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  1. Oh shit, you're right! I'm only surprised because you really can't hear the influence in their original material.
  2. Oh dang. Sorry to hear it. Wishing you well. Wait, you detect traces of Dead in the National?
  3. First off: Dead fans, many of you seem accustomed to people shitting on your favorite band and you seem to handle it with grace and good humor. You do you. It's refreshingly unpretentious. Secondly, I am a fellow Dead skeptic. Although, I find some rewarding music can be found on American Beauty and Working Man's Dead as the pure folk side of the band, I find their overall shtick and sound to be annoying and lame like you. As for Wilco, I think the Dead connection on CC might be some subtle echos of those two folkier GD albums I mentioned above. I've seen them play "US
  4. Excellent picks. I still contend these, and Wilco, are the exception not the rule.
  5. Oh God, you're right! The Stones longevity exceeds my math abilities. Psyched for new YLT coming soon. Those guys are definitely in the 20+ and going strong club.
  6. Hey VCers. A thought occurred to me in a nerdy record collector conversation that brought me yet another new appreciation for Wilco. The stat is this: music acts after their 20 year mark. I needn't remind you Wilco brought the excellent run of Star Wars, Schmilco, Ode to Joy and Cruel Country. Set aside how many never make it that far, let's look at what other greats have coughed up at this stage in their career (if I throw shade at an underappreciated lp feel free to push back). Rolling Stones-Bridges to Babylon Bob Dylan- Empire Burlesque Neil Young- Freedom
  7. Got it. My work wifi seems to be filtering things. Sorry boss.
  8. The link on Wilcoworld doesn't work for me. Anyone else?
  9. I'm pretty sure the package that holds the CDs is the exact same book that comes with the LPs. Tweedy talks in the interview in the liner notes about how badly JB wanted to rack up as many credits as possible by overdubbing endlessly. In the end the songs went through so many processes they were unable to accurately attribute every element to its creator with everything from Ken Coomer drums towards the beginning of the process, to Jim O'Rourke overdubs towards the end. For that reason it's always been credited to a list of names without specifics. "Wilco is/was..."
  10. ^ Yes to all of this! What secrets are in the AGiB vault? Are there Ken Coomer drum tracks in any of this stuff? I keep thinking there was a piece of promo material where Jeff ran down the parameters of each disc, but I can't seem to find it. I strongly suspect Unified Theory is the JB version of YHF, but that might not be entirely true.
  11. I'm 98% sure you're right. I've seen videos from this era. Leroy and Glenn had their hands full.
  12. This is fascinating. Right now I only have access to the Unified Theory version on Spotify, but had to pony up and get the CDs so I could hear the other discs. The early version of Hummingbird is straight out of the multiverse. Early Poor Places sounds like a Being There song, and I kind of love it. I kind of want to smack the synthesizer out of Bennett's hands on Pot Kettle Black. But we must respect that these are all of the explorations they never thought they'd share until they got to the ideal version.
  13. I seriously can't wait to play every version of Camera back to back. It will be like a master class in production and arrangement.
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