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  1. My friend is making a documentary on the J45 so this was quite hilarious to me. I scrambled to capture the banter for my friend who wasn't there - here's the video:
  2. That would be weird indeed. I guess NY is in the same boat as Chicago where both got the Yankee tour but not yet the CC tour. Some other notable major markets that haven't seen shows/upcoming dates for CC are Austin/Dallas/San Francisco/Seattle. So maybe there is hope for a '23 winter theater tour. I hope so. The CC tour impressed me more than I thought it would.
  3. Well, here's hoping for a Winterlude in '23 - their email that hit my inbox today said the current run is the last set of shows for 2022.
  4. Mt Joy is likely playing 45-60 minutes. They are a big draw not a typical opening act.
  5. Well, they mostly filled it in this week. Looks like I get to find out who Kamikaze Palm Tree is in Vermont! And then get to see Cactus Blossoms in the Dakotas. Cool.
  6. I Never Needed You Like This Before last night! I watched the free opening song preview live and was expecting the standard 3 minute version. Impressive.
  7. nalafej

    Art-pop album

    Did it mention the Loose Fur album that has been in the can since the late 2000's?
  8. Most shows don't have announced opening acts. Keep thinking we'll see those soon. Hope we have some good ones this tour. Who are folks hoping to see?
  9. Sincerely, one of the best recaps we've ever had on VC. Thank you for all the tour reportage, bbop
  10. Jeff and Nels are using their August 26th day off to play with Phil Lesh & Friends in Chicagoland. Interesting. https://www.jambase.com/article/phil-lesh-wilco-philco-sacred-rose-festival-lineup-2022
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