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  1. Honestly, more bands need to start evolving like Pokemon.
  2. The venue staff were great on night 1 but on night 2 they tried to get us people in the pit to swap seats. Essentially what had happened was for both nights, the venue staff had told the people in the pit that if you were a low seat number you'd be on Pat/John's side. If you were a higher number, you'd be towards Nels. This is contrary to what the seating map had detailed when tickets were purchased, and opposite to how the other seats in the building are arranged, but I don't think the pit people (it's just two small rows) really cared (I was row A, just behind them in night 1, and second row
  3. American rock ensemble.... Wilco!
  4. Oh my now this is a tease!! After hearing about the shenanigans today from Wilco diehards @theashtraysaysand @radiatortunesI have to say, I think it's kind of a selfish thing to request a song by yelling at the band midset. That's an uncomfortable position to put Jeff and co in.
  5. I'm surprised there hasn't been a second single yet.
  6. TCP

    Olivia Rodrigo

    Hopefully my last post didn't come across too snarky! Courtney Barnett also had a Spider sounding song on her last record too.
  7. TCP

    Olivia Rodrigo

    Meanwhile, 19 years ago on the Neu! message boards: "This Spiders song sounds like Hallogallo".
  8. So I publicly question why Wilco isn't playing a particular song and then they just randomly start playing it?? Obviously I will claim full responsibility for this. In which case... Why isn't Wilco playing Too Far Apart?? You're welcome Europe 😁
  9. I know the days of the band playing yet-to-be released songs is over but it's interesting that Evicted hasn't found it's way on the setlists yet.
  10. Ok this post has been updated, thanks again for u2roolz pointing out that Pittsburgh and Soldier Child has been played on TTS. I also found an earlier version of Soldier Child from episode 175. Also some people have been uploading videos of songs from episodes that didn't get uploaded, so I was able to add links for most of the missing songs. If I missed anything else let me know, I will keep updating.
  11. Because I am a huge nerd, I was trying to compile where we heard all these songs from before. Maybe this would be interesting to someone else? Probably not. Since this albums writing is both in The Tweedy Show era an the Starship Casual era, we potentially have some unique opportunity to watch songs evolve when compared with the final album versions. 1) Infinite Surprise -Played solo by Jeff x3 in 2023 -Performed on The Tweedy Show 101. -Performed The Tweedy Show 137. -Performed on The Tweedy Show 188. Recording lost. 2) Ten Dead 3) Levee 4) Ev
  12. Lovely new song! Coldasgasoline, did you get it? I tried to capture it but alas my MacBook did not record audio!
  13. Looking at my profile just now, it seems I joined this fine community on June 27, 2005. This is interesting because that was my 18th birthday. Apparently I had nothing better to do that day than join an internet message board for a band I had discovered earlier that year! But then I realized... that date is just over 18 years ago now. Which means I've been on Via Chicago for over half my life!! That's pretty crazy. In those 18 years I've made over 3000 posts, most of them bad, but hopefully a few good ones too. I was probably pretty obnoxious in the early days.... sorry about that. Most i
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