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  1. The Swedish experience is so foreign to me, Lotti, but you make it all sound so fun!
  2. Why? Because it's Mothers' Day and I just know you've all got so much love planned for dear old Mom! 🌻🌼🌹 It doesn't matter what kind of mother you are...if you are a nurturer who makes another creature feel loved, protected, and supported, you are among the world's most valuable resources. Gold and diamonds don't even come close. Thank you, moms. 🐘🌞
  3. If you don't believe in touchdowns, this might be more your game.
  4. I'm glad the Canadian vaccine logjam seems to finally be breaking up and you guys are able to get your shots! What type did you get, Kevin? With Pfizer or Moderna you'll probably going to have a reaction to the 2nd shot that will deserve a day off work! πŸ™‚ Sorry your arm is so sore. I've been told you need to keep it moving as much as you can to shorten the duration of the pain. Ow.
  5. The nit-pickiest of points, but I thought Susie said that Glenn taught her how to reheat pizza in "a dry skillet". This was a terrific show tonight! Gorgeous singing throughout and I got my namesake song. Jeff sang it so pretty.
  6. All of life is Wilco-interrelated! Get those vaccines, everybody, and bonus points if you can use one of these venues that has also hosted Wilco performing "A Shot in the Arm" live!
  7. Nathan Fuller, that's who I was thinking of...is he a member here as well? Invite him, if not! Don't give me too much credit, Brian, all I did was look over your meticulous organization, and enjoy the music therein! Glad to help however I could.
  8. Albert, having already wandered this archive, I highly recommend it. SO well organized and such treasures among the easy to navigate songs! We have been so deeply spoiled by the Tweedy Show. This archive makes it clear just HOW spoiled.Thank you, all 4 Tweedys! What a treasure trove has been amassed over the past year. How odd; pandemic blessings! And thank you, tweedynerd, for all your work on the archives! Tweedynerd, I know you had others assisting with this project, can you say who helped? It sure turned into a worthwhile project, and I know it ate up hours of your time
  9. Yes, September 2003 was the very tail end of the YHF tour. They finished the tour in Chicago that same month. I have 2 copies of YHF with the cardboard cd cover. One is the beige that matches the cover & the other is a bluish-gray.
  10. What fabulous memories, from that time. What an astonishing band. I need to tell the Snoozy story; I promised a friend. It's a good one. Those times have a certain energy, still attached to them. Give me a day and I'll flesh that out. Good times in Wilcoland.πŸ’—
  11. Here we see yet another eample of pandemic-related brain atrophy. Yes, I can count. I just briefly forgot how. Yes, it's 19 years old, not 20. Save the big parties for next April.
  12. This archive is not to be missed! What an amazing lot of work you've done!
  13. With YHF's birthday of 20 years ( yeeeeep, unimaginable!!) just past, my eyes have been straying often to this personalized treasure of mine. One of the first things I would save in a fire. I've actually made plans. Tell me a YHF memory. Any memory, from a live show or just listening at home. I'll tell you one. I saw Wilco the first time, touring on this album. That night they closed the little House of Blues with 3 encores. Lots of people left after the second encore, figuring they were done. It was post-Jay....lineup was Jeff, John, Glenn, and LeRoy Bach. The show had been mesmer
  14. Happy Earth Day all! I hope we can stop the damage we're doing to the old girl.
  15. In his defense, he was trying to throw it out of his backyard. With 18" BBQ tongs! Animal Control captured it with 5 foot long tongs. I hated Ray-gun years before the rest of the country. He was a shit governor. And yes, trump is very much his heir. Ah-Nold I liked better.
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