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  1. I had a dream last night. Or maybe I've been put on by The Legend of Bob Dylan. Who knows? With Dylan there's no truth in the details, but here they are: In a small auditorium Bob Dylan was holding concert. The show began early, so I headed inside, only to find myself walking onstage towards Dylan from behind as he opened the show with prayer. I felt fortunate to not have been taken down by security, though none were around. I took my seat in the second row off to the right, taking in an awesome show that blended the troubadour's '70's rocking versions blended with his modern, raspy, worn do
  2. Signing Nolasco, Hughes, and Kurt Suzuki, along with keeping Gardenhire, is far more than I expected the Twins to accomplish this offseason. It's difficult for any rebuilding team to sign decent players. You've got a couple of hitting studs that'll be along shortly. When they get to the bigs, that's the time to be aggressive in making additions. Otherwise they'll be the 2000-2010 Orioles, a fourth place team with high-paid players. That won't get you to the playoffs or high end draft picks. You really want one or the other, not the middle.
  3. And now he's been busted. http://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/weird/Swiss-Cheese-Pervert-Arrest-240553061.html Holy Fetish, Batman!
  4. http://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/weird/Police-Search-for-Alleged-Swiss-Cheese-Pervert--239759561.html Just a new version of the Philly cheesesteak.
  5. TV weather man says it's so cold in an area of this cold front that they had to add a new color to their map.
  6. I live a couple hours from the Outer Banks. It was 64 degrees right now. Fast forward 24 hours and it'll be 16 degrees with strong winds. It'll be mild again by the end of the week. Pneumonia weather season in is full force.
  7. Maybe #3 doesn't realize that he needs to rise above the ashes of his first creative endeavor.
  8. They're not studio musicians. They are an established band who were brought in to help Simon develop songs for an album. Sounds like co-writing to me. Why stiff them on credit when he didn't or couldn't come up with the music on his own?
  9. I mentioned Ryan Adams to Jeff Tweedy. He belched.
  10. Grandma got run over by a... ...never mind...here's a Christmas pic of me all the way back in the '70's.
  11. I know The Autumn Defense is into the throwback scene, but they're taking it a little too far when they send me an email announcing their new MySpace page. What's next, an Autumn Defense green stamps collection?
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