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  1. So please tell me this cretin won't be getting away with his crap? Will the GOP look the other way and hope the news moves on? Are these people ever going to be held to account? Politics (currently at least) suck. I understand he uses Venmo for all his minor purchases. Can I at least get a rim shot for that one? 🙂
  2. True! It's like a tornado hitting random houses on a block. Fortunately it passes quickly. Better vaccinated than the coughing, stranging alternative. I hope people will listen to their own good common sense and not some "I'm a prophet" evangelical yahoo.
  3. Waxahatchee is the stage name of songbird Katie Crutchfield. She's really talented. Her latest album is called "St. Cloud" and is one of the year's best, honestly. Try the songs "Lilacs" or "Can't Do Much". The entire album is great.
  4. I nabbed tickets today for Waxahatchee in September, at 2 venues I couldn't choose between...The First Congregational Church of Los Angeles on the 24th, then out in the boonies of Pioneertown at the legendary Pappy & Harriet's the following night. We're inbetween the 2 venues. Gonna be a lot of driving for a couple days! These may be my first forays back into live music. I can't wait, but it's going to be weird to have people close after avoiding them for over a year!
  5. I'm in the same spot, Maudie, only for the "postponed" L.A. shows last April.
  6. I've heard of this but never seen the video! I hope somebody can track it down.
  7. I'm still mourning the 3-show run I had tickets for last April, in L.A. Those shows were going to be Wilcoepic. Then Pandemia hit. I guess I need to finally let go of those shows. Besides, the ones ahead will be so exuberant and joyous, when they come. There will be big gratitude. So we move along. Some of you have live shows on your calendars already....I don't, but I'm fully vaxxed and beginning to dream again! Someday, someday soon. 😊 Who's already going to see something? Wilco, or other bands? Are you excited?!!
  8. ...on an ocean of guitars?
  9. She's such a beauty, and is probably Wilco's most ardent feline fan!
  10. Pedro had me laughing and then crying off and on the entire show last night!
  11. I'm sure your one-sleeve sweater is just lovely! Photos?
  12. It's harder than you think it's going to be, isn't it?! And really folks, you have to include ITMWLY. Trying to sequence this oddball collection would also be interesting...you'd need a powerhouse opening song, a good closing song, and reasonable pacing amongst the rockers and the ballads. Love the love for Secret of the Sea!
  13. I was musing about how a future KTEL type marketer might package a Wilco "Best of" album, and wondered what songs I'd choose if I had to choose just one song from each of their official releases...one song from each album. Some picks are (almost) obvious, because Good God how could a "The Best of Wilco" by Ronco not include I'm the Man Who Loves You? (Though it kills me to eliminate others from that album!) So, be brave, let's see what you'd compile if this were handed to you as a work assignment. One song, each official album released. Mermaid Avenue included. What goes on THE BEST OF WILCO! Whaddya think?
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