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  1. I didn't hear Wilco, but I saw them. Air Chicago magazine.
  2. Oh crap I thought I was replying to a different post! I'm so sorry 😳🥺
  3. Oh no don't be jealous. Be glad you didn't have to sit through that shit show of a game!
  4. I knew Jay. He was a great guy and a veritable polymath.
  5. I went to two of the YHF anniversary shows, this being my second. Both were spectacular. Hard to pick out any one moment, but one that really stuck out to me was Poor Places. I loved the way Jeff conducted the ending of it ... reminded me of how Misunderstood ends. Also, I may be turning into the old man who yells at kids at kids on his lawn. There was a younger guy, early 30s, probably, who was singing his head off and yelled out his love for Jeff at several points during the concert. I didn't come there to hear the guy behind me sing along to Wilco songs. I came there to see and
  6. I walked into the venue right before Chicago Farmer started to play. I really enjoyed them and was especially impressed with the drummer's ability to play the drums while also playing the keys or mandolin. I've been playing drums for 40 years and I can't fathom the coordination that requires. Backyard Tire Fire were good, but I enjoyed Chicago Farmer more, probably because I'm a little more on the country side of alt-country. Wilco can't really be pegged in that particular genre and probably hasn't been easy to peg into any genre since Summerteeth. The best, yet still
  7. Chicago Theater is a fantastic venue. I sat in the first row of the main balcony and was not bothered by anyone around me. LOVED the song selection. This was my sixth Wilco show and second at Chicago Theater and both of those shows have been outstanding. The room sounds great, the band seems energetic. Was also happy that they didn't play as many OTJ songs as they did when I saw them in Indy and St. Louis. The album is still growing on me and even though I really enjoy those songs live I still really enjoyed their older stuff.
  8. Anyone know how to obtain one of these magazines at this point? The Newsstand website no longer has it available.
  9. I'm trying. I'm really trying. And I'll keep trying. But I still haven't warmed up to Ode to Joy. This and Schmilco are such a huge departure from anything that's been done previously. I realize we're never going to have another Summerteeth or Being There but I miss the roots-rock-Americana sound that made Wilco famous. Saw them in Indy on 11/12 and am seeing them again tonight in St. Louis. Also have tickets for one night of the Chicago shows. I will say that I enjoyed the songs more live than I do on the album, but there were a total of 8 songs from OTJ and I expect there'll be ab
  10. SBS was the first album I really listened to after A.M. I experienced a regrettably long period where I almost completely stopped listening to new music of any kind. It could have had something to do with the birth of my first son. In fact I'm just going with that. The most regrettable thing for me today is that I knew Jay Bennett and was really excited for him after joining the band. I didn't find out until after he had passed away that he and Wilco had parted ways ... that's how out of the loop I was.
  11. This sounds like Warmest to me. I'm not saying it's bad, and I'm going to continue to put the work in to warm up to it, but it's not what I was hoping for. That's OK for sure. I'm not the artist here. I'm the consumer. And hey ... after all, this is still Wilco. I'm going to listen to it and become familiar with the songs. Also of note: I'm currently battling a sinus infection that's made me nearly (hopefully temporarily) deaf in my right ear, so my listening experience has been accompanied by a frustration that I know I probably can't really hear everything I need to.
  12. I get it. But I really want to see a Wilco show!
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