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  1. Yeah, I think Jeff's publishing keeps him going okay, but for the band as a whole, and their crew (my buddy just joined as guitar tech) I think months without touring is pretty hard.
  2. So far I like "Guess Again" quite a bit. The title track is probably a grower. What is one listen anyway? This sounds like it will sit nicely, unsurprisingly, to the Warms. A welcome addition in my ears.
  3. If this is true my genius is terribly accidental and beautifully idiotic, but Wilco's genius is more extensive than we knew.
  4. I'd bet on something soon, but don't know when.
  5. It's a cross between Locator and Can't Stand It. Half nervy post punk, half Smashmouthesque radio hit.
  6. How do I go back to the older episodes? Also I often wonder why a bigger deal has never been made of the prominent hammer dulcimer sounds on AGIB. Maybe that was really the cimbalom. Also my friend in high school interrupted a hammer dulcimer performance by shouting "I was hammered all summer too!"
  7. I wonder what was the 'disaster' part of that Tower Records performance that earned it that name.....
  8. I would dig that too, but my intuition from what's been going on in the Tweedy house, and on their instagram show is that he wrote a bunch of new folk songs and recorded them with his boys. Which will probably also be awesome. I just figure with the Wilco's scattered in different states they're not finishing any new records any time soon.
  9. it's really the only song on Schmillson that isn't amazing.
  10. It is arguably tastier than any of the mass produced, corporate American lagers.
  11. I just got turned on to this one and I thought a lot of folks who frequent this message board would love some earnest Americana in the vein of Jason Isbell and Ryan Adams when he dealt in this genre. https://snappylittlenumbers.bandcamp.com/album/we-could-be https://open.spotify.com/album/6uaGkk0S7rcr289GoAlazN Full disclosure, this record is on the same label as my band's, and my dear friend runs the operation. I don't actually know Seth as he's a Canadian, and I don't know how to communicate with people who are that polite.
  12. https://consequenceofsound.net/2020/07/kyle-meredith-with-my-morning-jacket/ Not only is Water Fall II out (and pretty great), they've already recently finished recording a proper new album and were chomping at the bit to hit the road again. How wrong I was!
  13. It's not exactly the same as the first edition but it reminds me of my overall impression of the older one: it's kind of grand, and dense. Sometimes there's huge payoffs, sometimes it kind of wanders, but it's always worth a listen.
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