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  1. I have tickets for Wilco at Merriweather, Riot Fest (Sept) and Watkins Family (Chicago's Old Town School), looking at the Black Crowes tour which is schedule to kick off in late June and Phish tour which kicks off July. Waiting to see how those latter bands/promoters handle those. Anxious about it tbh
  2. This is really sad. I didn't know him but our paths clearly crossed (I'm in the photo) and the tribute above moved me.
  3. very nice of kung fu to send a coupon to use in 2021 as a results of the problems here...
  4. Really? That is so strange. Sounds very unintentional! What color are your albums?
  5. Confirmed - original album on two slabs are black, others are color.
  6. They sent me a tracking # and apology yesterday. "I am sorry for the delay, we received this vinyl incredibly late while cases of COVID are soaring in NC and were unable to staff up adequately to get orders shipped out any quicker."
  7. I have to say ... this delay is getting quite long and is only more frustrating as I see Wilco share happy customers with the box on their social media sites.
  8. Bumping! Remember the days of 6 page threads in after the show? This show looks amazing and is the new nugs recording. 2 hours 45 minutes. Wow.
  9. nalafej


    Alas, I went to a closer shop with an inferior staff for this RSD drop. I think you are right about it being great with the young artists and imagine that was a much more fun approach than if Jeff had had to work with Roger McGuinn or Neil Young for example.
  10. nalafej


    Picked up the vinyl today via RSD. Casino Queen is really killer. I would love to see classic rock artists put together a volume II.
  11. Liam and James are tagged in Wilco's instagram post so it seems safe to assume they are playing. I believe the show Jeff did in Evanston on the golf course was billed in some places as the Jeff Tweedy Band? Curious to know if they'll play any Wilco songs at the drive in.
  12. https://www.jambase.com/article/wilco-trampled-by-turtles-september-2021-tour
  13. He's onto bluegrass now, right?
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