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  1. That shit's not funny, JEFF!!!
  2. I'm hoping the link is now round 2 or I've been ballot stuffing.
  3. Fun to fill out. I'll be curious to see where this goes.
  4. Our silly music video for our latest record. For fans of Superchunk, Pixies, Jawbreaker
  5. In my mind Glenn had been working on and off for the last six months on Duo Lingo and was getting psyched to address the crowd in Japanese, expressing admiration for their many beautiful cultural contributions to the world, but then clammed up under pressure. I suppose we'll never know.
  6. Ha, no worries. It's worth a read either way.
  7. ^ It's good of you to find a font size that my old man can see without his readers, but it's a bit overwhelming.
  8. Yeah, I remember Jeff saying after all of the scrutiny they put into perfecting YHF he wanted to practice making "records" in real time. I think they did it multiple times. Like anything, I'm sure there's plenty of stuff no one ever needed to hear, but there are probably some gems. Maybe even the hammer dulcimer licks that made it into real songs!
  9. I don't know anything more than the next Wilco nerd, but when Jeff talks on his Substack about how their archivist (Cheryl Pawelski who curated the YHF reissue) has been hanging around the Loft with him, you know they're getting ready to shake loose some recording you've never heard. AGIB 20 Year is being prepped. That's my prediction at least.
  10. New Mint Mile from former Silkworm member(s) https://mintmile.bandcamp.com/album/roughrider
  11. Some of the greats old and new on here already. I'll add Laura Marling: Much lesser known, and I think criminally so is Rachel Sermanni https://youtu.be/m9DO0PYl7zw?si=82aiQ0ZMj726OmCM
  12. Pearl Jam is getting ready to release 2024's Dark Matter LP. Official date TBA.
  13. I think it was some good natured kidding and self depreciating humor. He was just saying he can't even do that kind of singing. It's actually an ancient mythologized psychological concept referred to as "sour grapes". Not a prescription, or a recommendation.
  14. Okay, call me crazy. For ages what I wanted was down home, simple Tweedy solo stuff and abstract experimental Wilco stuff. But whaaaaat if right now with the W boys crushing Cruel Country (stronger than Live Is the King imho) we need the Tweedy family to do some more "Diamond Light" type stuff. Let Sammy go off in the deep end of analog synthesis. Spencer's been doing the chill, deep country rock groove stuff with Katie Crutchfield maybe he can show off the other half of his chops. Whatever we get, I'm sure I'll enjoy it.
  15. Confirmed- new Tweedy solo album with Spencer and Sammy
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