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  1. If you pre-ordered, check your e-mails for an early version of Kamera.
  2. Looks like it's limited to 8000, so I'm sure you'll be able to track one down after. All of the Wilco RSD stuff recently has shown up on the Wilco webstore within a few weeks too so keep an eye out I'm sure one will pop up!
  3. There will be a CD release on Record Store Day Drops June 18th: https://recordstoreday.com/SpecialRelease/15451 Looks to be no-frills in terms of cover art, etc.
  4. The times I've seen it in recent years, including 2016 Seattle, Jeff played a 12 string acoustic and John played a 6 string acoustic, no one played bass.
  5. I wish I had some proof but I successfully predicted that Pitchfork would give Cruel Country a 7.2 before I even heard the album. https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/wilco-cruel-country/
  6. Good post from jff. It seems as though any time someone is critical of the band, there's a group of people who take it as a personal insult. I doubt even the band cares that much. I've noticed a change in the fanbase after The Tweedy Show too. There's a lot more fandom for Jeff and co as people, not just musicians. Things definitely have changed. I remember VC after AGIB and SBS came out, at the end of the year, most people didn't include Wilco in their favourite records of the year. Just because this was a Wilco message board, didn't mean it's cool to like Wilco here!!
  7. Hot take: I think this is another strong Wilco album in a string of 12 strong Wilco albums. Ok that's not really a hot take. But I do really like this record. Obviously Many Worlds and Bird Without A Tail are future classics. I think I Am My Mother is a really good opening track, as others have noted Jeff is singing like Bob Dylan but I also think the music itself is pretty reminiscent of Big Pink era Band. There's a lot of material here and virtually every song is at least a "like" from me. If I had any disappointments, it might be the similar tempo across the record. While I had
  8. I've always thought that if Wilco was to have a "hit" it would be unexpected and in this part of their career, like Touch of Grey. At this point thought I don't know what a hit song would look like for music like Wilco. Same!
  9. Hello friends, As some of you are aware, for the past two years I've hosted a Wilco podcast called Alpha Bravo Charlie. We analyze Wilco songs, in alphabetical order, twice a week. We've just finished recording the final song, and are about to record one last special episode to finish off the show. Earlier in the show I gave my co-host Jason an allegedly tough (according to Vince) Wilco themed pop quiz, and I'm planning on doing one more pop quiz for the final episode. I have 12 questions already but I thought it might be fun to get some questions from the community too! If you're interes
  10. The seatmap was a little clunky for the South Dakota show but it was easy to score good seats and didn't get gouged either. I suppose that's the benefit for going to shows in less than high profile locations.... no offence to any Sioux Fallsians here, I'm looking forward to visiting your fair city this September!
  11. There's something comforting about seeing the band recording in The Loft in black and white.
  12. Could you not stream the record till the LP comes out?
  13. This is officially announced on the band's website now. Digital only: "Yes, CD and LP editions are in the works, but we’ll spare you the supply chain talk." I'm wary to make any predictions on the album sound based off this first single, Locator which was the first Schmilco song we heard, didn't really represent the sound of that album and Everyone Hides didn't really represent the sound of Ode to Joy. EDIT: "The dynamic Chicago rock band Wilco returns with its 12th studio album, the first of its kind. Cruel Country is the band's exploration of the genre the
  14. 21 songs?? Wow! Yeah you're probably right.
  15. It seemed like the band was working on the record relatively recently... if that's true, with the delay in vinyl production I wouldn't expect anything till the end of the year at the earliest. Maybe CDs??
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