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  1. Someone on the Steve Hoffman forums posted this last week. Surprised that it hasn’t been mentioned here on VC yet: Edit: wait, does the image work? I added it via mobile; I'll try again later when I'm home. Anyway, it's a snippet from a local Minnesota radio station that mentions a double album to be released next month. 987F4556-ED61-4511-AF81-F63B647D5471.webp
  2. Aw man, I've been waiting for a proper digital (lossless) release of WHIA for years now, so I'm sad to see that it's vinyl only. Any chance that these albums will eventually make it to Bandcamp or streaming sites? I mean, they were freely available for years, so there's hardly any exclusiveness. Even an included download voucher would probably make me shell out on the vinyl...
  3. Happy birthday VC + VC'ers It boggles my mind to think that I joined this site 18,5 years ago... that's nearly half my life!
  4. Looks like they skipped the September release, or did I miss something?
  5. When the band offered a free Vimeo stream of IATTBYH in May of last year, the accompanying website mentioned the following: We're now almost 1,5 year later, and I haven't seen a reissue yet. It would be absolutely fantastic if they included a Bluray disc with a deluxe reissue of the album. After all, the Mermaid Avenue anthology also included a dvd of Man In The Sand.
  6. Hey Donna, great to see we share a common love for Basia Bulat! Would've seen her last month in Amsterdam and Brussels, if not for the damn pandemic.. Also highly favorable: Jenny Lewis, Christine Fellows, Kathleen Edwards, Dawn Landes, Meg Baird, Phoebe Bridgers, Amy Millan, Molly Rankin (Alvvays) and Lili Trifilio (Beach Bunny).
  7. Ah, they're getting into Roadcase territory now - there were at least 6 shows released from that particular month. Hopefully next month they'll dig a little deeper in the vaults.
  8. I hope this documentary and the RSD Palace vinyl reissue somehow triggers some sort of process to make Jay's last two albums more widely available. I know Kicking At The Perfumed Air got a limited CD release, but Whatever Happened, I Apologize was only available on RockProper - a website that has been taken offline long ago. Would be great to have those albums available on streaming services or Bandcamp.
  9. Probably true - I removed the Amazon link. However, I find it surprising that streaming services apparently do not differentiate between official releases and bootlegs...
  10. Looks like this is the same recording that has been available for quite some time now, both on CD and streaming services: https://www.deezer.com/en/album/11684506 Edit: I see that the new vinyl has a couple of extra tracks (Grindstone / Anodyne / High Water / Whiskey Bottle). Interesting..
  11. Marijn


    I must admit that I've never heard of her as well (shame on me!), but that is a pretty decent cover!
  12. Just compare Can't Stand It (from 0:38) to Locator (from 1:00).
  13. Just noticed that the bass lines are nearly identical. Mind blown.
  14. Great initiative, but the quality of that Vimeo stream is horrendous. The big news, however, can be found halfway the accompanying article:
  15. Anyone know if there’ll be a digital 24-bit release? Haven’t been able to find it on Qobuz (only 16-44.1) and HDTracks (no OTJ at all) yet.
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