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  1. Lizish, I can't seem to access that without creating an account, which I don't want right now. But no matter; you've reminded me that I own Hazan's wonderful cookbook, "Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking". Pages 203 to 205 is her Bolognese sauce, which makes me hungry just to read it.
  2. I've made the Caramel Pecan Apple Pie. Now it's up to the kiddos to bring the rest. Got the dining room all decked out in tablecloths and centerpiece and candles. Even made homemade cranberry sauce. How about the rest of you? Ready to feast and be grateful in this strange year? Happy Thanksgiving. Be kind to each other.
  3. Have fun! They were terrific in L.A.


  5. Wow, just the descriptions have me hungry...honey/hoisin chicken thighs! I can taste that in my mind. I just made my version of garlic noodles last night. Always good. It's finally getting crispy-cold in southern California, so the soup and the spinach/squash bake both sound perfect. And for dessert I think I'd better finally pick those 2 last happy mini watermelons growing out there. Thanks for the suggestions!
  6. I appeal to you, Via Chicago! I'm feeling so bored with my own cooking lately, and need inspiration. What have you made recently that got rave reviews? I have an acorn squash and some sausages on hand. And potatoes. Those I have to dig up. But, start anywhere. Make me hungry.
  7. Good choice, Timmy! I'm such a huge fan of Katie's gorgeous voice. Got to see her live in L.A. and Pioneertown in September, and she closed both shows with Clear Blue Morning. It sounded amazing.
  8. You almost certainly DID join earlier than the date your profile shows. My own says I joined June 12, 2003! And our founder, Narziss, shows that same date. Obviously he and I had joined much earlier! When the board went through an overhaul in 2003, it apparently lost the older information, because I know I joined in 2001, and Narz started us up in 2001.
  9. It's so good to see you! I've missed you.
  10. This had me laughing but also getting all misty eyed. I love all the seasons of VC.
  11. You need to start us a new one, Teeg.
  12. I know exactly what you mean, Susan! These friendships have stretched all across my life in every direction ever since I met all of you. Thanks, Wilco, for bringing together all these beautiful, crazy people who've enriched my life so much!
  13. Damn, it is so good to see all of you! Kara, what wonderful news on your coffeeshop! Maybe we can get Wilco to visit this incarnation. 😊 I'm excited for you & looking forward to a visit!
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