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  1. Stating the obvious but that was a great hour of music. Thank you Tweedy fam and friends!
  2. Hey folks, I know the album JUST dropped, but if you have thoughts on Love is the King already, we're doing a special podcast tonight that will review the new record and we'd love to work in other fan's initial feelings on the record. Drop us an e-mail at abcwilco@gmail.com or leave us a voice mail at abcwilco.com.
  3. Yes! And had a little bit from Orphan too. Thanks!
  4. Does anyone remember which of the new songs that Jeff has debuted on TTS contains some recycled lyrics? I believe it was lyrics from An Empty Corner or maybe one of the Warm/Warmer songs. IIRC, Jeff and Spencer mentioned it after Jeff finished playing it and I think it was at least mentioned here.
  5. No interesting tidbits in terms of news, but just a lot of talk about the creative process. I haven't read much of the book yet but my impression is a lot of what Jeff was talking about was covered in the book. It was an insightful conversation, it was nice hearing Jeff be that open and be able to talk in a setting like that. Nick was a great interviewer.
  6. Great interview, thank you for sharing Donna. Here's the juiciest bit of news in it: We've recorded maybe one third or one fourth of a record. Everybody in the band has their own recording studio, or at least the ability to do overdubs at home. We’ll probably keep working on that remotely through the winter. Ideally, we’ll have a record come out next year. We're plowing ahead on the next Solid Sound Festival. Odds are it might end up being later in 2021, if it happens at all. We’re keeping our fingers crossed. So maybe a fall 2021 SSF?? Crowd will probably be smaller, at least.
  7. Dammit I hate when I'm right all the time. Live at the Troubadour was limited to 5000 world wide, this is 2500 but I assume that's just North America, maybe UK/Euro will bring it up to 5000 worldwide?? I hope so, because Troubadour seemed to be hard to find after RSD.
  8. Tonight on The Tweedy Show, Jeff announced that an announcement is coming tomorrow (though, to me, he didn't seem 100% if tomorrow is in fact the correct date, so if not tomorrow soon) that a live Uncle Tupelo record is coming out. Must be soon, because they had the actual LP. The full title, at least on the front cover is "Uncle Tupelo Live March 24, 1994 Lounge Ax Chicago". Front cover features photo booth pictures of Jeff, Jay, Max (I think?), and John with what I assume is Ken. Or I have Ken and Max mixed up. Forgive me. Back cover is the stage with the setlist and the inner gatefold is the crowd. The copy Jeff had was black vinyl. I also spied a WXRT logo on the back cover, with some internet sleuthing it appears this show was originally a radio broadcast and has been floating around the internet as a bootleg for years and years. Label looks to be a collab between dBpm and Jay's Transmit Sound which is cool. According to Setlist.fm, which of course is never wrong, the setlist was: Chickamauga Watch Me Fall Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down Fifteen Keys The Long Cut New Madrid Sandusky Looking for a Way Out Slate Atomic Power (The Louvin Brothers cover) Acuff-Rose We've Been Had Give Back the Key to My Heart Postcard Gun Effigy (Creedence Clearwater Revival cover) Black Friday Record Store Day is coming up, could be tied to that? I guess we'll find out tomorrow.
  9. I've never been a Van Halen fan but this tweet from his son was really sad:
  10. I believe you are talking about Palace 1919. Doesn't look like it's streaming, unfortunately. No copies on Discogs at the moment but worth keeping an eye on this page: https://www.discogs.com/Jay-Bennett-Edward-Burch-Palace-1919/release/1912467
  11. Pre-order is up, with a bonus 7"! https://wilcostore.com/collections/love-is-the-king/products/preorder-love-is-the-king-color-vinyl-lp?variant=32173148176449
  12. Without watching the episode again I am fairly certain that was an acoustic bass. I asked Susie to get Jeff to show us the instrument but alas, no luck.
  13. Couldn't bring myself to watch the debate but I've caught enough highlights to say: yikes! Is it really that hard to condemn white supremacy??
  14. What's to stop a future Republican president from adding more when they inevitably take office at some point in the future?? Adding more judges is a short term solution. You need term limits. For a country that limits your leader's term to eight years for some arbitrary reason, you guys sure hate adding term limits to anything else. A one term president, who loss the popular vote, should not be able to turn the supreme court hard right for a generation. That's just broken. It seems pretty obvious that Trump will challenge the election results and take it to the supreme court to vote. Holding the Democrats to a different level of accountability when they're playing against a bunch of cheats is just going to rob the Dems of any hope of winning. You cannot let Trump stack the court that's going to make any decisions on mail in ballots or anything with election night. The Dems need to do everything they can to slow this down. I just don't see how you guys are getting out of this unless Biden wins outright on election night. Hope I'm wrong though.
  15. TCP


    I thought Ohmme had the best cover, they really adapted it well into their own style while keeping the heart of the song the same. Ryley Walker was great too, really appreciated that he did a new song. I loved Kurt Vile's take on Passenger Side. This was at least the third Wilco song from Courtney, after Handshake Drugs at SSF and Jesus Etc on a stream once. She must be a genuine Wilco fan, I wonder what her VC handle was back in the day?? Twin Peaks cover was the only one that felt a little too safe, IMHO.
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