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  1. This is cool. Has kind of a Scott Walker vibe.
  2. This was my proverbial isolation/quarantine solo record: https://snappylittlenumbers.bandcamp.com/album/rust-colored-light Little folk, little rock n roll, little chamber pop, a pinch of afro beat thrown in for good measure.
  3. I'm starting to think a new Wilco this year is unlikely as they're still working on it and it's June, but who knows? Maybe a winter release if we're lucky. New Sleater Kinney just might redeem them in my eyes. I'm a long-time fan and really lost interest with their recent turn. Which is odd because I like St. Vincent. The new Teenage Fanclub is so good. In pop land, Billy Eilish might wind up with an interesting album. I heard the new Lorde single yesterday and it's terrible.
  4. As if our current era couldn't get more confusing, fictional Jeff Tweedy lead fake-band Land Ho, reprises their role playing what is now a very real Wilco track, "Pickled Ginger" as a guest on fake dude Andy Dwyer's band's soon to be real album of songs from TV show Parks and Recreation. I don't know exactly what we get out of this, but definitely some amusement.
  5. Cool podcast concept. I look forward to listening to this and the Vernon interview. It looks like the latest episode isn't up quite yet. Edit: ooh, now I see it. This will make my drive to work more interesting tomorrow. Thanks!
  6. I always appreciate a new one from him, and haven't disliked any of the many he's treated us with, but this one. Dang. Better be on a record soon. "You're not the kind of desert sand anyone can cross you're the kind of missing page that only gets you lost, and you're lost and I'm lost. But let's dance like the dust in the light where the sun comes in and I'm following until the sunlight ends." Fuck.
  7. To say kind of the same thing in a different way: Yeah it depends on your flavor. The album rundown was very accurate. Recommended tunes? Hard to take them out of context from an album band, and Star Wars and Ode to Joy are such cohesive wholes, but if I had to pull some standouts: -Wilco the Album- One Wing, You and I, Solitaire -The Whole Love- Art of Almost, Whole Love, I Might, One Sunday Morning -Star Wars- More, Cold Slope into King of You, Magnetized -Schmilco- Cry All Day, Someone to Lose, Locator -Ode to Joy- Before Us, Quiet Amplifier, Eve
  8. Oh yeah, duh! Thanks. That was a great way for me not to get any work done at the end of my day. I love these guys.
  9. And they're working on a NEW RECORD! (I know he said that a while back, but the boys are back in town). Also, if anyone has any other videos to share of this performance last night, I really missed out.
  10. I think that album is 1/2 filed with songs just like that. But as a Wilco fan, I appreciate that someone would love it. I like that you're willing to dog on a little bit of the material, it makes it more interesting. I never want to bum people out but I always find making fun of "Can't Stand It" because the idea that a Wilco song would be lame to me is pretty novel.
  11. Yeah I just remember in some interview about the Mermaid Avenue stuff he was kind of trumpeting his (and by extension the band's) refinement of one of Bragg's ditties. He said something about using Burt Bacharach chords, playing 9ths or something. It gave me the impression Bennet was hip to theory. His style on piano specifically, is so distinct I felt like some of it came down to his chord voicings choices. I'm a hack piano player so I kind of wish I knew what was going on there to extend my knowledge, but I can't point out the chord tones blindfolded. Maybe some day I'll just sit
  12. He always was the smarter one. Evil, but smarter.
  13. It looks like Obamacare has survived the Supreme Court once again!!!
  14. Wilco as a guitarist's band has been well analyzed and appreciated. From Bennet's hot dogging, Tweedy's emotional skronk, Cline's unparalleled dexterity to Pat's deft supporting licks we get what this band is up to (and it's amazing). The piano business is less clear to me. Clearly Jorgensen has a recognizable mark, that stretches out even more in live renditions with some inventive, dark, and sometimes jazzy chord voicings (see 'You Are My Face' live). But Mr. Bennet has an almost trademark style on his Being There and Summerteeth piano playing that is brashly unmistak
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