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  1. Ha. I'm just stirring things up. I didn't see any.
  2. Can't figure out why two Wilcoworld email newsletters in a row don't include the two October Cali shows in their otherwise full accounting of upcoming gigs. Seems weird. Also, did others catch the Cousin references in the email?
  3. Seems like you got the vibe it caused problems? They still have a few of the pages out there https://wilcoworld.net/song/pittsburgh/
  4. You scooped the Shot in the Arm Facebook group. Well done.
  5. Caught the last two Feist shows (Radius in Chicago last night & First Ave in Minneapolis Wednesday) - really creative show. On no mind alternating chemicals I was asking myself "is this real" for the first third of the show. I'd recommend catching her this tour even if you are only a very casual fan like me.
  6. Thanks! Exactly what I expected. Bummed to not catch any of the shows on the tour that they are supporting.
  7. How are the A's go over in the opening slot? Found them through Tiny Desk - really loved their episode there.
  8. I thought The Wilco's hit all the marks last night. Positive vibes throughout. Jeff has mastered the art of presenting 5 songs from their latest album in a festival setting! The crowd seemed to bear the opening numbers culled from that latest albums before locking into sync with the band during Handshake Drugs and Spiders in the #4 slot, nice and early in the set, gave the crowd the opportunity to participate. As Jeff said when a smattering of organic clapping commenced "it's yours if you want it." A Shot in the Arm never ceases to impress and the Being There closing du
  9. So....where did we end up with this? I was there and recall they played some songs from SBS through Schmilco nights 2 & 3. The song selection for night one seemed the best received by the audience to me.
  10. Wilco part three (the one with the return of Kingpin and One Sunday Morning)
  11. YLT plays Milwaukee tonight.
  12. I'm looking for it on volume as part of a 20 year anniversary edition in 2042!
  13. How were the shows? Considering going on Friday. Saw them in 2019 and that show wasn't as great as earlier tours...
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