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  1. I was just trying to figure out how the state of NY could have issued two license plates with the same set of letters.
  2. huh. believe it or not, it was a different plate. It was a NY bird plate. and was WILCO, appears the person I was behind beat the SSF guy to the punch so he got W1LCO. guess that dashes my dreams of getting a WILCO plate if I ever change my residency to NY.
  3. I was driving behind someone with NY Wilco vanity plates this morning crossing the TZ bridge heading East this morning. Anyone from these parts?
  4. or you could say you don't like little by little, codex, and feral.
  5. goodness, let's get literal. the album is short. it sounds like it is missing something, like half its tracks. there is a big difference in 10 minutes if you are going to put Abbey Road on that list. If the songs average 4 minutes each (which this album does), give me 12 of them, that's a good 48 minutes and comparable to Abbey Road and in my opinion a good album length. -- ps, not making an argument. simply stating my opinion and how i like experience music, which is not on ction's terms.
  6. ummm, no, not aware. i really just want my music to be released in its entirety when it is done instead of games and gimmicks and carrots to get you to buy the music. either you are going to buy the album or you are going to download it for free, gimmicks and carrots and teasers will not change that outcome.
  7. it feels like half the album is missing. i thought the same thing when the download of In Rainbows came out and i didn't like In Rainbows until the hard copy arrived with the additional tracks. Although no word on the street that there are more tracks coming with this one. this album is way too short. albums should be at least 12 tracks long and should last through my commute from jersey to the bronx. i also thought the first half of the album reminded me of a late night techno club/the days of raves at Nation and foam parties. it definitely shifts half-way through and am fascinated with how
  8. wow, this thread is still around. and active.
  9. huh, i clicked in, and selected the first option, quick pick, got nothing, then did the same thing for each additional level. and got something on the third try. probably should have started with the bottom option first. i have found with ticket buying not to give up on the first or second try because tickets get held and kicked back into the system from people trying to buy too many, credit cards getting rejected, firewalls blocking sites, etc.
  10. oh, there's a fondue restaurant in Montmatre that is fantastic, i can't remember the name, but you need to make a reservation it is super tiny, they serve wine from the tab in baby bottles. you could also visit the Moulin Rouge.
  11. this time of year, there will be very short lines for the Sistine Chapel and in my book is a must see. If you go to the Louve, skip the line to see the Mona Lisa, there is so much better art there more worthy of viewing. I am surprised no one has mentioned Centre de Pompidou: http://www.centrepompidou.fr/ it depends on what kind of art you are really into on which of the 3 museums I would recommend. The Louvre is like attending art history 101, musee d'orsay has a focus on the impressionists and fills in from where the Louvre leaves off and stops at contemporary in which Centre de Pompidou
  12. Isner lost in the next round because his body completely wigged out and he had nothing left in him to play more. his body needed more recovery time.
  13. the president is the commander in chief and when it comes to the military there is a big pecking order, code of conduct, and protocol one has to follow. if a sergeant did the same thing re: a general, he would have had some serious answering to do. i don't know if i agree with the firing, but i don't really know enough about the whole story to be too terribly opinionated about it.
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