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  1. Seriously. Critical discussion is wonderful- people liking and disliking things for interesting reasons without being aggressive or defensive. Hard to come by in the age of hot takes on social media.
  2. Yes. You can hear the difference between material that was written by a singer songwriter and arranged by a band and material that was written by a band. Most of Wilco the sextet's most stirring and memorable instrumental passages (One Sunday Morning, Bird Without a Tail, The Empty Condor, Side With the Seeds) are the product of writing or at least recording as a full band. Tweedy has shown he's capable of leaving spaces for discovery in recording assembly line/ individually tracked material, but there's a magic that only happens when all six of those guys are in Chicago at the same time to cr
  3. I was excited because I have like 7 ten inches and they could use company down there at the end of the LPs. It is kind of an impractical format. 12 inch will be nice.
  4. I'm wondering if this is a later 2024 announcement/release, or if maybe I imagined the whole thing.
  5. This piqued my curiosity because as you mentioned, older artists tend to bring things down for their aging voices if anything. Someone posted the stream and I was pumped to hear some unheard live versions. While I was at it I peeped the two you mentioned and they did "Secret of the Sea" in C (ha!) and "ELT" in B. Both the same as the album versions. Maybe we're just getting used to Jeff singing lower and quieter these days so those pre Y2K tunes just sound really high in contrast.
  6. Yeah, and this has been true for like 3-4 albums for you (I imagine). Judging by how firmly he's landed in this sonic approach/vocal delivery I think it's permanent. It doesn't bother me, but I think I know what you're hearing. He doesn't project or have as much grit as he used to.
  7. What a great listen. The opening track was the biggest shock. It's the first thing they've done in over a decade that doesn't sound like it happened in the loft. It came out of a space ship. Overall it feels like if the Cousin sessions were done with the sheer playfulness of Star Wars. I'm reminded in attitude, if not sound of Deerhoof. Like, "We went looking for sounds and came back with all this! Isn't it fun, check it out!" When Jeff described alien shapes in the lead up to Cousin, this is more what I had in mind. A somewhat disposable instrumental doesn't diminish t
  8. Ooooooh it's a ten inch! Me likey.
  9. I thought 'pioca' was like Greek or Czech for 'thanks' until my brain caught the joke.
  10. Only one area in the crowd and one person's POV, but there was a video of the crowd a ways back from the stage on Facebook. The person shared it complaining about how lame and low energy the audience was. They were sitting in lawn chairs, it looked like one person was reading a book.
  11. Taylor's new Tortured Poets Department album released today features drums by our favorite drummer, Glenn Kotche on the track "Ioml". The only conceivable way this has happened is through three time Swift producer/collaborator and The National member Aaron Dressner. His contribution to the ballad is subtle to the point of being inaudible (maybe some whispery brush work?), but a cool credit to see for our chap nonetheless.
  12. That shit's not funny, JEFF!!!
  13. I'm hoping the link is now round 2 or I've been ballot stuffing.
  14. Fun to fill out. I'll be curious to see where this goes.
  15. Our silly music video for our latest record. For fans of Superchunk, Pixies, Jawbreaker
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