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  1. Yeah and the good news is now we can tag users. Like "Hey @bböp the show has been done for 30 minutes now, where's the recap?!?!", etc.
  2. I finally caught up and watched this last night. Even through the live stream you could tell there was a bit of a disconnection between the band and the audience. But I'm definitely glad to see things like this happening in this situation. I don't know how it is in the US but I know in the past 20 years or so most of the drive in movie theatres have shut down up here, it's too bad that some areas probably couldn't even attempt a show like this. I really liked James' pedal steel work. I didn't know he could play pedal steel, did he do it on the Tweedy tour? I know that Jeff mimicked some pedal steel sounds on the Warm and Warmer albums, it'd be cool if we ever get a proper Tweedy band tour again, if James could arrange some of those licks onto pedal steel.
  3. That is a great quote from John and very exciting. Seems pretty clear that they have something planned! I have to say, I imagine, after taking 2018 and the first half of 2019 off, this pandemic (and taking at least a year off of touring) was not at a great time financially for the guys. I know they don't make a ton of money off records these days but if they did a physical only version or put it up on Bandcamp instead of streaming I'm sure the fans would rally to help support them... if they felt like they needed it.
  4. Here's the original image for those interested: Doesn't look like much was changed, outside of maybe some contrast and adding the title.
  5. Some handsome and talented person, who probably hosts a great Wilco podcast, who knows, asked on The Tweedy Show about the vinyl release for Love Is The King, Jeff said there will be another announcement soon but due to logistics they just want to get the record out. I'd have to listen again to get the exact wording but I think that was the jist of it.
  6. I jinxed it! Sorry everyone. Vinyl obviously has some major delays these days. No CD is interesting, seems to me that getting a CD pressed in 2020 isn't much of an issue?? There must be factors I'm not aware of. If there's no physical release for a late October album now, I can't imagine we'll get one in 2020, at least for vinyl. Hopefully this doesn't end up being another Record Store Day release.
  7. EDIT: beaten! So was the title and cover originally leaked by Wilco World or by the web store?? My guess would be the web store, if you look at https://wilcostore.com/collections right now, has a section for "Love is the King" which doesn't go anywhere. Web store also leaked the Ode to Joy album title way in advance, IIRC. It's a leak machine.
  8. Hurry up and give me that special edition LP to order!!!!
  9. Ticket Chris Murphy of Sloan live stream tonight!
  10. Poofter! That's great. To be fair, the new one is a significantly better movie than Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. Worth a watch but maybe not the $20 rental price.
  11. No Sense In Lovin' sounded so damn good, great to see this song come back. I would love to hear the modern Wilco treatment to some of those deeper Jeff cuts from Anodyne.
  12. Sorry I missed this! Older episodes are up on Spotify and Apple, a few other places too, there's links on abcwilco.com.
  13. That's a fair point, I typically will look at the rundown for who played what (if available... newer Wilco albums don't have as much info for song-by-song, unfortunately) and will look up any weird instruments I'm not familiar with, for instance on At My Window Sad and Lonely I noticed Billy plays a "bouzouki" and off the top of my head I wouldn't have been able to tell you what that is. But in that situation I caught that before we recorded and was able to quickly do some research. Clearly for Art of Almost I didn't do that, which is too bad because explaining what a cimbalom is, is exactly the kind of in depth, slightly nerdy stuff I want to share. So I probably should have just done my due diligence instead of guessing! Seems like I was caught off guard with that one. I want the show to find a good balance between being informative and feeling like a fun conversation between friends. So I don't want it to feel too structured or rehearsed, but there's probably a good balance we can find. I do try to research each song before hand but I also like going into these not knowing exactly where the conversation will flow or what Jason thinks and feels about individual songs. But thanks for the clarification, I think doing a "corrections" segment every once in awhile will be fun, so I'll mention it there (unfortunately we're trying to record ahead so we have a large bank of episodes before Jason's child is born this winter, so it won't be able to set the record straight till we're into the Cs). Fair point about the percussion instruments too, I tend to think when there's a blanketed "percussion" credit that it's just shakers/tambourines but you're right in that isn't fair for all percussion instruments. The other piece of feedback we've gotten is we don't always delve too deeply into what a song means. Sometimes, that's fine, like for Christ For President, it's right there in the title. Other times, like At Least That's What You Said, there was probably opportunity to talk about the lyrics a little more in-depth. Though I also don't want to get too into the weeds of dissecting each lyric Jeff writes, again, there's a balance in there somewhere to find. I tend to think much more about the songs sonically or the story behind the songs, lyrics can become an after thought for me at times, so I'm working on that. Another change you'll notice after these initial batch of episodes is we lock down the format for the show a little more which I think has a big payoff for just keeping things organized and focused. Again, thanks for listening and caring enough to offer your thoughts!
  14. I haven't actually been hit with import charges on anything I've bought from the states in AGES, since at least 2018. It's weird, every once in awhile I'll have a period where every record I get will have charges for a few months, then nothing. So I just cross my fingers and hope the mail gods will be good to me!
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