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  1. What??!! You think you're just writing for one person here in this forum? Pssshaw. At this point, you're the wilco-historian and write as part of the hive mind. YOU CANNOT ESCAPE. ha
  2. Love those shows where Kidsmoke is 2nd or 3rd as it makes for some kickass energy thru the whole show. I'm on pins and needles waiting to read what you write about last night's show..........lay it on us, Paul.
  3. Hey Paul, When you do get a chance for a more thorough review of this show, can you post whatever you remember about who got the "Best Behaved" award. I'm trying to keep track over in A Shot in the Arm and I'm missing this intel. TY!
  4. I loved this venue for several reasons: a.) the unusual architecture made for beautiful acoustics and sound quality, b.)fairly certain this will be the smallest venue I manage to see them perform in during my lifetime, c.)the smaller stage forced the guitar wranglers/sound engineers into viewable space and made them a visible part of the stage show. Made me truly appreciate the musical gifts they must possess to be able to tune an incredible # of instruments into different keys or alternate tunings, under time pressure, with loud music blasting all around you. No way I could ever do this.
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