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  1. A great Canadian comedian.
  2. The Sadies ...First concert in 18 months!!!!!!!!!
  3. I'd imagine it's still JT's words but it's probably helpful to have someone proof read it, make sure it all makes sense, spelled correctly, everything in it is accurate, etc. A second set of eyes is helpful especially when there's the pressure of paying clients!
  4. I'm going to be spending my entire first listen of the next Wilco record trying to hear those peppermints in the mix.
  5. I just got these records. Thanks to the very special Bull Black Nova enthusiast fan who helped me out! Agreed with arjaykay, both songs are clearly from the Ode to Joy sessions, and either one could easily slide onto that record. In fact, the sleeve is made out of the pages of the OTJ deluxe edition book, like the Chicago version of OTJ was. As we already know, Half Life really a good song and this full band version is a treat. It has a mandolin sounding acoustic guitar doing some nice lead (I imagine a high capo'd acoustic from Nels??). The strong, non-cymbal drums that Ode to Joy
  6. I know it's all been available for non-subs but if it wasn't, the demos alone that Jeff has shared have definitely been worth the price of the subscription. I've enjoyed the writing too! But I do expect it will evolve as Jeff figures out the formats and what works best.
  7. Yesterday I watched a couple of old scifi movies I'd never seen before. Blade Runner The Final Cut -This movies oozes style and mood. It's a little slower paced than it should be but I was captivated in the world it created. Harrison Ford is great but how awesome was that "tears in the rain" speech at the end?? Alien -This one was even better than Blade Runner. A seriously well put together movie. It's amazing how much better this movie from 1979 looks with it's practical effects than a movie 20+ years later does like Attack of the Clones. Even though I had n
  8. I'm looking forward to the next Wilco RSD release... "Wilco Live at the 1-800-ASK-GARY Amphitheatre" 😂
  9. FWIW, and this is obviously anecdotal, but I was confused a few weeks ago when Vince mentioned to me Wilco playing Merriweather Post Pavilion. I just know that name as an Animal Collective album. As a foreigner from a distant land, who's into music, I feel like if someone like me is aware of a venue then that's probably a good indication of it's "legendary" status, like the Hollywood Bowl, Red Rocks, First Ave, etc. But maybe in this situation that's just on me. Anyways, appreciate the recap as always bbop!
  10. If you like Hunt For the Wilderpeople check out Jojo Rabbit, another Taika film!
  11. You're what we'd call a "lifer".
  12. I think the other single is actually a Wilco single, not a JT single (maybe Jeff's bonus single from LITK is there too?? But that's on the Wilco store too.) Someone posted pictures of it on the Facebook group, but I can't find it now because Facebook's search features are hot trash. But the A side was definitely Half Life, the Ode to Joy outtake Jeff had played on TTS. The B-side I didn't immediately recognize.
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