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  1. I have two tickets for London Palladium on November 4 in the Circle. Unfortunately I now have to be in Dallas for business next week, which sucks on so many levels. Anyway, I live and work in Central London so anybody wants them just call me on +44 7771 697 878 or email me at adrock@sfr.fr and I'll figure out a way to get the tickets to you.
  2. Yeah but it's much more fun to post on the forum and besides I now know that there is a fashion designer in New York called Jeffrey Tweedy. You lives, you learns.
  3. I was just watching 'Awesome, I Fucking Shot That', the DVD from the Beastie Boys October 2004 Madison Square Garden show where they gave camcorders to 50 fans to shoot the show. In the credits, one of the fans/cameramen is listed as 'Jeff Tweedy'. It was a pretty A-list attended gig (also Ben Stiller was there
  4. Back in '95 on one of Wilco's first UK tours they played a show at the Shepherd's Bush Empire on a Sunday night at the end of a long tour. Jeff was tired and super cranky and the audience was in kind of a Sunday night lethargic funk. Jeff kept on berating the audience for being so quiet qnd unenthusiastic and eventually people started walking out (I stuck it out). So ever since then it's been kind of a running joke about his relationship with the London audiences.
  5. Ashes of American Flags Do You Remember the Mountain Bed Company in my back Bull Black Nova You are my face IATTBYH One wing Shot in the arm Side with the seeds Deeper down Impossible Germany Passenger side Handshake drugs Sonny feeling Jesus etc Can't stand it I hate it here Theologians Walken I'm the man who loves you Encore 1: You never know Heavy Metal Drummer Via Chicago Poor Places Spiders Encore 2: Monday Hoodoo Voodoo
  6. Phenomenal show. No, Jeff wasn't that chatty but was very focused on the music and let's face it, that's what counts. He did however complement the audience on the best country-without-English-as-its-first-language-singalong to Jesus etc. that he had experienced (faint praise?)! I had seen them back in London earlier in the year at the Troxy and as was already mentioned on this forum, that show felt lacking the intensity that I usually assocaiate with Wilco shows. As soon as I heard the first strains of Via Chicago for the opener I sensed this was going to be a great show. It's great to
  7. Please call Adam on +33 6 11 87 36 06 or mail me at adrock@sfr.fr
  8. I already have my ticket for Brussels but I have a friend who got back from vacation too late. I can pick it up on the night or will gladly pay p+p to Paris. You can contact me at adrock@sfr.fr or +33 6 1187 3606. Adam
  9. "Don't know if you've had this in the US/Australia for a while, but the big difference for me compared to a couple of years ago was how much more obviously everyone seemed to be enjoying it. JT was practically beaming most of the time, with much more expression and inflection. " I was on the balcony level one, right in front of the stage left speakers and had a great view of jeff all night. I completely agree that Jeff's demenaour and in fact the rapport amongst the whole band, was the most relaxed I've ever seen them. I can honestly say that for the first time since I've been seeing Wilco s
  10. I noticed that the setlist from last night is posted as May 21st, when in fact it was May 20th. Anyways, I was there last night and have to admit to being the guy who said 'it doesn't work like that' when Jeff said that the audience couldn't speak to him as he was not insitgating conversation. I agree with the previous posters who said that all the banter was light hearted and in good humour. Back to tonight's show.... Setlist: Sunken treasure You Are My Face Side with the Seeds I am Trying to Break Your Heart Handshake Drugs At Least That's What You Said A Shot in the Arm Via Chicago Im
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