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  1. Not you. I experienced the same. It's embarrassing when you're singing along and suddenly you're soloing! Fortunately the glitches were short. TCP, it sucks that you weren't able to watch. I hope somebody can provide a full setlist. Paul?
  2. That was fabulous. I could watch that band for hours and hours and hours!
  3. I remember he shut that idea right down. He saw you coming.
  4. I'm glad I got to see them live. RIP.
  5. Besides heaving huge sighs of relief, do you have any plans for Inauguration Day? Will you wear anything special, dance in the street, drink pink champagne, or throw a socially-distanced feast? Whatever you do, "Love is the King" will make a wonderful soundtrack. I'm so ready to feel hopeful, and inspired, again. I will be planting my Biden/Harris signs back in the front yard for the day, and we've left our Christmas lights and big inflatable waving snowman set up, so that we can light them and inflate them for this special day. I'm sure the neighbors will love our exuberance! And I will be feeling immense gratitude for every person who helped that shitgibbon lose the election. May it be a day without violence.
  6. These are such great lists! A lot of the women you'd expect to see mentioned, but also a lot of less familiar or unfamiliar names. Makes me want to sample more. I may combine all these names into one master list for reference. Feel free to add any commentary if you want to explain a certain inclusion!
  7. There are worse ways to go! Has anybody here read "Beautiful Ruins"? I'm just starting it, and already I can tell I'm going to love it.
  8. My Want-to-Read list is swelling again!
  9. You can get the vinyl on Discogs if you don't mnd it coming from overseas...but I also just found it on AmazonSmile. One of my favorite albums ever! And yes, this is the right section, since it's Wilco-related music.
  10. This should have been a great time for catching up on reading (what with quarantine and all), but somehow a lot of my reading time went into trying like hell to comprehend our political drama. I've been longing for months to relax enough to immerse myself in a good book. Have any of you read the old Newbery Award winner, "The Twenty-one Balloons"? It was a favorite book of mine at about 12, and I've always wanted to reread it....Balloon explorer sets off in a giant balloon from San Francisco, meets disaster just off the coast of Krakatoa, which is supposedly uninhabited but turns out to have a secretive population who have a wonderful life due to the massive diamond mines there. Pure escapist fantasy, and so well and cleverly written! Of course Krakatoa had its problems. What are you all reading? Once I'm finished with this, I have some terrific books the kids got me at Christmas. Boy am I sick of political analysis. I need something a heck of a lot wittier.
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