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  1. Your show report is always a good read. Too bad the Scandinavian leg of the tour comes to an end as the interaction with Mr Lotti makes it even more enjoyable. Welfare to you both !
  2. Blame me for the late review delivery... Been distracting Bböp most afternoon.
  3. Your gig report looks a bit rusty too. Looking forward to reading your full review !
  4. Here's a link to the Dublin recording seeded at db.etree.org. (Unfortunately I'm pretty sure it won't show up in the Roadcase as the band's "house taper" was not present this European tour. I hope I'm wrong though.)
  5. That's Carsten's recording. (Thanks a lot by the way !) Pennyghael's coming soon I guess.
  6. You sum it up perfectly. Great show and company throughout. Also, you're welcome any time you wish to cross the pond again for a gig or just hang out for a drink
  7. I don't recall any ruction in the room and, as of yet, I haven't heard of any rising tension between the Netherlands and the USA. However, rumour has it that all US nuclear missiles based in Belgium are now pointing towards the east. Anyway, let's hope these final words from Mr Tweedy will appease the situation. http://youtu.be/MHnIc57YSKE
  8. Great show and banter indeed. And possibly a great audience recording coming up too ;-)
  9. samuel70


    Great ! I got the file. Thank you very much.
  10. samuel70


    I am ! Would you mind to post it somewhere and share the link ? Thank you.
  11. This was the funniest thread in a long time.
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