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  1. Ride and the Charlatans UK.
  2. Largo just released more tickets for these shows on its website. Just got one for Friday.
  3. Saw New Pornographers last night and Liam Kazar was the opener with Spencer Tweedy on drums.
  4. I was happy to see this is becoming an annual tradition. I’m in for Saturday.
  5. First night was great at Largo was great. I also saw them Monday at the Fillmore which was fun. I’ll be back Tuesday for Jeff solo. Looking forward to that. Hope he mixes up the set list a bit.
  6. Going to the 2/24 and 3/1 shows.
  7. Yeah, hope they do as well. Saw them at Desert Daze in November and they were great. I guess it’s just the reality that any show is tenuous these days. The Rage show I was going to see in April just got postponed again and I’m still waiting on Pearl Jam to reschedule their tour.
  8. I got the emails too and yes they reversed the order. The first twoshows are Tweedy and band and the last three are solo ones. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to get a refund to one of the shows as it’s the same night I’m seeing the War on Drugs.
  9. A friend is not able to attend so I’m selling an extra ticket for the Oct. 26 Wilco show at the Orpheum. Ticket is in Orchestra, Row M, Seat 48. For sale at face value of $84. It’s a hard ticket and can meet you at the show? Message me here or email scribex6@aol.com
  10. I’ll be at the Waxahatchee show at Pappy and Harriet’s also. I bought tickets long ago so glad to see it rescheduled. But it’s already looking like there will be a lot of show conflicts coming. OhanaFest, which I was considering going to, is also that weekend. Lucy Dacus also is playing around that time. I’m still waiting for the Wilco and Pearl Jam shows I have tix for to be rescheduled.
  11. Finally got this in the mail after ordering it more than a month ago. Unfortunately, it had dark smudges on the top corner of every page. Anybody else have the same problem? Anyway, looking forward to diving into this. I skimmed through it. Looks like a lot of interesting articles through Wilco’s history. It was amusing to see that the Uncle Tupelo article says there’s no acrimony among the members while other articles mention the bitter split.
  12. I’m in for the Sunday show. Great to be going back to Largo.
  13. He didn’t single out the kid. He actually apologized to the kidand gave him a gift when he realized he was there with his father who should be blamed for acting like an ass and embarrassing his kid.
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