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  1. Yes, hear hear! Thanks so much to you both for all your meticulous note-taking!
  2. Thanks Ziggy, we'll be patient. Tonight was complicated! 🤣
  3. Damn that last-show-for-awhile made me wistful. Thank you, dearest Tweedys, for helping us all navigate the last year and a half of scary pandemic weirdness! Y'all are the very BEST.💙💗💜💙💗💜
  4. The Recapper deserves a silk superhero cape! Thank you for your hours and hours of attention to detail, RecapMan. 😘
  5. I've never heard of them before, but I like this!
  6. HA! No, kidsmoke actually doesn't know the precise date. I wasn't the site originator, but came along a bit later. I do know that Via was around in 2001 because that's when I started hanging around, but I'm unsure how long it had already existed. Might even date back to 2000! Via Chicago's founders were Narziss and llp. I'll see whether I can get us a birth date from them.
  7. This version just knocks me out every time. I can't see a roadside cross anymore without the melody and words starting in my head..."What would I do, if a white wooden cross meant that I'd lost you?" So poignant.
  8. "Live long and prosper", Chuckrh. Much love and support to you. Keep us in the loop, if you choose. It sounds as if things are finally getting clearer for you. It's so hard to be in the mystery stage..."what exactly is going ON?" Which is where it sounds like you've been for awhile. Wishing you peaceful days ahead. Healthy days.
  9. My God, chuckrh! You've been through a medical hell. I'm so sorry for the agonizing journey, but so grateful that there is a solution in sight, after all the hopeless and confused feelings! Better days ahead! 😘 And I'm especially glad this community helped. Be well. See you out there! 💗
  10. Such an obvious inclusion! YAY WILCO!
  11. Well yeah if I have anything to say about it! He was an induced birth - past his due date and big. I'm told the induction drugs can cause swelling in the baby. It goes quickly after birth. He looks significantly less chipmunk-with-full-cheeks now.😄 He is the tiniest little thing in person, somehow. And just a peaceful little guy unless he's hungry. 😬 Gawd, they are beautiful at this, their beginning. Like they still have some...astral dust?...in their tiny eyes. They just take you in, and vice versa. Drink each other in. Forgive the grandma babbling. I'm s
  12. Thanks for the terrific reviews! I'm so glad I managed to catch most of Susie's surprise livestream. God bless our favorite cinnamontoastographer and her strong right arm.
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