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  1. Rodney's got some real Roy Orbison on Traveling Wilburys vibes going on this one. Very nice.
  2. I like the Wilco- Pearl Jam/REM comparisons because they both have latter day catalog entries that are criminally underrated. But I would argue both of those bands have runs of albums where they lost the plot and Wilco never has.
  3. I suspect the vault on AGIB is nearly as deep as YHF. Even if that's only half true it could produce at least one entire fascinating disc of unheard material.
  4. I've recreated Baroque Down Palace as a Spotify playlist if anyone's interested.
  5. Okay, someone's got to have these playlists. I could see waiting for them to take down the radio first, but I think Pat and Nels have made my new favorite mix tapes.
  6. Nels' country selections are excellent. You can see where the vein of his particular Americana influences lies.
  7. That's a fresh take. I'll have to think on that next time I get Dead curious and give another peek at their massive discography.
  8. Oh shit, you're right! I'm only surprised because you really can't hear the influence in their original material.
  9. Oh dang. Sorry to hear it. Wishing you well. Wait, you detect traces of Dead in the National?
  10. First off: Dead fans, many of you seem accustomed to people shitting on your favorite band and you seem to handle it with grace and good humor. You do you. It's refreshingly unpretentious. Secondly, I am a fellow Dead skeptic. Although, I find some rewarding music can be found on American Beauty and Working Man's Dead as the pure folk side of the band, I find their overall shtick and sound to be annoying and lame like you. As for Wilco, I think the Dead connection on CC might be some subtle echos of those two folkier GD albums I mentioned above. I've seen them play "US
  11. Excellent picks. I still contend these, and Wilco, are the exception not the rule.
  12. Oh God, you're right! The Stones longevity exceeds my math abilities. Psyched for new YLT coming soon. Those guys are definitely in the 20+ and going strong club.
  13. Hey VCers. A thought occurred to me in a nerdy record collector conversation that brought me yet another new appreciation for Wilco. The stat is this: music acts after their 20 year mark. I needn't remind you Wilco brought the excellent run of Star Wars, Schmilco, Ode to Joy and Cruel Country. Set aside how many never make it that far, let's look at what other greats have coughed up at this stage in their career (if I throw shade at an underappreciated lp feel free to push back). Rolling Stones-Bridges to Babylon Bob Dylan- Empire Burlesque Neil Young- Freedom
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