierstein to her. She's A Jar (w Jeff on harmonica. (Dedicated to Sally & David Silverman who are getting married tomorrow.) -- Susie mentions that the stream started freezing again during the song, but Jeff says
  3. The Tweedy Show Thursday May 6 Episode 174 # animated intro on screen. -- Susie announces that Spencer will be playing with OHMME and Liam's band this weekend at the True/False Film Fest in Columbia, MO. -- Jeff mentions that he had a spill in the hot tub. He hit his head and his shoulder. -- Jeff gives a plug for Mark's guitar straps IG page. @loft_relics_guitar_straps Everybody's Talkin' (Fred Neil cover sung by Spencer.) -- Susie tells Jeff that tomorrow is Diane's birthday which leads him to make a brief birthday song in a Jonathan Richman voice. :: video stream paused
  4. Thank you for this! Those paintings are incredible! https://www.instagram.com/hubasion_awis/
  5. You’re probably right. I was looking up pictures of a dry skillet and I think someone mentioned air skillets in the comments and my wires got crossed. Yes! Beautiful version! I hope that some of those early versions of AGIB songs wind up on an anniversary set.
  6. The Tweedy Show Monday May 3 Episode 173 # animated intro on screen -- Jeff mentions that Peter had a get together with his cousins yesterday. -- Susie talks about how she calls gribenes Jewish popcorn, but a recent article she read called it Jewish bacon. Kamera (w Spencer on thigh slaps.) -- Susie wants Jeff to announce each song because the IG videos don't show comments, so the clients can't read Paul naming the song. Jeff grills Susie by asking her what the name of the last song that he played was. Jeff spelled Kamera with a K because he wanted to distinguish it from the oth
  7. Thank you for the correction! I've only heard the O'Rourke version myself. U2 actually used Jim's version on one of their most recent tours for a video in between sets.
  8. The Tweedy Show Thursday April 29 Episode 172 -- animated intro on screen. -- Susie explains that they were having technical difficulties and mistakenly started the show briefly on her other account, but stopped it once she realized the mistake. -- Jeff mentions that he is on day 6 of not eating sugar. -- Susie confesses that she doesn't understand "Rock Paper Scissors." -- Jeff confesses that he sometimes looks at at movie's runtime of 145 minutes and thinks that the movie will be an hour & 45 minutes. Don't Forget (w Spencer on thigh slaps) -- Susie is extremely grat
  9. The Tweedy Show Monday April 26 Episode 171 # animated intro on screen -- Susie explains that the reason that they are late tonight is because they were partaking in a Zoom birthday festivity for Heather. -- Happy Birthday to Susie's brother Bruce. Jeff & Bruce had lunch at The Loft earlier today. Tomorrow is Charlesie's 12th birthday, but he will call in tonight for a quick chat. "It's Hard To Get Over Being Used" (new untitled song. Last played on March 29th. Dedicated to Charlesie) -- Charlesie calls in. Pecan Pie (w Spencer on backing vocals. "Just a piece of fucking p
  10. The Tweedy Show Thursday April 22 Episode 170 # animated intro on screen -- Happy Birthday to Sharon, Douglas & David Handelman. Love And Mercy (Brian Wilson cover dedicated to David for his birthday.) -- Susie ponders if they should do more shows a week to see if they can start making good shows again. -- Jeff discusses getting dressed up for events, including the Kennedy Center Honors with Mavis Staples. Susie accuses Jeff of staring at Michelle Obama's rack which leads to "back rack" because Jeff says that he was sitting behind her. -- Jeff talks about Glenn not knowin
  11. Oops! I did it again! Thank you!
  12. Nice catch! Thank you! I am going to fix that now.
  13. The Tweedy Show Monday April 19 Episode 169 # animated intro on screen -- Jeff says that he likes to shave once every two months. -- Jeff & Susie discuss Jeff's late father's hair. -- Jeff wants to wear a baseball hat & have a beard in his casket. Maybe some aviators too. -- "ghouls just wanna have fun." - Jeff She's My Rock (Stoney Edwards cover w Spencer on drums & backing vocals) "In The Hurricane's Eye" (untitled new song w Spencer on drums.) -- Sue recommends that Spencer sing a Levon Helm song, since today is the 9th anniversary of his passing. Hesit
  14. The Tweedy Show Thursday April 15 Episode 168 # animated intro on screen -- Peter has WiFi issues, so he can't join in via Alexa. -- Jeff explains the history or the band name of The Ramones, after someone mentions that Joey Ramone died 20 years ago today. Sick Server (w Spencer on drums) -- Jeff talks about an incident today where someone drove into a house on his street earlier today. -- Jeff coins "The Grohling Stones", after he mentions that Dave Grohl just released a song with Mick Jagger. -- Jeff believes that good cops need to step up to help things change for the b
  15. The Tweedy Show Monday April 12 Episode 167 # animated intro on screen -- Jeff isn't on the couch when the show begins. -- Oona is the special guest this evening and it's her birthday. Impossible Germany (dedicated to Cheryl for her birthday. "This is what love is for" ending) -- Susie envisions this evening as a dating show for Oona. -- Oona talks about her perfect Chicago date. -- Jeff performs the first half of Ashes Of American Flags which is dedicated to someone's friend fighting for his life in the hospital. The guitar is tuned too low, so he abandons the song. "S
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