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  1. I assume this isn’t Swedish. But really, I haven’t got a clue what you’re getting at.
  2. The editor in question is Jeff’s book editor, who clearly knows him well and is simpatico with his sensibilities and way of expressing himself. Jeff always has complex, original thoughts in interviews, etc., but he doesn’t always express them in the moment in a sound bite-ready way. A skilled editor can help a writer’s complex thoughts come across more clearly and concisely, while still retaining the unique “voice” of the writer.
  3. Not trying to argue about your basic premise here, but the facts are wrong. The masks were made by a fan who lives in the LA area. He copied the design of the curtains and made the masks available for sale through the Tweedys, with all proceeds going to a Chicago-based charity.
  4. The curtain design is discontinued.
  5. Animal Farm? Too inscrutable for me.
  6. It’s really hard to swallow, how people could be questioning Jeff’s decision to…gasp!…charge money to read and listen to exclusive content. After the totally free gift that has been the Tweedy Show for 200 episodes during the lockdown, after all the charitable projects he’s undertaken over the years, after performing free backstage shows and still refunding ticket prices for rained out shows, and after continuing to make some content free on his new substack, he has the temerity to actually want us to PAY for something he creates?? The nerve! It seems more than a bit churlish to w
  7. I’ve been waiting for your show recap, Paul, because my friends and I were saying that that was the best show we’ve seen Wilco play on this tour. I always wonder if it’s just because it’s the most recent show that I’m all agog but your write up confirmed that it was a really special show indeed. One small bit of banter you didn’t mention was Jeff saying that this was the most exposure his haunches have had in a long time, I guess because his pants were also thoroughly soaked and clinging. He said “drink it up!” I don’t remember a livelier Spiders ever, or one with more
  8. I wasn’t there, but someone posted a picture of the merch stall and there was a tour T-shirt with dates on the back.
  9. If memory serves, the rescheduled West Coast shows are the ones they say will be a continuation of the OTJ tour, not the Sleater-Kinney shows. But I bet they’re going to mix it up even on those shows.
  10. Thanks, Bböp! Been waiting since last night for this, the first place I turn the morning after a Wilco show. Seems like old times. So happy to see Art of Almost on the set list!
  11. I’m the moderator for the Facebook group A Shot in the Arm. We want to thank the Tweedy family for providing a place of solace and community, and we want to do so in time for Hanukkah. To discuss this without the Tweedy’s being aware of the details we have set up a new Facebook group called Clients Hanukkah. We are discussing charitable donations but one particular project has a tight deadline. We have purchased a digital picture frame and everyone is sending in pictures with the theme of light because of the light the Tweedy show has brought into our lives during this dark time. The absolute
  12. Over on the Facebook group A Shot in the Arm a tribute album is being discussed. The organizer is Jim Laczkowski, it will be released on Bandcamp and the deadline for submissions is September 30. The project has been cleared through Jeff’s management team. It was just announced this morning and interest seems to be high. I’m the moderator in that group and would be happy to welcome new members anytime.
  13. No, it’s not just you. There are some things I enjoy about some of the comments, but overall most of them are so inane that they take me out of the moment. On the IGTV version of the show that is on Susie’s account the comments don’t appear at all. For an incredibly powerful song like The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll last night I found it 100 times better to watch the archived version without the comments.
  14. No no, I definitely didn’t take it personally. It’s all I can do sometimes to effectively moderate the Facebook group. I just don’t have time to think about where else things might logically be shared.
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