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  1. The prostate comment is one of those things that his inner filter suggests he shouldn’t really go there but he does. Then obviously spending the whole of the song thinking and laughing about it to himself. It shows despite all his woes and aches Jeff’s still in great spirits. Enjoy Cork, again.
  2. Not Wilco but Uncle Tupelo played a couple of shows in Edinburgh at The Venue in 1993.
  3. Finding a way to extend these whole album shows must be a headache for bands without veering towards a regular concert/setlist. I've been to a couple over the last 4 years. The Teenage Fanclub Creation era shows were great (eh bbop?). Three nights, two albums a night with a short 10 minutes between each set. My only grumbles were no encores and straight off after the second set. The third night was strange, featuring just one album with the second set being made up of B-Sides from the era. Once again great but finishing with songs not originally considered good enough for the albums was strang
  4. Thank you sir! I don’t know why they just play the Jay Bennett engineered versions in an opening set followed by the Jim O’Rourke versions. Perhaps Jeff could throw up between sets?
  5. Definitely. It’s heartbreaking at times. I’m in the don’t really need to see him again stage at the moment, have been for 10 years or so. There’s a wonderful paragraph in his biography which is set at their (AMC) biggest London show. They’d signed to a major, just released Mercury, he’d won Rolling Stone songwriter award. You name it. As they returned for the encore, Mark came to the mic and said something along the lines of, “I guess it’s downhill from here?” Or words to that effect.
  6. I have a love/hate relationship with the great man. I was just saying on a Facebook fan page about him being shambolic, and commented that I’ve seen some of his shows when I’d have craved a shambolic performance. One of those who you just don’t know what you’re going to get when going to see him.
  7. The walking boot is peak Eitzel. He’s just recovered from a heart attack.
  8. The Hammersmith Odeon used to have a bit of a mystique/legendary status about it. Probably due to the number of live albums recorded there and seeing its name week after week in the music press whilst growing up, miles away from London. Now, in the 21st century, in an ever shrinking world, a 2/3 hour trip to London to see a band is far easier now than it used to be. The constant changing of name has no doubt contributed to it losing the legendary status. There was a big stink when the first change took place from Odeon to Carling Apollo. I have lost count of the times it's changed its name sin
  9. That is a fair few OTJ songs. Nice use of ‘blathering’ by the way.
  10. I think she got it wrong as Jeff mentioned it was his/their longest song, so she went back home and searched on iTunes or Spotify for the longest song. However, Remember the Mountain Bed is listed under Billy Bragg & Wilco! Rookie error! I think it was her who I saw asking for the set list at the stage at the end. She didn’t look like your typical fan.
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