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  1. A tough decision, I am sure, but the right one to make. I know there was speculation for an autumn SSF but I still don't think international travel will be possible by then and they shouldn't do it unless everyone can attend, IMHO.
  2. Recently I have watched: The Stand -So, for any "normal" writer, the obvious thing to do with this concept would be to make a gritty story about living in a post-lethal pandemic world. And this has that. But it also has some of Stephen King's more.... bizarre stuff in it. In the first episode you're like "what? the virus is named Captain Tripps? lol wut" but by the end you'll think, all things considered, it's not that weird of a name. I've read The Dark Tower series and knew this would be connected and therefor get a little out there. I liked it! The mini series formula works way better than a 2 hour film and this made me excited for Wizard & Glass. Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal -I for one, hate the rich. Ted Lasso -This is a show with a lot of heart. It was funny but also sweet. Ulimately, I think it's about leadership. It felt good to watch, sort of like Parks & Rec did. I highly recommend it!
  3. Yes, I like all your picks but most of mine would be different! Wilco The Album: Bull Black Nova (out of respect for Vince), One Wing, Dark Neon (which is technically a bonus track but would be the best song on the record IMO) The Whole Love: Whole Love, Born Alone, One Sunday Morning Star Wars: Random Name Generator, Where Do I Begin, The Joke Explained Schmilco: We Aren't The World, If I Ever Was A Child, Common Sense Ode to Joy: Hold Me Anyway, Bright Leaves, An Empty Corner
  4. On a serious note, I just want to express what a treat it was to hear these three guys playing as a trio. We all know that Jeff and John go back nearly 30 years now so it's easy to think of Glenn as being relatively new but this year will mark his 20th in the band, and you could tell last night how much these three guys have grown together over the years... there's a lot of respect and friendship there, which as a fan, I love to see! While I think Wilco's strength is in how great all six of them are together and I hope we don't ever see a line up change again, I did really enjoy hearing the songs stripped back to a three piece. We get to appreciate Jeff's guitar work when he plays solo but it was really cool to hear Glenn's drumming and John's bass and backing singing in this stripped down environment. I hope this is something they do a bit more of in the future, maybe if they do a scaled down SSF this fall, it could make a cool Sunday afternoon performance... maybe.
  5. I guess that was pretty cool.......
  6. I don't think I've seen a poll. I also don't know how useful a poll would be, every Wilco song is someone's favourite song which I think speaks to the band's consistency. I'd recommend just listening to Star Wars, I think it's their most inspired "modern" album but all the records are good. Schmilco is kind of a vaguely country acoustic rock album. Ode to Joy is a little more damaged sounding, very acoustic and warm. Wilco The Album and The Whole Love feel like greatest hits records to me, in the terms that they cover a lot of different sides of Wilco, I feel Whole Love is the stronger of the two. Star Wars is a big, crunchy, rock album and it's a lot of fun.
  7. Definitely fair point about the opening credits setting the mood and giving information about how Clarice is viewed/treated by the rest of the FBI. That elevator shot says a lot. I'm watching Hannibal, the NBC show, right now and while sometimes it feels like a police procedural, it is very good. Mads is also a great Hannibal.
  8. So what we just learned is that Chez may or may not be a member of the grammar police.
  9. Good on Brian for keeping it going for so long and knowing when it call it quits. I would imagine for bands of that level touring isn't glamorous. In your 20s it's probably fun but in your 60s, yeah I'd want to stay home too.
  10. Yeah I read that Clarice isn't very good, though it's early in its run. Supposedly Hannibal is great so I think that might be the next show we watch. Is 86 Manhunter any good?? They essentially remade it with Hopkins in the early 00s right?
  11. I remember my family having a VHS tape of this when I was growing up. The cover always made me uncomfortable so it remained one of the few movies from our collection that I never watched. Tonight though, after 30 minutes of browsing for a movie to watch, I stumbled upon The Silence of the Lambs on Netflix. The wife had seen it before but all I knew about it was that there was a scene where a character told another character to put the lotion in a basket and that Anthony Hopkins was supposedly good in this. That doesn't begin to cover it. This guy gives a very convincing performance as a total creeper. Jonathan Demme, who I always thought of as a documentarian due to his movies with Neil Young did an utterly fantastic job. Yeah there's some early-90s clunkiness like the first 5 minutes of the movie just being credits. Aren't you glad that's not a thing anymore? But he shot a lot of the movie with extreme closeups of the actors faces looking almost directly into the camera lens. That's a goddamn BOLD move but it pays off wonderfully here, it just gives the movie an incredibly unsettling feeling when Hannibal Lecter is staring directly at you. Chills. While the credits were a little self indulgent the font it used was very reminiscent of Twin Peaks, which came out a year before this movie did. In fact the whole movie had a bit of a Twin Peaks vibe. Maybe not campy like Twin Peaks can be, but similar in the eerie and uncomfortable elements of Twin Peaks. I don't know how intentional that was or if it just was because it was two works of fiction from the same time period touching on similar subject matter. My main criticism would be at the transphobia in the movie. Though even that is not as bad as other movies from the 90s (go back and watch Ace Ventura!) it's still there and I wonder how much harm this movie unintentionally caused the trans community in the decades since it came out. So while some of the subject matter doesn't hold up in our modern times, the directing and the acting definitely do. I give it 4/5 thumbs up.
  12. New Dino Jr record in April, co-produced with Kurt Vile. Here's the lead single: As J Mascis would probably say, this song is a banger.
  13. 😂 in 2024, I'm voting for Chris! EDIT: Oh shit One Sunday Morning!!!!!!!!!
  14. I hear ya. I probably don't spend as much time listening to music but a lot of that could be from not having a commute to work anymore. When I do listen to music, I think my habits have changed, at least a bit, it's less about hearing great new albums and more about those old comforting albums that I know and love. I suspect that's probably from the uncertainty in the world. 🤷‍♂️
  15. Yeah the piano (?) line that starts off around 20 seconds in that song is the same from Red Eyed and Blue. I wonder if that's intentional or coincidence. It's used so similarily in Red Eyed and Blue I wonder if Jay was doing a homage.
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