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  1. Yeah I think that's a pretty good guess. I was hoping for this week but usually music gets announced Monday - Thursday so if it hasn't been made yet it won't be this week... probably. Then again, Locator got released as a one year celebration of Star Wars with no mention of Schmilco at the time. The album was shortly after sleuthed by VCers, IIRC. The band announced it shortly after.
  2. Let's start a betting pool on when the first single will be dropped.
  3. One of these days I'm going to make it to one of these shows. Psst... @bböp check the year in the thread title!! 😁
  4. Great recap theashtraysays! Looks like some big changes are happening with the Wilcrew these days.
  5. I for one am a bbop mega fan. I don't even know who Wilco is? What's a Jeff Tweedy? I just come here for bbop's words.
  6. Well done to whoever gave Wilco a trophy. And well done to you bbop for the recaps and setlists. Safe travels home everyone!
  7. Thanks for the recap bbop. Looks like everyone is having a great time in Iceland.
  8. Hello VC admin team, My profile has an ancient AIM account tied to it, seriously this thing is probably 17+ years old. You can see it if you view my profile. However, when I go to edit my profile, AIM isn't even listed: So I can't edit or remove it from my profile, which I would like to do. Please advise. Thank you!
  9. Andy Shauf tonight!! Sorry, totally missed this! I honestly thought they were great but I also thought they were great in 2019. They did play every song off their new album but I think their new album is pretty solid, and then they played a ton of their hits and classics. For what it's worth the crowd was very into it and everyone seemed happy when they left.
  10. Canadian rock ensemble.... Sloan! (pt 2)
  11. Canadian rock ensemble.... Sloan! (pt 1)
  12. You can therefor assume that smoking was allowed at some shows in 2005. That's pretty crazy thinking back on it from today's perspective. So I suppose the period between no smoking and no smartphones was only a few short wonderful years.
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