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  1. Happy to report that my team will be back in the Dutch Eredivisie after two years
  2. Heard the expanded edition for the first time today and I do believe that the SiriusXM and iTunes songs are from different sessions. However, the differences are so incredibly minor (I was only convinced after hearing the final "ohhhh!" in I Might) that it just confirms to me how tight of a live band they really are
  3. Dusting off this ancient thread for some exciting news from Germany: https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11891/13113740/xabi-alonso-leads-bayer-leverkusen-to-first-bundesliga-title Congratulations mr. Alonso! (https://www.facebook.com/wilcohq/photos/helping-xabi-alonso-keep-warm-in-the-madrid-winter/10151408148460421/)
  4. 2015 I guess: All acoustic show on Friday: https://wilcoworld.net/tour_date_type/26-june-2015-mass-moca-north-adams-ma/ "Deep cuts" on Saturday: https://wilcoworld.net/tour_date_type/27-june-2015-solid-sound-festival-north-adams-ma/
  5. I can't find any information about a SiriusXM session in that period. Could it be that the tracks from that session (+ Cruel To Be Kind) are originally from the iTunes session too? If that's the case, the only previously unreleased tracks on here are the Rising Red Lung and Sunloathe demos. Not sure if that's worth the 80-90 euro it's listed for...
  6. "As It Ever Was, So It Will Be Again", out June 14th. Double LP - not a double album unfortunately: https://shop.season-of-mist.com/the-decemberists-as-it-ever-was-so-it-will-be-again-double-lp-coloured
  7. From a 2004 Spin interview: https://www.spin.com/2019/11/wilco-jeff-tweedy-a-ghost-is-born-july-2004-interview-a-ghost-story/
  8. The Wilco Book CD is a compilation of the (12?) Fundamentals session recordings, right? Would love to hear more of those!
  9. https://recordstoreday.com/SpecialRelease/16499 4500 copies worldwide.
  10. Any source online? Can’t find anything about it (yet), but I’m very hopeful for a return to form after their last (mediocre at best) album.
  11. @u2roolz, your list seems to be complete. The first couple of FOH's were released in batches, and according to my PayPal history the monthly release cycle only began in March 2020, so that would explain the short gap. Somewhat unrelated, but 2023 seems to be the first year we don't get a brand new Roadcase release. Of course there was the 100th Roadcase celebration back in February - but that was a show from September 2022 - and they fixed the SBS22 releases, but that's about it. They played 71 shows this year FFS!
  12. The CM version of "Those I'll Provide" can be purchased here: https://bloodshotrecords.bandcamp.com/album/nashville-the-other-side-of-the-alley-insurgent-country-vol-iii Edit: Nevermind, that is the same version as on the AM reissue
  13. Here's a still life of the little shrine in my home office: A few disclaimers: 1) I'm very well aware of the anachronism in having a YHF cover signed by Mikael, Nels and Pat. Sue me 2) The cover is actually empty and the radiator stays off most of the time. 3) This photo proves that I'm not a graphologist per se, but rather a sharp recognizer.
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