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  1. I’m the moderator for the Facebook group A Shot in the Arm. We want to thank the Tweedy family for providing a place of solace and community, and we want to do so in time for Hanukkah. To discuss this without the Tweedy’s being aware of the details we have set up a new Facebook group called Clients Hanukkah. We are discussing charitable donations but one particular project has a tight deadline. We have purchased a digital picture frame and everyone is sending in pictures with the theme of light because of the light the Tweedy show has brought into our lives during this dark time. The absolute
  2. Over on the Facebook group A Shot in the Arm a tribute album is being discussed. The organizer is Jim Laczkowski, it will be released on Bandcamp and the deadline for submissions is September 30. The project has been cleared through Jeff’s management team. It was just announced this morning and interest seems to be high. I’m the moderator in that group and would be happy to welcome new members anytime.
  3. No, it’s not just you. There are some things I enjoy about some of the comments, but overall most of them are so inane that they take me out of the moment. On the IGTV version of the show that is on Susie’s account the comments don’t appear at all. For an incredibly powerful song like The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll last night I found it 100 times better to watch the archived version without the comments.
  4. No no, I definitely didn’t take it personally. It’s all I can do sometimes to effectively moderate the Facebook group. I just don’t have time to think about where else things might logically be shared.
  5. It wasn’t my project to share. Possibly the people who spearheaded it aren’t members here. No way to tell because of the anonymity of the screen names. But if you feel in the future that something should be shared here you can always take the initiative to ask about that to the people who are putting the project together.
  6. Sure was. And I know Facebook can be frustrating at times but that’s just the way it works.
  7. You’re in the Shot in the Arm group too, aren’t you, Kevin?
  8. A couple of real surprises in that show for me. First, I’m amazed that Wilco was booked to OPEN for Natalie Merchant. Seems strange. And also, that was an amazing story about Susie getting handpicked to go backstage at an Elvis show. I’ve heard stories of things like that but I’ve never known anybody it really happened to.
  9. Did she say Tim or Tinnitus?
  10. These recaps are great because it can be really hard to remember which episode something occurred in. I have just a couple of additions/further comments. Jeff talked again about TV Party, the Glenn O’Brien show that ran on public access TV in New York in the late 70s-early 80s, and which Jeff thinks of as the model for The Tweedy Show. It came up in connection with the idea of having viewers call in to the show. He said it often went badly when that happened. He also expressed concern about a “client” showing their junk. The conversation with Jeff Garlin was pure gold. They went deep fast
  11. Boy, these recaps are great. This was far and away the best evening with the Tweedy’s ever. They were clicking on all cylinders, every one of them. Jeff was on fire.
  12. Jeff just tweeted that he’ll be on Kimmel tonight instead of Tuesday. Just a heads up.
  13. Just to be clear, I think I said as far as I know he hasn’t sung it publicly before. I don’t really know, of course.
  14. Tonight’s “episode” if you can call that was about the most awesome intimate experience with the Tweedy’s that I could ever imagine. It just felt like an evening with the Tweedy’s. Well not exactly a normal evening at home I guess but it felt so real.
  15. This is so civilized. May in front of the Vic is so much more enticing then February in front of the Vic. Thank you Susie! You’ve become so compassionate!
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