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  1. Photos from Solid Sound are up at the Solid Sound site. Rick Levinson kicks off the gallery with a shot of Jeff and Nick on stage, his ending with a pair of speakers on stage. Mine start with the girl looking at the map and ends at the semi blurry group shot with David Byrne. Austin Nelson wraps things up starting with Bonnie Prince Billy distributing lyric sheets to the audience and ends with the grand finale group shot from behind. Enjoy! I may post a broader gallery at some point. I alone shot over 7500 images, Rick and Austin shot a ton as well. It was a blast!
  2. As a consolation, here's some photos from that show. I was against the rail with no pit, so variety is limited. http://galleries.chasharris.com/wilco/william_mary/
  3. Here's a nice little profile of my good friend (and resident Wilco shooter) Zoran Orlic featuring a bunch of Wilco photos. Congrats Z! https://www.digitalphotopro.com/profiles/zoran-orlic-live-from-chicago/
  4. That audience shot was from the Riviera in Chicago during the Residency of 2008. As I recall, that shot was during the encore break of the last show of the 5 night run.
  5. I saw a recent post from Tim (tinnitus) about sifting through the photo archives (awesome stuff!). Like he and many, I’ve been going through my extensive library in an effort to become more organized. A ton of forgotten gems have surfaced, including a few here. So, I thought I’d share…. As some of you might recall, I had the good fortune to photograph Wilco many times. In absence of any live shows these days, here’s a few pics from a bunch of various shows. I think these sort of show why Wilco is about the best live show on the planet. charles
  6. I have one for sale at face value + the fees ($35 + $8.29 = $43.29) for Jeff at the Orange Peel in Asheville NC 03/19. I may have another in the next couple of days, awaiting some scheduling info from the person i bought it for. charles edit - SOLD
  7. Thanks. Yeah, I did not 'shoot' this show. I did, however, take a few snaps. Leica indeed, one cannot go wrong. This was a fantastic show. We were 'platform' people and it was quite literally like standing on stage in front of the mikes. I've been as close, but rarely that elevated when that close (unless actually on stage). Awesome. There are more pics, but all fixed vantage point, fixed lens, so minimal variety. Nevertheless, I may have a few decent frames Check out my instagram for another and maybe some more...
  8. For those who may not know or remember, Nate also did the fantastic background animations during Glenn's Solid Sound set...
  9. Fun stuff. I did a similar thing. Only I used my iPhone and polaroid app. Also, did only Wilco cotton..... See some here
  10. Here's a few pics from last year's festivities.....
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