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  1. Big thanks to @u2roolz and @ZiggyBratwurst for their note taking over the past 200 episodes!
  2. Thank you Recapper!! Also that Ambulance song is 🔥🔥🔥
  3. I caught the end of the set with Nels. It feels like that Love is the King solo was made for Nels!! Too bad it wasn't a Wilco song though I guess the precedent has been set that a solo Jeff (or Tweedy band) song can become a Wilco song later on..... There was some strange comments going on in chat that I normally don't notice. I saw someone accusing Nels of being a Trump supporter among other weird stuff. Too bad there's no way to create moderator roles on Instagram!
  4. Hey folks, just wanted to let everyone know that Alpha Bravo Charlie just hit 100 episodes!! We're doing 200 total songs, so we're officially half way done. The Wilco community has been so supportive of the show, I'll be so sad when it's over. There's also another Wilco podcast now called Wilco Will Love You that if you like our show I recommend checking them out as well, they're great.
  5. No, that sounds familiar!! Thanks for the clarification!
  6. Another great show!! As another youngest child, I felt for Sammy tonight!! Only 7 left right?? Jeff wanted to finish at 200 or am I remembering wrong?
  7. That's why I'm fully prepared to adopt each member of Wilco and their roadcrew!! But in all seriousness, the border will be open soon, definitely by the time the fall tour starts. Unless things go sideways again........... but plenty of US bands have already announced Canadian shows.
  8. Assuming travel and everything works out, the wife and I will be back in for Portland. It really sucks that Vancouver and Calgary are both shows that got cancelled. Hopefully the band is planning a long overdue Canadian tour for 2022.
  9. Yeah it came out this week: I had requested it via the Nugs releases but I suppose, as the most recent Wilco performance it made more sense as a Roadcase. The recording sounds great!
  10. I might have, sort of, kind of, forgot it was Thursday. I appreciate the great recap!
  11. IIRC the Minnesota show had Wilco opening because it was kind of a home town show for the Turtles and the others had Wilco opening. Of course that was pre-pandemic and maybe plans have changed.
  12. That's perfect!! Thank you Ziggy!
  13. Is someone still keeping track of all the songs performed on TTS??? Is there anyway to tell how many times My Darling has been performed? I know Jeff's done it at least once.
  14. Pat often gets overshadowed by Nels but he's such a great musician, it's really cool to hear him (and Jeff and Glenn of course) play Wilco songs in a stripped down setting like that.
  15. I'm glad to hear they're seriously considering switching platforms. Unfortunately the past few weeks the show has been so stuttery for me it's been hard to watch. 😔
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