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  1. What would Wilco be, without its stalwart bass player? It wouldn't be Wilco. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of rock's sweetest massive talents! We love you, John!
  2. I'm so very grateful for the music and the friendships that brought me here and kept me here, all these years. You're a great bunch of people to share life with. I like "coming home, Via Chicago". Thanks to all of you, for all you bring to this great human mashup. Have a glorious feast and appreciate the people you are lucky enough to feast with!
  3. Oh, damn! Not Wilko! I guess today will be a day to pull out all my Dr. Feelgood albums and blast them in his memory. Thank you Wilko, you were a treasure.
  4. On sale NOW for January 5, 6, 7 & 8 at Largo!!! See you there!
  5. Is it a one-off show, or are they touring, do you know?
  6. Too bad this didn't stay as intriguing as that first season. It sounded compelling!
  7. I haven't had the chance yet to see them live, but the reports of their live shows have always sounded so fun!
  8. This election night is bringing all of the joy and terror of 2016. I feel sick but I want to check the news. How are you faring in your location? It's 11:20 PST on election day, and it seems to be a very mixed bag. At least Fetterman appears to be winning. Please, can we get some humanity back into politics, rather than pure thuggery?
  9. We are living in insane times, and we all know it. I have voted my conscience and I hope the rest of you have too, by now. Wilco fans tend to be socially & politically involved so you've likely voted by now if your state allows it. How are we all handling the existential dread of this election? I'm pretty sure it's not just me. These are such dangerous times. But like Beto said, "We've got to try". The world is turning fascist and monopolistic around us and it feels overwhelming but...we've GOT to try to resist. Fascism is not what our founding fathers were after. In fact, these were
  10. Thanks for all the Halloween music, Chuck! I've always had a soft spot for Two-Headed Dog. It speaks to me!
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