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  1. Thanks for the recap U2roolz, I was watching the superb third episode of The Last of Us last night and had no idea there was Tweedy Show last night.
  2. I did a top-20 favourite records list but because I'm an ego maniac it's a video:
  3. Confirmed stuff: King Tuff Mac Demarco Andy Shauf Artists Due For Records: J Mascis (he's been doing some solo sets opening for the Mountain Goats, gotta figure an LP is coming) Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile (just speculating but Kurt is going back to Australia in 2023 after going in 2022, I'm guessing/hoping him and Court have been recording) Iron & Wine (last proper record in 2017, though apparently I listed him last year so who knows) Japanese Breakfast (I saw her do a book reading this summer and she talked about her next record) Boy
  4. Thanks for posting this. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one in the world who doesn't love the Dead. I like a few of their records... American Beauty and Working Man's Dead are solid. But yeah, when I saw Wilco this September and they played US Blues everyone got excited and I was just thinking about the show a few nights earlier that got Kicking Television. 🤷‍♂️ But I'm sure there's some Wilco fans who don't like Neil Young and wouldn't get excited like I did when the band busts out Cinnamon Girl like they did in St Paul in 2019. Not even the Beatles are admired by everyone, and that'
  5. Fantastic recap for what sounded like a fun night, thanks Vince!!
  6. TCP

    Red Rocks Trail Mix

    I really like John's Mustang bass, I don't know if I've seen him play that before.
  7. I thought this video was worth sharing. I always liked hearing these "unplugged" Wilco sets, like the hootenany ones at the end of the Star Wars shows. The new songs sound really good in this format, maybe they should bring it back?? Great videography in this video and the sound is great too especially for no mic. That background is pretty ok too, I guess.
  8. Yeah the concert is from July 2002, Jay would have been gone for about a year. I'm not sure if Mike was performing with the band, I know early on he was doing some stuff, like cuing up samples from backstage, but he's not credited in the linernotes at all. Bob Mehr's essay is really worth reading, it has some really interesting details about the recording of the album and the Jay's departure. Ultimately though, the music is the highlight here and this thing delivers. Between the album, the Loose Fur record, and Jay's leaked demos, I always figured we'd heard the majority of stuff from th
  9. There's two things I'm really impressed with: 1) The amount of content we've never heard before. 2) The sound quality of the stuff we have heard Sounds great on vinyl but I'm looking forward to having the digital version on Friday and bouncing between different versions of songs and comparing the differences. 🤓
  10. Contrary to what one might think due to my profile picture (Johnny Canuck being a historic hockey logo for the city of Vancouver, displayed here in modern Canuck colours of blue and green), I was not at this show. However, since no one has posted the setlist and the setlist featuring a unique (for this tour) song I feel this is worth preserving from a historical perspective. Especially when the Wilco World website does not currently list the song between Impossible Germany and California Stars. I have heard from a trusted source at the show that Love Is Everywhere was listed on the setlist in
  11. Thanks for capturing and sharing!! I thought that whole exchange was great. I didn't know another long time VCer was there!
  12. Between bbop and theashtraysays expertly capturing the train incident, I think there's one more banter moment worth preserving in the written record from this show. It started when someone in the crowd asked Jeff about why he was playing a Gibson J-45. Jeff explain that this specific J-45 was a guitar he hadn't been using in recent years but brought it back for the YHF anniversary shows, since it is the Yankee Hotel Foxtrot guitar. He strummed a bit of I Am Trying To Break Your Heart and he was right, it sounded just like that guitar. At this point Pat spoke up to help Jeff out. I think (???)
  13. This post is pretty funny. Why did I say They Might Be Giants? Anyways, my issue at concerts these days isn't the children it's the loud mouth adults. Bring the kiddos, it's one less seat for a drunken boomer or an obnoxious 21 year old (...as I was when I made that post!). Definitely anyone under the teenage years should wear earphones or ear plugs. The Cruel Country shows I've seen haven't been the loudest shows I've ever been to but Vince is right, the levels are being set pretty high.
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