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  1. This is one of the more accurate reviews IMHO.
  2. "Aw, sorry dude. Let's go bowling."
  3. Oh yeah! WTF was I saying? Those are two of their all time best album closers, I'm ashamed my memory omitted them! So it's really just SBS, Schmilco, WTA, and OTJ with the closers that don't crush it for me (more power to anyone who feels the opposite). That puts them around 50-50 on satisfying closers for me with the current lineup. Not bad, in a baseball sense which is a dumb angle for me to take music from!
  4. I think Soldier Child might be the mix tape song off this one for me. Not the boldest or most innovative of the set but the one that catches most immediately. It should have been the single. I also like how what felt just slightly tepid or retread about "Evicted" melts away on vinyl in the sequence. Like it's most interesting flourishes are magnified by context. It's interesting to watch the critics and fans search for the clearest precedent to this record in their catalog. I disagree with most of those connections. One thread I can find is the closing tracks of Shmilco
  5. It's so good!!!! I have beef with some music critics. More on that when everyone has had their chance to listen.
  6. Mine came early after all! Can't wait to get home.
  7. I just found out the same for mine. Luckily the streaming will tide me over.
  8. I pre-ordered and got a USPS tracking number notification but it hasn't shipped yet. I guess this means I won't get an early listen.
  9. This one is more interesting to me than Evicted. It starts and you wrestle with it, "What time signature is this? What kind of percussion am I hearing? How'd they squeeze that bass melody in there?". It's just difficult enough. Then the bridge opens up and sprinkles some sugar. Cool song. As always it will yield even more when it's part of a bigger sequence.
  10. I wonder if they're going to give us that whole song, or is it just the tease?
  11. That song almost tears me up and I'm not even sure why.
  12. Yessss. This is where its at. A 6 piece that can be a Technicolor orchestra.
  13. Oh yeah, was it double time finger picky solo style version, or og slow jam?
  14. The fact that the review doesn't mention "Evicted" makes me think my predictions were accurate. They wanted to front with one of the most accessible songs and keep their curve balls secret.
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