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  1. Go, Wilco! YAY YHF! 😁 The trick seems to be, if Jeff stays home he wins. A tricky but apparently effective strategy! 😄❤️ Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (20th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition) Cheryl Pawelski & Jeff Tweedy, compilation producers; Bob Ludwig, mastering engineer (Wilco)
  2. I'll bet that was great. How big of a venue?
  3. Sending my sympathies to all of our members currently shivering in these insanely low temperatures, ice, and snow. I hope at least you have power! I guess the extreme Northeast is getting the worst of it, but other areas like Texas also sound icy and awful! Keep yourselves warm and sheltered. If you have to go out, bundle up and be prepared for whatever circumstances. Let people know where you are, where you're headed, and how you're doing! Lots of love, The Management
  4. Today I received my official Jeff Tweedy Starship Casual Captain's Club membership card. I'm pretty sure that waving this at any doorman at any exclusive club anywhere in the civilized world will get you immediate red carpet entry. No need ever again to make silly reservations at 4 Michelin starred snooty restaurants! Just wave the card. Free upgrades to first class when you fly, too, if I'm to believe the things my imagination comes up with! Thanks Jeffy! I feel loved. I plan to show my card in all sorts of ridiculous situations where it may be helpful, like trying to get out of a speedi
  5. What a fun surprise show tonight!😄
  6. This is a fabulous little clip! Thanks for sharing it.
  7. I just saw this and was shocked...he was relatively young, 73. Such a loss! Marquee Moon is running in my head.
  8. He sounds like a guy I wish I had known. Clearly very beloved!
  9. Thank you for the music, and some of the sweetest harmonies my ears ever heard. Heaven's getting to have one hell of a band!
  10. I can't help feeling that's it's the end of some era, that Elvis and Priscilla's baby girl is gone. Rest in peace, Lisa Marie.
  11. https://downeast.com/our-towns/john-stirratt-favorite-maine-place/
  12. Another of the greats is gone. RIP.
  13. As annoying as that guy was, I have to admit that was a sublime version of "I'll Fight". Powerful and pure.
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