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  1. Dear bbop, I've been reading your reviews with appreciation and admiration for years, but this one so perfectly captures the zeitgeist of the night, the energy in the room...you've outdone yourself! It's a truly great review.
  2. This is off-topic a bit but in organizing my old ssf souvenirs, I've discovered I have an extra little Solid Sound #6 schedule booklet from 2019. I don't need this extra so if somebody out there needs a ssf souvenir from 2019, just ask!
  3. kidsmoke


    Welcome to Via Chicago! I hope someone has that beer can for you!
  4. I saw clips from that show...she & the band were on fire, and having so much fun!
  5. How can anyone not get swept up in this gorgeous album? It has surely proven to have staying power. The songs at 25 still feel so fresh! Congratulations, Wilco!
  6. I have been educated; thank you. Patron saint of the soccer. Now I get it. GO St. David GO!!!
  7. I will be there with you to celebrate such a good life. I still can't quite fathom that he's gone.
  8. How can you NOT hate that "EYE Ee Eye EE Eye" part in Eye Will Always Love You OOO OO OOOOO? Good call, Jeff.
  9. This place will never be the same. Farewell, dear Lotti! may you find the great icehole in the sky.
  10. How's it going?  Hope you are well.  Still lookin' for Jesse Hamm, if I can drop him a line.  Thanks!

    1. kidsmoke


      Hey, hi! I did message Jesse & you've reminded me that I never heard back. Over Christmas I think we were all just super busy.

      Remind me what you were needing? I've been sick & I'm fuzzy-headed with cough syrup! B)

      I'll nag Jesse again. 

    2. kidsmoke


      I'll ask if I can share his contacts.

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