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  1. Just in case the folks from HQ see this, please post these shows on the wilcoworld website! None are currently listed.
  2. Electronic version of Bob Dylan's Beard from a soundcheck is so cool. I would love a cd of stuff like this and Unlikely Japan.
  3. Sharp contrast on Riviera tickets vs the YHF 20th on sale. Still presale tickets left this go around. I'm loving it.
  4. Did I miss an announcement about Nels using his middle name now?
  5. Paul - this is so well done. Congrats and thanks. enjoying this!
  6. That makes sense. Just released as a roadcase and was a recording I used to listen to all the time prior to Ghost coming out. Highly recommend a listen...
  7. Wow. What a great bunch of programming. I'm going crazy for the old electric version of spiders right now. I forgot how much I love this go at it.
  8. It's additionally impressive that they have this kind of material and that it sounds good enough to release - the Silverdome (indoor football stadium which has since been imploded) was notorious for terrible sound.
  9. That's a fantastic show. I used to have that entire tour on CDRs and Pittsburgh was my favorite go-to. I even went to that fest the following year when Wilco played and that show ranks near the bottom of Wilco shows for me. Go figure.
  10. I was thinking of catching the tour too. Interesting to know.
  11. Jeff Tweedy (+ Spencer & Sammy) at Letters to Santa 12/19-20: https://www.24hourmarathon.org/
  12. Jeff is playing a Get Out the Vote rally in Dekalb Wednesday at the Egyptian. With Lauren Underwood.
  13. Ha, seems really possible your back deck could fit more people than Hideout.
  14. You could try the artist - For information about purchasing and commissioning prints, please email Ethan at info@ethandercole.com
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