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  1. Keep an eye on the Wilco World US store in the next few weeks, I believe RSD stuff has popped up there afterwards in limited quantities.
  2. @radiatortunes sent this to me before my alarm went this morning, so after I turned it off this tweet was the first thing I saw. I admit in my still mostly asleep state of mind my initial thought was "fuck, that won't fit on my record shelf". But if they're teasing us, maybe an actual announcement is imminent?! 🫨 I know what you're trying to say BUT... view the actual book as the liner notes and the CD as a release called "The Wilco Book"!
  3. Great recap Vince! Please bring me back a boomerang.
  4. Fair dinkum, that's a bloody good review Paul (and Vince).
  5. Glad you're-- wait hold on. Glad you're feeling better!! Hopefully Australia is full of sickness free.
  6. The timing makes sense for a fall release. Hopefully this means we finally get the Wilco Book on vinyl.
  7. Not bad for album releases/announcements only 6 weeks into the year. I think this is going to be a good year for music releases.
  8. I've been doing my list in the past few years as a video for friends and family: But here it is in list form if you don't want to read! Just for you folks here's my favourite live albums of the year, in no order, featuring new and archive material: Iron & Wine - Who Can See Forever Sloan - Alive & Alright Neil Young - Odeon Budakon (I know technically it came out a few years ago but it's first time on vinyl was 2023 so I'm counting it) MJ Lenderman and the Wind - Live and Loose Alex G - Live from Union Tr
  9. Confirmed: MJ Lenderman Sleater-Kinney J Mascis Waxahatchee Not officially confirmed but almost definitely happening: Japanese Breakfast Wet Leg Foxwarren Hopeful: Adrienne Lenker (and or Big Thief) Courtney Barnett Bright Eyes Rolling Blackouts CF Decemberists Kiwi Jr Nnamdi Mac DeMarco (with lyrics!) Perfume Genius Iron & Wine (third consecutive year listing Sam, it has to happen eventually right?)
  10. I was not planning on going but that's a pretty compelling line up. A lot of artists with genuine AOTY contenders... Joanna Sternberg, Wednesday, Ratboys. Isbell will be a crowd pleaser for sure. Same here! What was your third?
  11. Honestly, more bands need to start evolving like Pokemon.
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