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  1. And according to this article (in Dutch, so use ChatGPT or Google Translate or whatever) this phenomenon indeed found its origin in the stadium of local football team FC Utrecht
  2. Some context for those who are confused about the “Uuuuuuu” jokes 😄
  3. The Jeff-Nels interaction you mentioned actually started before the song, with Jeff hitting a completely different (rather false) opening chord and teasingly telling Nels “I changed that song… just now”. Then, after the song, someone in the audience yelled “NELS F’ING CLINE!”, hence the middle name joke. Regarding your first paragraph, the TivoliVredenburg website (still) notes: “Let op: Wilco speelt op deze avonden twee verschillende sets!”, which translated as “Please note: Wilco will be playing two different sets on these nights”. In hindsight technically correct, of course, but
  4. They'll probably use the upcoming European tour to test the waters and play some new songs, like they did in 2019 just before the release of OTJ. Last European date is 9/9 and the American leg of the tour starts at 9/26, so my guess for a release date would be 9/15 or 9/22. For announcement + first single I'm going with first week of July.
  5. Any updates? Pretty quiet on the Roadcase front lately....
  6. Pittsburgh, PA / Jun 21, 2003 is now available.
  7. Just noticed that both albums (WHIA + KATPA) are now (finally!) available on all major streaming platforms.
  8. I was just listening to Love Is Hell, and “The Shadowlands” absolutely has the same vibe.
  9. The inexplicable typo on the front cover makes you wonder how much effort they're really putting into these Nugs-releases...
  10. I believe the festival already sold out in 2020, and I didn't bother chasing after tickets this year. Instead, I had some family duties to attend (on an Ibizan beach ). Hopefully the world doesn't fall apart again this fall, so the band can make a swift return to Europe after their US/CA dates. I wouldn't be surprised if they skipped The Netherlands after the Schiphol fiasco though...
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