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  1. Yep! They were terrific. Margo's voice is still incredible.
  2. Not sure if this was posted elsewhere, but here's a recent interview with Jeff. There are also some links at the bottom of this page for some other good Tweedy content. Enjoy! https://wamu.org/story/23/03/08/wilcos-jeff-tweedy-talks-addiction-art-and-his-favorite-life-lessons/
  3. It was an excellent performance. We were fortunate enough to go backstage afterward (thanks to a friend of a friend) and spend a few minutes chatting with Mr. Thompson. He was absolutely charming.
  4. Make sure you scan the QR code on the card!
  5. No matter - as long as the Love Will Keep us Together audio survives!
  6. I'm loving Paul's guest DJ set. He's chosen some amazing performances and as usual, his commentary is top notch. Well done, Paul!
  7. Your cookies look perfect, Donna! Meanwhile in VA, it's cranberry pistachio biscotti time... Only 2 more batches to go.
  8. Saw MS+HFS at the Birchmere in Alexandria in Feb. 2020. They lived up to their name! Marty came out afterward and signed autographs and shook hands with a long line of fans, which seems wild to me now, considering it was right at the start of the pandemic. That was one of the last Birchmere shows for a long time... Have a great time, Jon!
  9. It was so cool of Susie to post one of the sets on her IG page. Lucky Chicagoans!
  10. Yikes! Part of the Sanibel Island causeway collapsed in the storm. Glad you made it out safely, Vince!
  11. Thanks for the tip. This made for some pretty enjoyable lunchtime listening :-)
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