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  1. They advertised the Half Life seven inch with limited availability to order, so I jumped. $14 with shipping. Only Wilco could get that out of me for 2 songs.
  2. I'm down. The facebook group would shit a brick, which would make me enjoy it even more, I'm embarrassed to admit.
  3. I really love how they walked back some flavor-of-the-month, ultra hipster fashion bands that they were all hyperbolic about at the time. Like downgrading someone's eight point something rating to a five point something rating. Rock criticism is not science.
  4. Huh, weird. Where'd you catch that?
  5. ^ Makes total sense and sounds awesome. I might be a cheapskate, but I imagine waiting for a few more gems, joining for a month and grabbing as many tunes as possible and then sitting out again for a bit. I'm down to pay the dude for his awesome stuff, but I don't spend $60 a year on downloads. That's a chunk of my vinyl budget, and I hope to buy some new Wilco vinyl in early 2022 with some luck.
  6. Any of you subscribers care to share your enjoyment of the paywall songs, and possibly convince me to spend $6.00?
  7. I think I've shared on here in the Someone Else's Song section- I met Grohl randomly at a cheesy Los Angeles club. I approached him and we proceeded to talk enthusiastically about rock music for a solid 5 minutes. No one else was around, he could have totally snubbed me, but he seemed legitimately psyched to hang out and talk. Nice dude. I can appreciate people feel some media fatigue from him though.
  8. Looks like he might be posting some unreleased Wilco tomorrow behind the paywall. Or at least a fleshed out solo song. It was cool to see Nels throwing peppermint candies at his jazzmaster for no clear reason. I liked that.
  9. Thanks. This is about a million times more than anyone has said yet, anywhere, on the internet. I've read all of it.
  10. I'm pretty sure what people are seeing isn't "sold out for the night", it's that everything they brought on tour was sold out a few dates in. Maybe the whole pressing if it was limited enough.
  11. Aw, shit it's got Glenn on there? Now I'm trying to think of all the dumber things I've spent $60 on in my life.
  12. My take on every exclusive, collectors thing Wilco/Tweedy does is whatever you're down with, do it. I'm not into buying work of art, unprecedented packaging for hundreds of dollars, like the special edition Ode to Joy, but how could anyone be pissed at an artist for making a thing and selling it?
  13. I've enjoyed it quite a bit, but as I'm hitting the paywall I'm not going to make the jump to a payed subscription. It's one of those 'new things' the kids are doing, that I'm too stubborn to change for. I'll preorder the next Wilco LP on vinyl though!
  14. As a drum nerd I've really enjoyed Glenn's Instagram project of a beat a week. Most of them would take me at least an hour to learn, and some of them I might never get, but they're another inspiring piece of evidence of this guy's creativity. Anyhow, he recently posted a beat that was kind of a variation of IATTBYH but said he got into it after someone pointed out the Olivia Rodrigo song "Deja Vu" as a kindred spirit. I'm sometimes pop music ignorant, so I checked it out, and I have to think the drummer and/or producer used the Wilco track as a reference for their arrangement. Not
  15. Curious to see how you can break down their selections by album, given their huge catalog this can leave fans of a particular album feeling like the material is under represented. AM: 1 BT: 0 ST: 2 YHF: 4 AGIB: 2 SBS: 3 WtA: 0 TWL: 2 SW: 1 Schm: 1 OTJ: 2 MMA: 1 Not too bad a spread, but yeah, not a lot of old school love in there.
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