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  1. I'm feeling the same! Only got my shipping notice today.
  2. Mine has shipped, but the tracking tells me it won't be here until *gasp* Monday October 2nd! How the hell am I supposed to wait until then?
  3. Welcome to Via Chicago! I wish I could afford to travel right now because the dollar is very strong in Japan right now. But I just can't. I hope you make connections! If you do, we'll want to hear your stories after!
  4. If there's anyone out there who is going & not using their 2nd item (to be signed), I have a friend who would be thrilled if you could get a vinyl signed for him, since he can't be there.
  5. Thank you! Now the thread title is more legit. Great, intriguing review!
  6. I look forward to yelling "Bingo!" at next SSF.
  7. I feel ya. Biden is exceptionally healthy for his age, so hopefully that continues. But there are a lot of terrifying scenarios for the next years. As for Trump, he led an insurrection. He is not qualified to remain on the ballot.
  8. Yeah, her dad's a solid, sensible good guy. Olivia came up thru the Disney organization.
  9. I'm jealous! They are playing in L.A. on the 22nd but I just have too much going on to go, I think. I look forward to your review!
  10. I hope Wilco listens to you! EDIT: And then I hope somebody records it all!
  11. I'll have to listen to it. My husband actually knows her dad really well. At least Olivia seems to have some real talent & not just a pretty face. If "Spiders" influenced her, that's not a bad idea, right?
  12. I'm so happy for you, Rei, and and all my Australian friends as well!
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