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  1. He's a great guy. He's right, you've got a charmed machine there...keep it making music.
  2. I think our Lotti may be sleeping off yesterday's celebratory schnapps.
  3. I'm glad you're safe, Brownie! The news stories have been chilling!
  4. How are all of you as Ida pours rain across the country? Sounds like New Jersey and New York City got absolutely walloped today. I hope you all still have power and can stay safely indoors.
  5. I remember when you lost him. I can imagine that this song is deeply personal for you. Hugs.
  6. "Rivers burn, and then run backwards..." Well, the river isn't burning but it IS running backwards! From CNN: Mississippi River flow reversing due to hurricane "extremely uncommon," USGS says From CNN's Brandon Miller Storm surge and strong winds stopped the flow of the Mississippi River on Sunday near New Orleans and actually caused the flow to reverse – something the United States Geological Survey said is “extremely uncommon.” “I remember, offhand, that there was some flow reversal of the Mississippi River during
  7. Thanks for all the laughs, thanks deeply for your political activism, and from the bottom of my heart, thank you for standing up to that bastard Ronald Raygun. You've earned your rest. 💗
  8. All of you in the path of this raging beast, please be careful and let us know how you are when that's possible. This hurricane looks like huge trouble.
  9. This great article features musician Kevin Morby who some of you have seen at Solid Sound, and describes how invaluable Wilco's tour manager Eric Frankhouser has been as Wilco has resumed touring. What a job he has, and what a treasure he is to the band and its fans! Thanks so much, Eric! https://pitchfork.com/features/article/the-uneasy-state-of-touring-in-summer-2021/
  10. Gabba gabba birthday love, Jeff!
  11. Charlie provided the backbeat to my youth. Thanks for a wonderful story about this class act!
  12. I've been really ill the past week and a half or I would've...thank you for paying homage to this brilliant man! He may be physically gone to his reward, but left us all with the treasure-trove of his & Phil's music. That'll never die. Rest in peace, Don.
  13. An offstage look at John Stirratt, on his home turf. https://www.pressherald.com/2021/08/22/wilco-bassist-at-home-in-maine/
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