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  1. Excellent review as always, bbop. Glad you are there to fill us all in. wilcoworld has the song titles: Your "Hard To Stay In Love With Everyone" is "Enough" Your "When I'm Sleeping" is "KC Rain" I'm not going to say which titles are better
  2. At Solid Sound? AMF came out in 2014 so would that have been SS13 or SS15?
  3. Looks like it's going to go for $70-90!
  4. Can you share the link for voting? The link above is for round 2...
  5. Spencer is. I don't think MJ or Phil are along for the ride. Can't recall the name of the guitarist at Empty Bottle.
  6. Top tier of shows for sure! I like the album which helps and (she played it in order) when they got to Tigers Blood, having Finom, Liam and her sister out was pretty sweet!
  7. I love an honest review on this site. Hope you had a good time despite all these circumstances!
  8. Waxahatchee and Liam Kazar
  9. The Strokes, Beach Bunny, Nnamdi
  10. Very interesting! I did think it was more like a musical.
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