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  1. If you weren't able to catch Jeff on his book tour, here's a short listen to alleviate the FOMO. https://www.npr.org/2023/11/12/1211267472/wilco-jeff-tweedy-music-songs-religion
  2. Anyone watching the live stream? It's pretty great.
  3. Love your photos Charles. So many great memories. I hope you'll be capturing 2024 for us, too!
  4. 93XRT just said a NEW song from Wilco is coming up in a few minutes. We could be on the cusp of something! It's Evicted Cousin to be released Sept 29.
  5. Just Nick (and Los Straitjackets)
  6. My daughter scored tickets for Jeff. She's the only person I know who got any tickets for any of the 44 shows in the lottery. I was able to grab one more for a friend through the exchange on the day of the show, about 2 hours before doors opened.
  7. What did you think? I'm seeing them tonight for thefirst time.
  8. We asked for a setlist immediately afterward and were told "There is no setlist." Was he winging it???? Absolutely amazing set from Mr. Tweedy.
  9. Jeff Tweedy at The (teeny tiny) Atlantis.
  10. I like what he's done with his hair. Thanks for the recap, jackins!
  11. Yep! They were terrific. Margo's voice is still incredible.
  12. Not sure if this was posted elsewhere, but here's a recent interview with Jeff. There are also some links at the bottom of this page for some other good Tweedy content. Enjoy! https://wamu.org/story/23/03/08/wilcos-jeff-tweedy-talks-addiction-art-and-his-favorite-life-lessons/
  13. It was an excellent performance. We were fortunate enough to go backstage afterward (thanks to a friend of a friend) and spend a few minutes chatting with Mr. Thompson. He was absolutely charming.
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