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  1. Same. Well, was supposed to go until I had to isolate myself. Glad they rescheduled to a date I can attend.
  2. True with the slight exception of those that were able to score a copy of Warmer on Record Store Day where it was a stand alone. It's hard not to see the manner of releases like this as a way to boost sales.
  3. Dylan and Elvis (and Sexton) are in Chicago tonight. Good for Bob for playing 8 of 10 new songs, but that doesn't look like a super enjoyable set if the new album isn't your thing...
  4. This show really had no business being good but just landed so solidly. Very small and new bowling alley clearly not ready to host serious artists judging by the blown taps by the time Jesus Etc rolled around. We can’t complain about this setlist. They are changing up to a significant degree, they played deep YHF & Ghost cuts and I actually thought they weren’t going to play IATTBYH, HMD or I’m the Man which would have been nuts (and appreciated) but the latter two were welcome in the encore. loved the comments about Wilco in Vegas: ‘The Hit’ especially since our hero a
  5. I'm intrigued. Definitely checking back into this thread as it develops. Need the intel prior to tomorrow's Vegas show. Maybe they'll have to play it again to get it right? Here's hoping.
  6. I wonder if the tragedy at the Phish concert in San Fran the evening before played any role in the mood? I'm sure not a lot of cross-over between the bands, but sad stuff.
  7. My favorite REM album front to back. Excited to be able to stream the bsides and have quality vinyl.
  8. I was on the lookout at Merriweather Post and Pat was very engaged! I think we can end the watch.
  9. Agree. I mean, a track with Glenn, Spencer and Andy Shauf (today's release) deserves compensation. I'm so delighted to see that Andy and Jeff collaborated on this.
  10. That is super funny. Oh man, The Way was an ear worm for me for a solid year back when it came out.
  11. Great narrative from VC’s reigning content champ, bbop, as always! It was a nice night to ‘check in’ with Wilco. I thought it was a fine performance from the band. It really seemed liked they picked up where they left off in 2019 which is probably both a good thing while at the same time perplexing. My favorite moments of the night were the opening number, The End, Always in Love and the first two songs of the encore. I think Jeff has done a great curatorial job with the setlist. That said, spontaneity is a good thing and the OTJ songs really just don’t match the quality o
  12. I can transfer these to you via livenation app. paypal/venmo payment would be best.
  13. I can smell this review. Thanks for the great recap, as always. I was sorta hoping their limited time allotment on this tour might spark the same setlist creativity that we saw on Americanarama, but I guess as headliners they feel obligated to stick to the favorites. I'm really looking forward to catching the tour at Merriweather Post next week.
  14. Hope so too! Looked like they were singing along to Theologians. That could be another option.
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