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  1. Happy Father's Day, dads! Thanks for everything you do!
  2. I'm equally guilty. Haven't been able to keep my days straight all this week. I'm glad I can at least catch it later, thanks Susie Cinnamontoastographer! Nice job on the recap, Ziggy!
  3. I love how we're all quietly going broke, happily re-engaging in shows! Everything seems to be on sale at once! Craig, you will love that show. I haven't seen it but a friend did and couldn't stop raving! Have an absolute blast! And Joyce, have just as much fun seeing the quirky but brilliant Buckingham!
  4. What a great memory. I saw my first Wilco show in that same month, on April 13, 2002. The intensity & passion of that little 4 person band left me reeling!
  5. I am embarrassed, I truly did intend to tell this story but it's a bit long & involved and I've been ultra-busy! I'm hosting a big surprise baby shower/ barbeque tomorrow for my daughter-in-law. (She just thinks she's coming to a family bbq.) It's been complicated, partly due to my darling but disorganized middle kid, whose idea it was in the first place to hold a surprise shower. At my house. I have written a fierce post-it note to myself in a scolding tone that is now stuck to my worktable where it reminds me daily, "WRITE SNOOZY STORY!" I assure you, once there is a post-it
  6. Jeff, I hope your doggo's reports come back as benign or at least treatable! It's so emotionally hard when a pet is suffering. Does your wife feel ready to re-engage in person at her jobsite? I think we've all gone a bit feral in the past year and a half! Good luck to her. Last night's show was flat-out charming! I don't use that word for much but it totally fits here. Pat and Glenn were relaxed and enjoying themselves. Agreed on Pat's musical skills! His mouth trumpet rawks! 😄
  7. I am feeling sad tonight at the loss of this man. I have a friend who knew him personally so I know that BJ met his stage 4 cancer diagnosis with uncommon grace, and amazing courage. Rest in peace, and thank you for some of the most heartfelt music of my childhood. I'll never forget my mom singing along to "Raindrops Keep Fallin' on my Head", surely one of the most joyous, life-affirming songs evereverever....see the movie "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" for full appreciation. That sweet song lifted me out of many small depressions as a kid. Yeah, raindrops fall...but you don't
  8. You know what, I THINK SO TOO!!!
  9. So hey, those of you who were able to go to the first SBS...tell those of us going for the first time what we need to know! Best restaurants? What are the tones of the "Heaven" and "Hacienda" areas? Any details that surprised you, that we might not expect or consider? Any insider tips will be hugely appreciated and put to good use!
  10. Very, very tempted.
  11. I haven't had time to listen yet, but I look forward to this. I love listening to Pat. Thanks!
  12. I think you're right on this, unless a resurgence occurs. Sarah, how perfect for you and Matt, and at a romantic site to boot! And will you be joining the band for something?
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